Backwater Tour with Kerala Tourism Packages

Kerala Tourism Packages
Kerala Tourism Packages

India has only very few places that can truly boast of back water tourism. Although, many States in India do have backwaters, it is only in Kerala it is truly exploited commercially, and therefore Kerala Backwater Tourism Packages are a real treat to the traveler. Where a traveler could spend his leisure time, if his theme is Backwater Tourism? Well, the answer will take you to either Kumarakom or Alleppey both are equally good in promoting Kerala Tourism Packages.

Kerala Honeymoon Packages
Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Most Kerala backwater tour operators would either offer a shikara or a house boat. Shikara’s are generally smaller with limited facilities when compared to a house boat. The house boat greatly resembles a house on water with all facilities that you would find in a normal house with separatespaces earmarked for dining and living area within the boat. A gallery exists in some house boats which can double up as a view point to survey the surrounding areas.

Kerala Travel Packages are really unique, in the sense backwater tourism cannot be found anywhere else in India except in Srinagar. A tour along Back water tours of Kerala is thus really worthy.


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