4 Things To do in Munnar Kerala Trip

Munnar Kerala Tour packages
            Munnar Kerala Tour packages

Munnar is one of the top hill stations around Kerala located on the way to Kottayam district. Te rich in evergreen tea plantations and amazing sightseeing mountain views are the main significant factors in Munnar  which attract the visitors to come around  Kerala to enjoy their everlasting Kerala tour that’s why  Munnar is frequented by visitors all around the year. About 75 %of visitors in Kerala mostly proffered Munnar is the most comfort location to enjoy a beautiful Kerala trip. As well as it’s a perfect ravel location for the honeymoon couples who want to spend their romantic Kerala honeymoon tour. Here are we have listed the various options which help you to decide and make your remarkable Munnar Kerala tour with some best activates.

Take A Trip To The Eravikulam National Park

Kerala travel packages
                                                                                 Kerala travel packages

Kerala is rich in wild life sanctuaries and national parks mainly situated around the different locations in Kerala.Some of the top wild life sanctuaries in Kerala are the main attraction which gives the visitors to get an adventure travel feel during their Kerala trip. Eravikulam national park is located at the Idukki district and be the nearest city of Munnar. Munnar is a shelter to several exotic species of flora and fauna including the largest surviving population of the Nilgiri Tahr. Traveling through the dark humid forest and the river boating journey are the main attractions which gives the best opportunity to the visitors to get chance to take photographs of wild animals in close ranges. At the southern region of the park rises the Anamudi peak which is the highest point in South India. Night staying in the middle of the tree houses are the another things to do which gives you a pleasure trip experience and shows the exotic greenery and the natural beauty of Kerala.The visitors can enjoy their comfort travel to Kerala with luxurious accommodation and transportation facilities that you can find the top Munnar Kerala tour package and be the best option which is more apt for your trip to Munnar. Buses run by the park management take visitors on a scenic ride up the hills from the end point you can take a short trek to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and return buses take you down the hill again.

Visit The Tea Estates

Kerala tour packages
Kerala tour packages

Munnar is rich in tea gardens and hill stations the rolling hills of Munnar carpeted by the emerald green tea gardens are an amazing sight indeed. There are a large number of visitors outside from Kerala including Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad mostly choose their honeymoon destination at  Munnar to enjoy their memorable Kerala honeymoon tour. It is a wonderfully soothing to take a walk amidst the beautiful tea estates the air scented with the aroma of tea and the sight of the misty mountain in the horizon. Visit to the Tata tea Museum is must, It gives an idea of the basic functioning of a tea factory also houses antiques from the colonial era. The Kolukkumalai tea estate is one of the highest tea plantations in the world. Though the travel is particularly difficult and bumpy it is worth the effort because of the magical views of the Western Ghats that greet you along the route. To watch the sunrise from the Kolukkumalai as the clouds gently float around you ranks high on the wish list of things to do in Munnar and are a lifetime experience indeed!

Looking For An Adventure?

Kerala family tour packages
         Kerala Group tour packages

Munnar is heaven for adventure enthusiasts, the amazing hill station and mountains are the finite choice to create your own adventure Kerala trip. Basically youngsters have more crazes in adventure travel and mainly they prefer to make some trip over the top mountains in Kerala. The hill climbing is the major fascinating activity which visitors in Munnar mostly like. Mountaineers relish the challenge of climbing the Anamudi and Meesapulimala are the second highest peaks respectively in Kerala. Munnar roads are the favorite track of bike riders that they can make their pleasure tripping experience. The best Kerala group tour packages be the right choice that you can available in Kerala to get more advanced information about to make your perfect Kerala tour along with adventure travel experience with your friends and family.

Cook An Authentic Kerala Meal

Kerala tour packages for family
Kerala tour packages for family

Kerala is one of the most famous destinations in title of tasty food. On the way to Alappuzha you can find some various types the delicious tasty seafood and some traditional Kerala food. Most of the visitors in Kerala choose The Kerala backwater tour packages are the best option to enjoy the taste of Kerala seafood. Also Munnar is blessed with all kinds of Kerala natural hills and delicious food. The resorts in Munnar is the another place which you can get tasty Kerala food. About a large number of visitors which are come to Munnar must stay on the beautiful resorts. The Munnar Kerala tour packages from Chennai are providing the comfort accommodation in the resorts having all kinds of natural Kerala food to enjoy a best travel experience.


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