Kerala Religious Tour Packages

Kerala is famous for its religious destinations. Many major religions are rooted in Kerala and has years of tales to describe. Believers of all religions are living with harmony in Kerala and hence Kerala Tour Packages and Kerala Honeymoon Packages are going very good. Many major Pilgrimage spots are situated in Kerala. People done Kerala Trip and Kerala Tours to the worship areas and it is part of daily life to the Keralites. Many religions are present in Kerala and each of them has their own special months or days to rake such Kerala trips to pilgrimage destinations. Many Best Kerala Family Tour Packages provided by Tour Companies includes the major Pilgrimage Spots in Kerala. Tourists from all around the world visits Kerala for Pilgrimage also. Many people take Kerala Honeymoon Packages that focus on pilgrimage destinations of Kerala. Now a day many couples are opting for such Honeymoon Packages. The major religions in Kerala are Hinduism, Islam Christianity. Followers of Judaism, Jainism and Buddhism are also living Kerala. These religions have more than 1000 year’s tales to describe. The major Kerala Religious Tour Packages varies with the religion.  Hinduism Pilgrimage Tour Packages, Islam Pilgrimage, Christianity Pilgrimage.

Hinduism Pilgrimage

Guruvayoor Temple


It is a world famous Temple situated in Thrissur and the main worship is to Lord Krishna. The temple is a major Hindu Pilgrimage Centre. People from all over the world visits here and non Hindus are strictly prohibited. But a visit to the town and seeing the atmosphere will be an awesome experience. This is the temple having largest number of Elephants. These elephants are in their Elephant court and are leading a luxurious life there. Tourists must see it. The best time to have a Kerala Tour Package or Kerala Honeymoon Package to Guruvayoor is the Monsoon season, when the elephants got pleasure and Ayurvedic treatments, which will be very amazing experience for the tourists. The elephant race which held prior to temple festival will be a wonderful experience.

Sabarimala Temple


It is situated in Pathanamthitta and the main Lord is Ayyappan. The major season for visiting the temple is during vrishchika month and at that time only the temple will be available. Strict rules are there in the Temple. Only men can enter into the temple. People belonging to any religion can enter into the temple. Tourists from different parts of the world visit this temple. Kerala Tour Packages and Kerala Honeymoon Packages include many of the pilgrimage spots in Kerala. Kerala Group Tour Packages and Kerala Holiday Packages are boon for the tourists.

Islam Pilgrimage

Cheraman Juma Masjid


It is the first Mosque in India. The history of the mosque starts from the history of Kerala. Islam came to Kerala with the Arabs and now it is a popular religion in Kerala. Kerala Tour Packages includes many religious spots and it helps tourists and others to know more about the culture of Kerala. The religions have got high roots with the history of Kerala. Hence those want to know more about the Kerala History should take a Kerala Tour Package or Kerala Holiday Package or Kerala Group Tour Package. The architecture of Cheraman Juma Masjid follows Kerala Architecture and is very beautiful. It was the palace of King Cheraman Perumal and when he converts to Islam he converts his palace to Mosque. A museum is present near to the Mosque and show cases the history of the Mosque. It includes old oLD editions of Holy Quran, lamps, boxes, Royal Dresses, old books etc. Tourists from different regions come here to know more about the history of the Mosque and the ancient stories of the Kingdom. Kerala Group Tour Packages includes such Pilgrimage sites on demand.

Thazhathangady Juma Masjid


It is situated in Kottayam District. It was built before 1000 years and has high Kerala Architecture and Kerala Heritage. The beautiful mosque has large number of sculptures and carvings. The Minar is very beautiful and is very attractive. This Mosque is built near Meenachil River and is called as Taj Juma Masjid. The people here are freedom fighters. The Mosque is built using typical Kerala architecture. Kerala Tour Packages and Kerala Holiday Packages also provide way to visit these places. The richness on the architecture and its beauty makes it attractive to the tourists.

Christianity Pilgrimage

Malayatoor Kurushumudi Church


It is near Angamaly. It is believed that st.Thomas prayed over a rock here. This is a major Christian Pilgrimage destination. Believers climb the mountain by holding heavy cross on their shoulders and recreate the painful last journey of Christ. The major day of visit is Easter Days. Many tourists come to this church from all around the world. Kerala Group Tour Packages and Kerala Holiday Packages include these destinations. People from any caste can enter into the church. Kerala Tour focuses pilgrimage destinations in Kerala on demand. Kerala Trip will be always time worthy since many different types of Tourist Destinations are present here. All age group people can enjoy the journey through Kerala.

Koratty Church


It is also called as Korattymuthy church which means Hail Mary of Koratty. Many religious festivals and rituals are done here. People from different places visit the church at that time. Special food stuffs are arranged in the Church at the time of feast and other festivals.  The major festival occurs in the month of October. Tourists from different places visit this church. Kerala Tour Packages and Kerala Holiday Packages includes these Pilgrimage destinations on demand.



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