Memorable Honeymoon in Kerala beaches

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With a long coastline of over 700 kilometers, Kerala is the perfect destination for a beach honeymoon package in India. In fact, that’s a smart way to enjoy your honeymoon. You will definitely save a considerable amount of money and time if you choose Kerala than a foreign destination which will surely be crowded and won’t give you the required privacy. With that money, buy your honey a surprise gift and enjoy a moonlit dinner in one of the coolest destinations in Kerala. Time is precious and spend it with your honey a little more. Attractive Kerala honeymoon packages can be availed from various reputed tour operators available online and offline. You can choose an Exciting Kerala honeymoon tour with only beaches and nearby places or you can club it with an overnight houseboat stay in backwaters or a hill station of your choice. Yes, there’s quite a lot Kerala has to offer for Honeymoon packages which will suit everyone’s interests. The best choice would be to go for a customized Kerala honeymoon tour. Affordable Kerala tourism honeymoon packages can also be easily chosen from the various options available. Here we will see more about Kerala beach packages for your honeymoon.

Travelling to Kerala for Honeymoon

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Attractive Kerala honeymoon packages from Chennai can be easily availed over the internet. Other than that, affordable Munnar honeymoon packages from Kolkata, Munnar honeymoon packages from Bangalore, Munnar honeymoon packages from Hyderabad and Munnar honeymoon packages from Chennai are also available. Munnar being the most popular honeymoon destination in Kerala, many tour operators first suggest Munnar honeymoon packages to honeymoon couples. Best Honeymoon packages from Chennai for other destinations are also available from various tour operators at competitive rates. If Kerala’s beaches are your choice for the honeymoon, then read further to know more about them.

Beaches and Beach Resorts of Kerala


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You will be surprised to know that there are so many beaches in Kerala that even if you spend a night in each beach it will take more than a fortnight to visit them all. So your task is to either choose the beaches that interest you or leave it upon a trusted tour operator who will book an Interesting Kerala honeymoon packages for you. Some of the popular beaches in Kerala are Kovalam, Trivandrum, Varkala, Allepey, Mararikkulam, Kollam, Fort Kochi, Cherai, Azhikode, Ponnani, Kannur, Beypore, Calicut and Bekkal roughly in the order from south to north of the state. Kovalam has some of the most popular beaches in Kerala – the Lighthouse beach, the Hawa beach and the Asoka beach. The Samudra beach in Kovalam is not as popular among the tourists as it is dominated by the native fishermen. The Lighthouse beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kerala, especially among the European tourists. There’s is a Lighthouse in the Lighthouse beach while emanates light to the sea at night for the ships and boats travelling. The sunset at the Hawa beach and the Lighthouse beach are very beautiful. There are many hotels and resorts nearby the beaches in Kovalam offering Ayurvedic massage, scrumptious Kerala delicacies, especially the seafood and comfortable to luxurious accommodation.

