We love you Bapu : In the Commemoration Of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi the Father of our nation India was a real hero. The non violence and the non co operation movements in British ruled India was noticeable. He was a Lawyer who was practicing in South Africa. Later he came to India and joined Indian Freedom Fight. His path was Non Violence. It was accepted worldwide. The birthday of Ganghiji is on 2nd October and is a national holiday. The nation celebrates this day as Gandhi Jayanthi and the whole nation celebrates it in various ways.


This day is celebrated as world Non Violence Day. All over India it is celebrated in various ways. Special prayers will be conducted in Raj Ghat, New Delhi, where he is cremated. Many speeches and other meeting will be conducted. In collages and schools essay writing competitions, drawing competition etc are conducted. Many prayer meetings are also done with his most favourite Bhajans. Ragupathi Raghava Rajaram was his most favourite Bhajan and it is sung on this day.


Gandhi visited Kerala several times. All Kerala Visits have special purpose. In the first visit he addressed the thousands of people gathered in Kozhikode Beach. He was there to support the Khilafat movement. He made an inspiring speech there. The speech was translated by K.Madhavan Nair. He told to make co operation movement against British Rowlett Act. He inspired people and said them to use only swadesi things and to boycott the British things. Many youth was energised because of his speech. The Non Violence procedure was spreaded all over Kerala. In the next Kerala Visit he supported Vaikom Sathyagraham which was done for temple entry. The untouchables were not supposed to enter into temples. Gandhi supported the sathyagraham and made a speech against that. The people in the upper caste were stood silent by hearing all his argues. He visited Sree Narayana Guru and was very influenced.


In the next visit he made a conversation with the students in a school at Thrissur. Gandhi advised the students to wear only Ghadhi clothes which was spinned by their own in Charka. The students were very inspired and they make flowers of love on him. In every visit he meets people and discussed about non violence, untouchability, women freedom etc. At that time Kerala was divided into Malabar, Kochi and Travancore. The dream of Gandhi was a united Kerala. He told the keralites to work for that. Aikya Keralam was a dream of Gandhi.

Ghandhi was born in Porbandhar in Gujarat. He parents was Putlibai Gandhi and Karamchand Gandhi. He was assassinated by Naduram Godse a Hindu Nationalist on 30th January 1948 by shooting three bullets on his chest at point blank range. He was cremated at Raj Ghat, Delhi.


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