An Ultimate Kerala Tour At Fort Kochi

Tour To Kerala
Tour To Kerala

It feels like I was there at least for 10 days! So here are 10 things I thought were a lot of fun to do in Kochi and backwaters. The city is known as the Queen of Arabian Sea, the small town can also be referred as gate way of Kerala. Kochi has achieved the top list of beautiful travel destinations in India.

 Taste of Cochin food.

Delicious Kerala Food
Delicious Kerala Food

There were many good restaurants in Kochi serving superb varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies, with distinct taste and flavor. Many Kerala honeymoon resorts are giving a detailed menu of seafood verities before their guest. To enjoy the romantic candle light dinner with pumpkin seafood will be a more delicious and tasty. Tourists are always like to have Kerala special food while traveling. Locals like it, everyone recommends it. It is a nice cafe. They have art works installed at the front. I was however pressed for time and straight went for coffee and a pastry. The pastry was huge, way too many calories I say. It was yum too. When I asked if they had WiFi they said no. It has a nice ambiance. People were sitting there with books and e-readers. So it is a place to hang out, no one is in a hurry to throw you out.

Paradesi Synagogue Cochin

Paradeshi Sinagogue
Paradeshi Sinagogue

Paradeshi synagogue is one of the oldest synagogue in Kochi  It is also named Paradeshi, or ‘foreign’, as it was predominantly used by the ‘White Jews’, who were mainly European exiles or from the Middle East. It was built adjacent to the Mattancherry Palace temple on the land gifted to the Malabari Yehuden community by the Raja of Kochi, and shares a common wall with the Palace temple; however due to the arrangement of the buildings it isn’t possible to walk directly from one to the other.

Enjoy the Kochi Backwater Tourism

Kochi Backwater tour
Kochi Backwater tour

Backwater cruse is another travel attractions in Kochi, Kochi is blessed with large amount backwater and island, so most of the Kerala honeymoon packages are utilizing this opportunities for tourism. Houseboat is also an attractive aspect of Kerala tourism. There are lots of Kerala backwater tour packages are available for the both families and honeymoon couples who wish enjoy a remarkable trip to Kerala. We can find lot of house boats are travelling across the backwater in Kochi. Who are decided to reserve the Kerala honeymoon packages from Chennai, Kochi backwater tourism is the best choice. These honeymoon tour packages in Kerala are providing the wonderful houseboat with many entertaining activities like music band; dance; DJ and more.

Watch Cultural Performance

Kerala Travel
Kerala Travel

Kerala has rich in cultural and historical tradition. The rich culture and earlier historical background are the significant factors which makes Kerala as one of the most popular travel destination around India. Traditional cultural activities are prefers by the tourist who all from the outside of Kerala. Thiruvathira kalli; Pookkalam are the main entertain shows

Sunset over the Chinese fishing nets

Outside China, Kochi is the only place where we can see the Chinese fishing nets. For the visitors in Kochi there are wide verity of resorts are available. The visitors can relax and enjoy the sightseeing views of Kochi having delicious seafood and all kinds of entertainment which are included in the best tour packages in Kerala. Chinese Fishing Nets lend a unique charm to the sea shore at Kochi. Sunset is when the magic happens and it is a beautiful time to take stroll along the shore. The locals do it too. You can eat stuff from road side vendors.


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