Top things to remember while traveling to Kerala

Kerala Honeymoon packages
Kerala Honeymoon packages

The Kerala is one of the famous tourism destinations in India leading in the title of travel and tourism. India there is about thousands of visitors comes across from different part of the nation as well as from different countries to visit Kerala. The rich in natural resources like backwaters at Aleppy, hill stations at Munnar, Vagamon and several other attractions which makes Kerala as one of the finest travel destination in world. About most of the visitors in Kerala prefer their Kerala tour packages be a better option to plan their trip. While traveling to Kerala here are some of the best things to refer and keep it for a safe and joyful journey.

List out your travel destination and days to spend

Choose your travel destinations is the first thing that you must do before your trip to Kerala. If you are planning a one week tour then Kochi must be perfect destination to start your trip. From Kochi there are several types of affordable Kerala travel packages are available for the customers. Most of the foreigners are book their best Kerala tour packages from Kochi based travel agencies. From Kochi you can choose and move from different travel destinations around Kerala. The following travel destinations in Kerala will help to make plan your trip to Kerala


Kerala Honeymoon packages
Kerala Honeymoon packages

Alappuzha also known as Aleppy is one of the famous travel destinations in Kerala which promotes the backwater tourism. The rich in backwater and house boating journey are the attractive things to do in Alappuzha tourism. The Kumarakom is another travel destination to enjoy the awesome Kerala village backwaters. The climate in Alappuzha always comfort for the visitors in all time. There are several types Kerala backwater tour packages are available to the visitors to get more offers and other facilities.  The couples who want to make their everlasting Kerala honeymoon tour then Alappuzha be finite option to make it special your Kerala honeymoon. The honeymoon resorts in Alappuzha are the other travel attractions; you can stay the middle of the houseboat and enjoy the evenings with delicious Kerala seafood in Alappuzha resorts.



Munnar is one of the top hill stations in Kerala which having more travel attractions and fun. The Munnar is located on the way to Idukki district. The hill stations and beautiful tea plantations are the most significant factors which catch visitors to get more attraction towards it. There are about large number of visitors who com’s around outside from Kerala to get enjoy their relaxing Kerala travel. Also the honeymoon couples are mostly preferred Munnar as their comfort location to spend their romantic Kerala honeymoon trip. There are about large number of visitors especially honeymoon couples from Chennai and Bangalore who comes to visit Kerala. The exotic greenery and the natural attractions which make the Munnar as a comfort location to spend your Kerala honeymoon tour. The couple who comes from Bangalore there are some of the best Munnar Kerala honeymoon packages from Bangalore be a apt choice to make your trip with Kerala.

Kerala Honeymoon packages
Kerala Honeymoon packages

Keep your documents safe: Keep all important documents like passport, identity cards, travel insurance numbers while travelling to Kerala.

Carry debit/credit cards: Never keep too much of cash while you travel to Kerala. Most of the shops accept debit/credit cards here.

Carry less luggage: The lightest you pack your luggage the more comfortable you feel here. There is no need to take lot of clothes, snacks and all. Buy them from here in cheaper rates and feel the culture of Kerala right from there.

Medical Emergency: If there comes any medical urgency while travelling you can get service from the following numbers. Always remember to keep a small first aid kit with you.

Take care of yourself: If you lose some personal belongings during the journey you can report it and avail help from the local police station. The service will be available at anytime and anywhere in Kerala. You can use this service for any immediate assistance on your travel.


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