Best Romantic things to Do While Your Kerala Honeymoon Trip

Choosing the right honeymoon destinations is one of the most imperative things to do in your honeymoon days. The each and every single moment with your love is the everlasting treasure in your life to keep it forever.  Here are some of the best romantic things to do while your Kerala Honeymoon trip to make it special your remarkable Honeymoon memories alive.

  Stay in The Houseboat


The modern houseboats are overtaking the facility of 5 star hotels. Most of the new gen tour operators are applying different amenities to insert into the houseboats to make world class facility. Kitchen: dining room: site out: 1 to 7 bed rooms are also attainable from the nice Kerala backwater tour packages. Furthermore the conference halls with notch proficiency are being arranged by the Kerala honeymoon tour packages. Habitually the surrounding area of conference hall and the dining rooms are open to the backwater view inside the houseboat. With the direct contact with natural beauty, tourists can enjoy the most amazing food. At the same time professionals can discuss their official matter with their employee in the middle of backwater. In occurrence with client requirement the Kerala houseboat operators are obtaining the distinctive facility inside the best Kerala houseboat tour. Tons of weight can be carried by the Kerala houseboat packages because of that the tour operators are inserting the A/C: Heater: Fridge: other electric machine inside the houseboat.

 Taste the Kppayum meenum and sweet toddy

Kappayum Meenum
Kappayum Meenum

Floating restaurants are the other attraction of the Kerala houseboat travel.  More than half of the journeyers wish to have pumpkin food for the Kerala tours. Karimeen fry is the major dish of the Kerala backwater tourism. Tapioca and fish curry is the best combination foods in Kerala packages so don’t miss this mouth watering dish from your menu. However, endless paddy meadows and everlasting backwater is the base of the Kerala backwater tourism.  Small huts we can find in between the narrow road of paddy field. Traditional beverages are the key food of such shops. Bread tree and coconut tree is the mother tree to make the toddy water. Pumpkin food and toddy is the best combination food for the localities. Try it once to get a different feel of natural beverage taste.

  Mountain ride


Make a look around the world from the top of the mountain will be the most amazing sight for your eyes. It surely will make you understand that we are also part of the nature.  It will be really a speechless experience for our entire life. To add more enjoyable moment into the mountain ride we can make use the Kerala tour packages for family such packages will help you to provide expert guide along with us. Banasura hill is locates at Wayanad district in Kerala which places presents me most trilling experience. Tribal persons were worked as tourist guide to support us in our mountain ride. Because of his experiences in forest and surrounding we were the perfect guide I ever seen in my life. He supports us to make comfortable ride though the mountain.

Kerala Village life tour

Village Kerala Honeymoon Tour
Village Kerala Honeymoon Tour

Fun lovers are always walking behind the most amazing Kerala tour packages for family. Relax mind is the bunch of fun and joy so make our mind relax and cool package tour is the perfect choice for us. Back bone of a successful trip will be a suitable climate and mind blowing sightseeing that all we can find from our God’s own country. If we book through any best tour package means we can be relax throughout the trip and the responsible tour operators are carrying you to the best destination of Kerala. Over and over they are providing the mouth watering food and service for our healthy Kerala travelling. However, make a majestic Kerala tour with fantastic tour packages in Kerala. The home stay is the best choice to feel the beauty of Village travel. if we get one cycle from the village to ride over the slender road of Kerala make you feel the exact way God’s own country

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3 thoughts on “Best Romantic things to Do While Your Kerala Honeymoon Trip

  1. You adore that place..? How sweet.. Am glad to know that, and am proud to say that am a native of Kerala.. [unfortunately am out of Kerala now, in chennai for studies] hope you enjoyed.. have a great time… :-):-)

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