Panoramic Mountain Ranges and Traditional Backwater Tourism

Kerala tourism
Kerala tourism

Keralam is the most beautiful state is lying on the southern region of India; western gates are being as wall of Kerala in the eastern region. The western gates are influencing the climate of Kerala. Because of the hill station it is offering lot of opportunities to cultivate the agriculture across these hill stations especially the tea estates, cardamom plants, coffee garden and the rubber forest. The extraordinary waterfalls are falling from the top of the western gates and the milky clods are encrusted the mountain body. These ridge areas are favourite tourist destination for the adventurers. The waterfalls and its water molecule are always keeping the atmosphere as cool and the Kerala tour operators are working the surrounding area of the hill station. Such pinnacle station is the rich treasure to bequest the panoramic view of nature. The adventurers are reserving their Kerala travel packages via hills and valleys. Munnar is blessed with many hill areas that’s why the reason the British and other foreigners are attached our Kerala civilian to get the fertile land of Kerala.

Munnar Kerala Honeymoon packages
Munnar Kerala Honeymoon packages

And they started to cultivate the tea plants. Still we are continuing with the tea plantation at Munnar. Furthermore the Munnar is the most favourite destination for the tourist that we can understand from the tour package Munnar; it is a part of the western gates. Most of the Kerala tour packages Munnar are fixing by the adventurer lovers. It high range landscapes are suitable for the trekking activities along with the friends and family. Innumerable newly married couples prefer the God gifted land Munnar for their adventure Kerala honeymoon packages. Pack tour is promising the safety travelling by the experienced guide. The escorts are saving from any difficult situation while travelling. The honeymoon package tours are providing by the reputed operators from all metro cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mysore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. from Chennai there are many bookings are noticing by tour operators like Kerala package and honeymoon package. 7 hours is enough to travel from Chennai to Kochi then the tourists can choose the car taxi from Kochi to Munnar it will take 3 hours that is the main reason to get more Kerala group tour packages from Chennai region. Aside from the high ranges, Kerala has huge amount of backwater tourism.

Kerala backwater tour packages
Kerala backwater tour packages

West region of Kerala is sacred with Arabian Sea and it donate vast amount of the brackish logon for God’s own country. From the recent years most of the domestic and foreign tourists are finalizing their destination at Kerala backwater tourism. The tourist companies are offering the different packages like honeymoon tour packages in Kerala, Kerala tour packages for family and Kerala holiday packages for family. In each package is stuffing with different houseboats and services. And it becomes grand success for the Kerala tourism packages. For any cheap Kerala family tour packages then the Kerala backwater tour packages are the best choice to make precious Kerala journey. At the time of the Onam season there are many booking are registering though the agents. This is the best time to travel over Kerala; the sky has brightened from the heavy clouds. The flowers are start to blossom over the mountains, green carpets are visible at the paddy fields of Kerala. So don’t waste your time start to fix the fabulous Kerala honeymoon tour packages. Now the Kerala tourism is ready to welcome the tourist from the different region after the heavy rainy season.


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