Amazing Honeymoon Packages in Kerala

Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Low Budget Honeymoon Packages

Human existence is mainly based on the bonds between each other. When coming to these bonds marriage is one of the most auspicious and strongest of the bonds. So we must make this occasion more joyful and celebrate the beauty of marriage by going for a romantic trip with your better half. We have to try our best to make it more memorable. Such a trip can bring the best out of you and your partner. One thing which is most essential before going for a honeymoon trip is proper planning. We must plan accordingly and select the most wonderful of the places which you and your partner may find wonderful. In India, one of the most serene honeymoon locations is Kerala. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and is blessed with good climate and beautiful geography which is best enjoyed by couples from all around the world. For Indian couples from Hyderabad, Banglore, Chennai etc there are plenty of tour packages which is differentiated by the package rate. Kerala Tour Packages are provided by many tour companies. Kerala Honeymoon Packages are also included. Many tourist destinations are available in Kerala which makes our land a heaven.

Some of such major Kerala Tour Destinations are Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad, Athirapilly, Nelliyampathy, Kovalam, Kumarakom etc. Many Honeymoon Packages that includes more than one destination is available. This will make the couples happier and they can have more time to spend together. Many Packages are available with different rates. Hence all modes of people can enjoy travel with affordable price. These Tour Packages includes Food, Accommodation, travel vehicles, guide etc. The main advantages of these Tour Packages are the tourists can enjoy the journey without any tension. They are not supposed to worry about anything.

Marvellous Munnar Honeymoon


Munnar is a mesmerizing Honeymoon Destination in Kerala. It is situated in Idukki District. Munnar is a higher altitude place. It is decorated with lots f hills and valleys. These hills are like green blanket because of the tea plantations. Many world famous companies have got tea plantations in Munnar. Walking through these plantations will be an awesome experience for the newly wedded couples. The honeymoon Packages includes stay in the top of hills which will be an amazing feeling. Kerala Honeymoon Package from Chennai is also available.  Other places that you can see when you select Kerala Honeymoon Package are Anamala, Mattupetti Dam, Echo Point etc. As it is a hill range the climate is marvellous and very suitable for Honeymoon Destination.

Thrilling Thekkady Trip


Thekkady is situated in Thiruvananthapuram District. It has got many evergreen forests, grass lands etc. Periyar Wild life Sanctuary is a famous one and is situated in a dense evergreen forest.  It is declared as Tiger Reserve. It is an important Tourist destination. In all Tour Packages this place is included. The splendid artificial River formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam enhances the beauty of Thekkady. This beauty is explored by tourists from different parts of the world. Kerala Tour Packages are a boon for such tourists since they can enjoy a tension free trip. The greatest attractions of Periyar are the herds of wild elephants, deers, bisons that come down to drink in the lake. Sanctuary can be accessed through a trekking, boating or jeep safari. This all makes your Honeymoon Trip a memorable experience.

Wowww Wayanad Tour

Man and woman in kayaks, mountain range in background

Wayanad is a place filled with abundant forest. It is strictly preserved and hence the real natural beauty can be seeing there. It is an apt place for honeymoon trip. The monsoon tourism is an important part of that. Our tour company is providing lots of packages. Different modes of honeymoon packages are available which includes packages on price, packages on distance etc. Tourists can also stay one or two days at the top of the peak in temporary camps. Many Kerala Tour Packages are available. All such packages are very helpful for the users.   The mountain climbing is another destination. This is a place which is definitely included in the Kerala Tour Packages to the Family.

Athirapilly Honeymoon Package


Athirapilly is famous waterfall in Thrissur District. The beautiful waterfall is a refreshing scene. The Kerala Tour Package will give the transportation service to see all the major parts. The beauty of waterfall will make your Honeymoon superb. The calm and quite forests are situated here and the tourists will get home stays in particular Kerala Tour Package. The Honeymoon Packages indented to give privacy to the couples. Hence it gives more happiness to couples. Honeymoon Packages from all states of India is provided by tour operators.

Natural Beauty of Nelliyampathy


Nelliyampathy is a hill station situated in Palakkad District. It is surrounded by tea and coffee plantations. The climate is so soothing and hence it is an apt place for Honeymoon. The Kerala Honeymoon Packages includes this destination too. The top of hills is a good view point, where we can see a beautiful picture of Palakkad Town. Apart from Honeymoon Trip it is a good Family Tour Destination. Many Family Trip Packages are also provided by Tour Companies. The landscapes are very attractive and are attracted by many tourists.

Cool Kovalam Exploration Package


Kovalam is a hot tourist spot situated in Thiruvananthapuram. It is cool beech which is famous for its beauty. The geographical specialties make the beech safe for even children. Kerala Group Tour Packages are also provided. Also they can understand the difference in soil and climate. These all information won’t get erased from their mind. Almost all Honeymoon Packages includes Kovalam to their map. The beauty of Dark Blue Sea will enhance the romance in you. Beeches are always a favourite spot of newly wedded couples.

Lovely Houseboat travel in Kumarakom


Kerala is famous for its backwaters and beaches. The lakes and water bodies gave a special serene beauty to Kerala. The honeymoon couples can enjoy there for as many days. The seafood is another attraction. All modes of tasty Kerala food will be available there. The hygienic atmosphere and the warm welcome of natives will fill your heart will pleasure.


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