Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

The most memorable moments of a couple will be their honeymoon days. While choosing the Honeymoon destination you have to consider the most calm and beautiful place. Many such places are present in Kerala. Kerala Honeymoon destinations are world famous. Many tour companies are providing Kerala Honeymoon Packages which helps the tourists in all manners. These Packages includes food, accommodation, travel etc. Let’s have a look on the world famous Kerala Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala.



Munnar is a fascinating Hill valley in Kerala. It is a famous Kerala Honeymoon spot. You can see tea plantations everywhere in Munnar. It is like a green blanket.  Munnar Honeymoon Package is available from tour companies. The serene and calm beauty of nature, good climate and good transportation facilities makes this place a paradise for tourists. This Munnar Honeymoon Package includes 5 star accommodation, hygienic food, best travel facilities etc. The best time to visit Munnar is from August to February.

Bakel Fort


It is the largest fort in Kerala and is situated is Kasarkode district. It is such a beautiful place and hence lots of tourists are coming here every year. Many Kerala Tour Packages from different tour companies include this place. Lots of historic importance is there for this place. The vast sea is the front view of this fort. A couple can enjoy the calm and beautiful atmosphere. Kerala Honeymoon Packages and other Honeymoon Packages offer good facilities to the tourists.

Varkala Beach


It is a special beach where cliffs are present. It is such a beautiful beach where you can enjoy your honeymoon. The beach is so safe and the golden sand is a highlight. You can have a walk on the cliffs along with your spouse and can have a romantic evening. Lots of spas are present here. It is a good Kerala Honeymoon Destination. Honeymoon Packages provided by tour companies includes this place.



It is a hill valley place in Palakkad district. A beautiful hill top is there and we can have a full view of the town from the top. The refreshing and cool climate makes the place a best Honeymoon Destination. The Honeymoon Packages includes food, accommodation, travel etc. The roads are very narrow and clean. It is a best place for adventurous tourism also.



Wayanad is a high range area in Kerala, which is famous for its forests and lakes. Many Kerala Tour Packages includes Wayanad as their Key spot. The trekking and kayaking will be a thrilling experience to the tourists. Many mountain climbing guides are there for helping the tourists.  Para Gliding can also be done in Wayanad which is very risky. All Kerala Tourism Packages also includes these kinds of entertainments. The curvy roads and hair pin curves are always favourite reasons for the bike riders to visit Wayanad.  Kerala tour Packages are provided by many Tour Companies.

Athirapilly Waterfalls


Athirapilly Waterfalls is present in Thrissur District, Kerala. It is an amazing spot for the bike riders and adventurous tourists. The slippery rocks and the hidden swallows make the place very dangerous as well as beautiful.  The roads are very curvy and it will be a good experience for the bike riders. Tour Packages in Kerala includes this destination. The tour companies provide Holiday Packages in Kerala and it includes all the major attractions.



Thekkady is an evergreen forest area which is famous for its abundance of wild animals. A beautiful river is there which is formed because of Mullaperiyar Dam. Risky boating is available there mean while we can see the wild animals coming to the river and drinking water. The river is very Beautiful and crystal clear. We can go into the Forest by our own risk. It is a wild life sanctuary and has some restrictions for entry. Tour Packages in Kerala includes all the major tourist spots in Kerala.



It is a famous place where a beautiful bird sanctuary is present. The conserved forest and shrubs is a feast to the eyes. Boating is available here and you can have a romantic travel there with the harmony of nature. Almost all Honeymoon Packages includes this place. While selecting the Honeymoon Destinations we are supposed to select places that lie with harmony with nature. Tour companies will help the tourists to select proper Kerala Honeymoon Packages.

Poovar Island


It is an unexplored and beautiful island in the southern part of Kerala. The only way to get into this island is through waterways. Many modern constructions are not here and hence the real beauty of nature can be seen. Floating cottages are another attraction. The Honeymoon Package will include a stay here. It will be a wonderful experience to the newly wedded couples.

Fort Kochi  


It is an ancient town in Kerala. From olden days itself this town is explored by travellers. Even it is a town it is a good Honeymoon Destination in Kerala. The alleys, souvenir shops, old buildings and colour of street make us feel different. A traveller will definitely like this place. Good home stays are available here and can be included in the Honeymoon Package if you demand for that. All modes of food will be available here with reasonable price.



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