Kerala Group Tour Packages

Kerala Family Packages
Kerala Family Packages

When you planning a Kerala group tour packages make sure that you are making the booking with an accredited tour operator. Monsoon season starts from June month in Kerala and from that time Monsoon Tourism begins and many people are interested in the Kerala Monsoon Tour Packages. Most of the Kerala group tour packages are reaching at Cochin which is also known as Kochi. Kochi is the center of Kerala and is in Ernakulam district and has good transport connectivity with Cochin International Airport and railway in Ernakulam north and south stations. When a group tourist arrives at Kochi so many luxurious hotel accommodations are available for rest and fresh up. After fresh up guest will be transferred to the Kochi city or nearest attraction Vazhachal waterfalls.

Vazhachal Waterfalls - Kerala Tourism
Vazhachal Waterfalls – Kerala Tourism

Mostly families prefer Family packages in Kerala, Group tour package in Kerala is very cheap as comparing to other single packages because transportation will be in sharing basis and accommodation also will be sharing basis. Definitely in group tour packages package will get a very special rate from hotels. So Family Kerala Packages is highly recommended for family tourists, Family can use this occasion as their family get together , people get more time for relaxing , and they can stay in four star resorts with the price of 3 star hotels. GoGeo Holidays welcoming all the families who wants to stay in Kerala with us.

Kerala Group Tour Packages
Kerala Group Tour Packages
Kerala Marriage Tour Packages
Kerala Marriage Tour Packages

Other part of group tour packages in Kerala is Marriage Tourism for those who wants to conduct a marriage in Guruvayoor, which is a very famous temple for Hindu religion, After wedding they can arrange a huge reception in Kumarakom , Kumarakom Lake resort, Zuri resort and back water ripples these are recommended. Now days there are big houseboat with conference hall also available for conducting wedding reception in houseboat. So every day Kerala group tour packages is improving with the visit of numbers. GoGeo Holidays is welcoming all the people to our  homeland, Kerala.​


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