8 unique and fascinating experiences in Kerala

Kerala tourism packages

Kerala’s fascinating landscapes are a treat to the eyes of all tourists visiting this God’s Own Country. The landscapes of Kerala are all natural and very little human intervention is done to modify them which make them all the more appealing to the tourists.Perfect Munnar Tour Packages are perhaps the most booked holiday locations in Kerala because of Munnar’s beautiful nature and landscapes. There are many things in Kerala unique to this land that you will be able to experience it nowhere else in the world. These unique experiences include some celebrations, some rituals, some landscapes, some art-forms and even locations. Let us go through such amazing Kerala Tour packages options where you will enjoy some unique experiences in Kerala.

Trissur Pooram Celebrations

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Trissur Pooram is considered the biggest temple festival of Kerala. Lakhs of people gather in the Thekkinkadu grounds of Trissur which is the heart of the city. The main attraction of Trissur Pooram is the competition between the 2 main participating temples of Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi. Few days before the main Pooram, the Elephant accessories of the respective temples are put on display for the public. The function is attended by lakhs of people who gather in and around the ground area watching the grand elephant procession by each side. There’s competition for the best-accessorised elephants, the tallest and most majestic elephant and the best umbrellas exchanged during the Pooram which is called Kudamaattom. The elephant that emerges the tallest and most majestic gets to carry the main idol during the next Pooram and will lead the winning side’s elephants. Hundreds of percussionists perform the traditional Kerala instruments called Chendamelam which energises and motivates the crowd and their display of appreciation motivates the performers all the more. The most colourful and magnificent event is the stunning display of fireworks which lasts for many hours. Trissur Pooram is a celebration participated and enjoyed by every person who is born and brought up in Trissur. So if you are planning your Tremendous Tour Packages In Kerala in the month of May, do not miss this magnificent celebration of colours and percussion.

Drive-in beach and a Walk-in Island

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The Muzhappilangad beach in Kannur is the only beach in India which you can drive-in. The coastal road is close to the beach line and hence, the tourists can directly drive into the beach. It is probably the longest drive-in beach in Asia. The Dharmadam Island nearby can be walked into during the low tides which is another unique experience you can find only in Kerala. So make sure you plan to visit this beach and walk into the island during your next Best Kerala tour packages from Chennai.

Theyyam Performance when Men transform into God!

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Theyyam is a temple art which is performed in select temples of North Malabar. Theyyam performers are considered blessed people who become possessed during their performance and turn into Gods themselves.If you want to enjoy these wondrous Tour Packages In Kerala providing in economical rates. They chant the legends and myths of the deity fervently and start dancing to the rhythm of the background percussion. Once they reach the stage of a trance they walk on fire and bless the devotees gathered around. It is sometimes very scary to see a live Theyyam performance as the dancers put bright and loud colours on their face to highlight their eyes and tongue. Heavy head-gear, dresses and accessories all give a gory appearance to them and the dance during the trance stage complete their transformation to God. After the ritual gets over and they get out of their spell, they will not recollect anything that happened during the trance stage. This is a unique experience you can see only in Kerala so please plan in such a way that you will not miss it in your next tour.

Sarpam Thullal or Snake Dance


In India, every living thing is considered a God. Be it animals or trees. Snake worship is an integral part of Indian culture and each region has their own way to worship the snakes. In Kerala, the Snake Dance or Sarpam Thullal is done to appease the Snake Gods for the family’s well-being and for an offspring when an astrologer finds that the family is cursed by a snake due to which a particular couple is not able to get pregnant. The Pulluvan and Pulluvathi associated with the local temple are responsible for arrangements for the function. The astrologer initiates the function by asking the Pulluvan to start singing praises of the Snake gods.It is a very personal function and you will be really lucky to attend it and experience the magic during your Admiring Kerala Tour Package. The Pulluvathi also joins him in singing. Floral decorations are done using the sacred ash and other organically bright coloured powder. 2 or more young girls are made to sit in the floral decorations which may be in the shape of the snake gods. The girls slowly start moving their heads in a circular motion in accordance with the song and when the praising songs reach a stage they get into a trance stage. It is believed that they get possessed by the Snake Gods and they bless the couple and ask them to perform some penitent act to overcome the curse. The children are too young to be acting and performing the dance. So it is a highly revered ritual.


Now you heard of Snake Dance, how about Tiger Dance or Pulikali


Tiger Dance or Pulikali is again connected to Trissur. This is performed by trained dancers on the 4th day of Onam. The dancers are body painted and dressed to look like tigers and dance in rhythm to the percussion beat. Many groups gather in Trissur to perform as the tiger, hunter and the beast. Body painting the tiger dancers is a tedious job which takes 2 to 3 sessions of 2 to 3 hours to complete. A large number of painting artists and huge pot-bellied dancers gather in Trissur to participate in the colourful procession. The entire city joins in the celebrations and thousands of people gather from all parts of Kerala to see this colourful and exciting performance. You can watch the Puli Kali in Trissur if you plan your Splendid tour packages for Kerala during Onam which falls in August – September. You can confirm the exact dates with your tour operator.

Nothing to do with snakes, the super exciting Snake-boat races in Kerala

Kerala_boatrace tour

Snake boats or the valloms in Kerala are used for travelling across the water channels, fishing boats, for trading and for transportation of goods. Huge valloms or snake-boats with provisions for accommodation are called houseboats which are an inevitable part of Feasible Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages. These boat races are held in August – September months just after the monsoons finish. Thousands of people gather along the banks of the Vembanad Lake to watch the prestigious snake-boat races held here. So if you plan your Kerala tour packages for family around that time you can witness one of the 4 prestigious snake-boat races held in Kerala.

Horse Palace or the Kuthira maalika in Trivandrum


Kuthira Maalika which used to be a palace is now a museum which is located next to the majestic Sree Padmanabhaswami Temple. The palace got this name as the wooden brackets that support the ceiling of the palace has 122 Horse motifs. The palace museum has a collection of many precious artefacts, utensils and weaponry used by the King and some precious paintings by renowned artists. A visit to this palace museum is usually included in all Amazing Kerala Tour Packages for Family.

Chinese Fishing nets (the ones lasting many centuries)

cochin_nets tourism

Rows of Chinese fishing nets are a fascinating sight near the Fort Kochi beach and the Cherai beach near Kochi. Since Fort Kochi is one of the most preferred tourist locations in Astonishing Kerala tour packages from Chennai, many people would have seen images if these huge fishing nets which are still used here. They are a reminder to the Chinese influence Kerala once had many centuries back. You can see rows of Chinese fishing nets on your way to Cherai beach also if you are coming from North Parur which is the nearest town. Cherai beach is fast becoming a popular tourist destination in Kerala family tour packages with many resorts flourishing near the beach area which provides delicious seafood and decent accommodation. On your way back from the beach to North Parur, if it is not yet dark, you can see the lighted Chinese nets lowered to the backwaters for fishing.

Kerala tour packages for family

Kerala has much more than Munnar tour packages from Chennai which is almost always demanded in Surprising Kerala honeymoon Packages. Kerala’s unique rituals and locations can enrich your holiday experience in the small state. These are things you cannot experience anywhere else in the world in the most natural way. One point to be noted is that all temple festivals and rituals use only organic and natural elements. Colours used are natural except for the body painting for the tiger dance which is more of a celebration and not related to any temple or worship.


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