On-Board the Fascinating Houseboats of Kerala!

ekthra-kerala-backwater-Kerala’s houseboat rides are really fascinating. This is something you can experience only in Kerala. The Kerala houseboats are somewhat similar to the Shikara houseboats in Kashmir we have seen in old Hindi movies. Marvelous Kerala Tour packages these days invariably offer a day tour or overnight stay in a houseboat in Kumarakom or Allepey. It is the most enchanting part of Kerala tour. Kerala houseboats are usually the 100 plus years old Kettuvalloms made of jack wood. The main specialties of these houseboats are that no nail or metal is used for making the boat. It is made of coir and wood only. The joints are held together or tied with coir and hence the name KettuVallom. Kettu means to tie and Vallom means a boat. In the olden days, these Kettuvalloms were used to transport tonnes of rice and other crops from Kuttanad to Kochi. It used to take days to reach and hence a small kitchen was available inside the boat and also some shelter where the workers could take rest till it reached the destination. When the roads were developed, the waterways were forgotten and these Kettuvalloms were slowly revamped to accommodate the tourists who seemed very amused at these traditional boats. We had booked our special houseboat Kerala tour packages from Chennai this time to savoir the scenic backwaters and villages of Kerala. It was a family tour and we had booked a 4 bedroom houseboat for 2 nights. Our cousins joined who were booked for Munnar tour packages from Kolkata also joined us after they finished their tour of Munnar.

Reaching Kochi and Heading to the houseboat

houseboat-design-in-kerala tourism

As we reached Kochi by our flight we met a few honeymoon couples who were on Munnar Tour packages from Bangalore. Their flight came via Chennai and incidentally we had booked that flight to Kochi. They both were IT couples and worked together for the same company till recently. Since their company did not allow both husband and wife working in the same company one of them changed their job and joined a company whose office was nearby the old company. This made their lives easier. They told us that another couple was joining them on Munnar tour packages from Hyderabad. They had booked 3 cottages next to each other so that all can get back together and enjoy their honeymoons too. I realized that Fabulous Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages were still a rage among honeymoon couples as it was 10 years back. We landed in Kochi International Airport and our tour manager had arranged a vehicle to drop us in our Kochi hotel where we would stay that night and then move to Allepey by houseboat the next day morning. We reached our hotel by 6.30 and the view of the sunset from our hotel in Marine Drive was amazing. We were mesmerized by the backwaters colored orange by the setting sun. After sunset, Kochi got a bit busier I guess. There was an exhibition going on in the nearby ground and there was a huge crowd there. Since that evening we were free, we decided to check out that exhibition and it turned out to be just another place with many stalls with the regular exhibition stuff. So we walked around and moved on to stroll through the Marine Drive walkway. The cool breeze was very refreshing though it was smelly at some places!

Kerala1 tourism.jpg

Next day morning the golden sun rays woke us up. It was magical to see the golden sun rays falling on the tranquil backwaters of Kochi. We got ready fast and had our breakfast which was Puttu and Kadala, Kerala’s special delicacy. It was quite filling too. We soon set sail on our houseboat through the backwaters to Allepey. We realized that tour packages for Kerala cannot be complete without this journey. We were reminded of our Glorious Kerala tour packages from Chennai which we took 10 years back. Kochi was not like this back then, but still it was the busiest city in Kerala back then also. The morning sun was quite hot and thankfully we had booked a fully air conditioned houseboat which kept us cool. As I mentioned earlier, tour packages in Kerala ought to include a compulsory houseboat ride as nothing can be said or compared to the sights you get to see in the waterways. On both sides we could see small houses where women were washing clothes, cleaning vessels or chatting with neighbors. I bet nowhere in cities you will be able to see such a sight nowadays. People are too glued to TV or smartphones now to bother about the neighbors.

Reaching Allepey


We had our lunch in the houseboat itself. It was a lavish Kerala lunch spread on a plantain leaf. We all were foodies and enjoyed every bit of what was served. The highlight of the lunch was the dessert which was called ‘Palada Prathaman’. It was essentially a milk based ghee but we had never tasted anything as heavenly before. That we thought was a highlight of our Kerala tour. We reached Allepey in an hour and were delighted to get down and touch the land. It was green all around and we strolled through a resort which had beautiful landscapes and a small pond with some gold fishes. We were to stay in that resort for the night according to the itinerary of our Grand Kerala Tour Packages for Family As Allepey was popular for seafood, we decided to try some snacks made of fish along with our tea. The fish fingers and Karimeen fry tasted exotic. We moved on to the beach before sunset so that we could savour the beautiful sunset from Allepey beach. Our dinner was again extremely tasty with seafood and other non-vegetarian delicacies all made in typical Kerala style. So now we realised one more fact that tour package Kerala includes getting to eat a lot of exotic seafood and non-vegetarian delicacies also. The next 2 days went onboard the houseboat peacefully. Since it was a long time since the entire family had got together, we enjoyed every bit of being together on our holiday in Kerala. The tranquil waters left us a calm and beautiful backdrop where we could sing and dance and enjoy ourselves without thinking of the world around us which we had left far behind.

Two days later our tour packages from Chennai got over and we had to return to our daily city routine after the beautiful Kerala holiday tour. This tour confirmed that Kerala tourism packages are the best ways to unwind your mind and get refreshed. You will forget all about the city rush and hectic work schedule and horrific targets when you are in the houseboat in the middle of the beautiful backwaters, enjoying hot fried fish freshly caught from the backwaters.


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  1. Thanks a lot for introducing the in-depth beauty of Kerala, India to the world. The beautiful description along with splendid clicks will catch the interest of your readers. Many of them who might be contemplating of visiting Kerala can now move ahead with their plan.

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