Kerala – the most romantic place in India





Rains are so romantic and what better way to celebrate your honeymoon than in Kerala! Kerala is a very romantic place with a lot of monsoon rains and greenery all around to match your honeymoon mood. Friendly people around you, mouth-watering cuisine, aromatic spices, and Ayurvedic beauty massage and scenic nature is what you get in Kerala. Affordable Kerala honeymoon packages are as exciting as any foreign destination for half the expense. Kerala Tourism is extensively marketed by our Government and Honeymoon packages seem to be the most popular tour package in Kerala. Kerala honeymoon package is available at budget rates and with complete luxury also depending on the customer’s choice.


Your Kerala honeymoon tour can be a huge surprise and a cherished moment of the lifetime. Kerala has some of the most beautiful waterfalls, mountains, forests, wildlife, rivers, lagoons, beaches, backwaters and countryside you can ever imagine. Foreign destinations for a honeymoon can be exotic, but most of the places are artificial and over-crowded. Here in Kerala, you will find nature in its innate version and still the most beautiful. Honeymoon packages in Kerala are half expensive when compared to exotic foreign destinations. Isn’t it better to pay less and stay close to nature than pay more to get to artificial locations? Kerala honeymoon can leave you enthralled with its natural beauty, mouth-watering cuisine and friendly service all at an affordable price.

Popular locations in Kerala tourism honeymoon packages


Many locations in Kerala are getting increasingly popular among tourists, but Thrilling Munnar honeymoon packages seem to be the most popular one. Wayanad, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Cherai, Nelliampathi, Kovalam, Kochi, Bekkal etc. are some of the popular destinations in Kerala other than Munnar. With over 600 kilometres of coastal line, Kerala’s beaches are very popular among tourists especially the urban crowd and foreign tourists. The best part about Kerala’s beaches is that they have not lost their natural charm though they provide the basic amenities and refreshments to tourists. Most of the beaches have been taken over by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) and basic necessities for the tourists like an Information Centre, Toilets and refreshments are provided. Safety is another important factor ensured by KDTC / Kerala Government at popular tourist locations. Backwaters are the next popular destination for tourists. Houseboats can be hired privately or by groups to travel across some backwaters and / or to stay in them overnight also. Basic and luxurious houseboats are available based on the tourists’ budget. Some houseboats have all modern amnesties like TV, Home theatre, Air conditioner, Kitchen appliances and even wireless internet. Some provide a cook also to enjoy Kerala cuisine while on a houseboat. Honeymoon packages in Kerala typically include a hill-station, a one night stay in a houseboat and a beach nearby as a basic package.


Hill-stations are also quite popular in Kerala. Munnar is a hill station which is the most popular tourist location here. Munnar is blessed with a cool climate, beautiful mountains, lush forests, enchanting wildlife, alluring waterfalls and intermittent rains to create the most romantic mood. Munnar has something to offer to every type of person who visits the place. For nature lovers, this is a paradise. For those adventurous, paragliding, cycling, trekking and mountain climbing can keep them engaged. For the fun lovers, a stroll through tea estates, fishing and seeing the Nilgiri Thar can be quite exciting. For those who just love to relax, the honeymoon cottages in Munnar can give them the ultimate relaxation with aromatic massages and mouth-watering cuisine. The cool and wet climate makes Munnar the ultimate honeymoon destination in Kerala. Honeymoon in Kerala is catching up fast to be the best India can offer because of these.

kerala holiday packages

Kerala honeymoon packages from Chennai is available with road / air or train fares though the best option is to take a train or flight to Kochi and then reach Munnar by road. An overnight train travel will not be as tiring and can get you a good night’s sleep especially in a/c coach. Munnar honeymoon packages from Chennai have options to catch a train to Madurai or Kochi from Chennai and then reach Munnar by road. Munnar honeymoon packages from Bangalore also usually are the best via train or road though flight to Kochi and then by road are also possible. Munnar honeymoon packages from Kolkata and Munnar honeymoon packages from Hyderabad will be more convenient by air to Kochi and then by road to Munnar. Cool climate and monsoon are probably one the main reasons Kerala honeymoon packages from Chennai is very popular.

Where to stay and how to travel while in Kerala?


Honeymoon packages for Kerala are available from Rs. 10,000/- per person for a 3 day – 4 night trip with budget accommodation. Another option for budget traveller is a home-stay which gives you homely food and you can experience the actual lifestyle of Kerala. Travel can be easily managed using public transport systems which are available to most popular places in Kerala and especially to Munnar. Private and government buses ply to Munnar from all major cities in Kerala. If you want more privacy you can ride a car to Munnar. For the luxurious travellers, 5 star and even 7-star hotels and resorts are available in Kerala at popular tourist destinations. They will arrange your travel and sightseeing also. Kerala cuisine especially fish and coconut delicacies should not be missed while you are here. Do try out Puttu-Kadala, Appam-Egg-Curry / Stew, Pathiri, Kappa or Tapioca, Palada Prathaman and various other vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes famous in Kerala.


Shopping is another important aspect not to be missed while you are enjoying your Honeymoon package Kerala. Kerala is famous for spices, cashew nuts, coir and jute handicraft, artefacts made of coconut shells, Khadi and cotton clothes. Kerala’s special sarees and dhoti’s are skin friendly and beautiful. You even get readymade dresses for men and women made of the same materials these days. You can also buy some plantain chips and Calicut or Kozhikkodan Halwa which are famous delicacies of Kerala.


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