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The Chowara Beach and the Azhimala Beach near Kovalam are also interesting. As they are not very crowded, the honeymooners can enjoy these beaches in privacy. Trivandrum’s Shanghumugham beach is very famous among the locals and tourists for its cleanliness and the famous sculpture of ‘Jalakanyaka’ or the Mermaid. Puthenthope beach is another beach which is not so crowded and hence loved by the honeymoon couples. Trivandrum being the capital of Kerala gives ample opportunities for the tourists for shopping and accommodation. There are many palaces, museums, parks, temples, churches and mosques here which keep the tourists engaged for a day or 2 in your Stunning honeymoon Packages in Kerala. The Veli lagoon nearby is also very popular among tourists for the garden and boating. When you visit Trivandurm, if you have time, you can visit some of the hill stations nearby for a cool and relaxing time. Varkala is also known as the ‘Papanasam’ beach meaning a dip in the beach will wash away all your sins. There is a natural water spout near the beach which has a thin, but steady, flow of warm water in it even when the beach water is very cold. Allepey is very famous among tourists but more for the backwaters than the beaches. In Allepey, you can spend the evening time in the Allepey beach watching the sunset and rest in one of the resorts nearby to watch the sunrise by beachside. Another option is to visit the beach, and then move on to the backwater resorts or a houseboat and stay overnight in a houseboat which will be a completely blissful experience. Allepey is also famous for the non-vegetarian delicacies, especially seafood. The standard Honeymoon packages in Kerala will cover the Allepey or Kovalam beach. The Marari beach resort at Mararikulam is one place you can rejuvenate your body and mind completely. The place has been recognised as one of the top 5 beaches in the world by the National Geographic Traveller. Kollam beach is also not very crowded mainly because it can be dangerous swimming in this beach. For the same reason, this is one of the first beaches in Kerala to have a lifeguard appointed. There’s a century-old lighthouse near this beach. The Fort Kochi beach has great significance in the history of India. For many centuries, Kochi has been one of the main exporters of spices like Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cloves to the Arab and European countries. You can see some huge Chinese fishing nets which represent the Chinese influence in Kerala with Amazing Kerala honeymoon Tour packages. The famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama was once buried in the St. Francis Church in Kochi. There’s a Jewish Synagogue representing a few Jewish families who settled in Kochi generations ago. From here you can visit Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala which is famous for its metropolitan lifestyle, extravagant malls and multiplexes. The Cherai beach is a very popular hangout for the tourists these days. There are a few resorts nearby where you can get decent accommodation and delicious seafood.



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The Munambam harbor nearby is a major fishing harbor of the area. The Azhikode beach is a calm and quiet beach where you can relax. The Ponnani beach is a small beach but a beautiful one. Kannur has a range of beaches some of which are rare and stunning. The Ezhimala beach, the Meenkunnu beach which is basically a fisherman’s beach, the Thottda beach which is a beautiful blend of backwaters, coconut groves and beach, the Kizhunna and Ezhara beaches, the Dharmadam Island and beach which can be walked through during low tides, the Muzhappilangad drive-in beach which is one of its kind in India, the Mappil bay, the Baby beach or small beach and the Payyambalam beach which is the most popular one in Kannur and has high potential of becoming one of the best locations in Kerala. Beypore was one of the oldest ports in India. The beach here is not very crowded but is very beautiful. There’s a stone pier walkway in the beach and a replica of an ‘Uru’ or an old wooden ship used to travel and transport goods to the Middle East in olden days. Calicut is a foodie’s haven in Kerala. Calicut’s beaches are also very popular tourist places. The Calicut beach is a bit crowded but you can enjoy a refreshing sunset here. The Kappad beach in Koyilandi is a major attraction as Vasco da Gama first set his foot in the Indian soil in Kappad. There are many resorts nearby and you can enjoy the backwaters here also. Next to Alappey and Kochi, Calicut is a major Attractions of Honeymoon packages for Kerala. Bekkal beach is very special as the beach has the largest fort in Kerala on its shores. The Bekkal fort and the beach have been an integral part of many movies also.

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So that sums up an account of some of the popular beaches in Kerala. For your honeymoon package Kerala, if you want to visit them all you need to spend at least a week so that you can see the spectacular sunset and sunrise from some of the beaches. Munnar honeymoon packages are the next best thing to suggest. Of all Popular honeymoon packages in Kerala, Munnar packages are considered the most popular. Munnar is one of the coolest places in Kerala and can offer you some picturesque landscapes, tea estates and farms where you can spend a relaxing weekend. Make your Honeymoon in Kerala the most memorable one by booking with a reputed tour operator that too well in advance. At popular places, you can enjoy comfortable and even luxurious accommodations and at less popular places you can enjoy the simple joys of life in Kerala-style. Don’t forget to buy some spices, handicrafts and special Kerala delicacies like Chips and Halwa to share with your friends and relatives. You can capture many memorable moments in your camera during your Kerala honeymoon and keep the beautiful memories cherished for life.


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