Explore The Unexplored Tourist Destinations of Kerala!!

Hidden Destinations In Kerala to Make Your Tour an Awesome Experience

Kerala tour

Kerala the God’s own country is famous for its natural beauty and soothing ambience. One who made a visit to Kerala will never forget its aroma and the hospitality of the keralites. Many noted destinations in Kerala are well known for the tourists and at the same time some hidden spots are there which is still unexplored. That places are picturesque enough but may be lacking of some luck factors. As a surprise many tour operators are providing Brilliant Kerala honeymoon packages which focuses on these modes of gems. If you are interested you can customize your package with the desired locations.

chera rocks - beach cottage

Some of the spots in Kerala are very difficult to approach and hence tourists sometimes miss those places. Only adventurous lovers will take risk to reach there. Many tour operators to discourage that trip, because it may be little costly and will take more effort. These hidden destinations can be included in such category. If you make a list of the Best Tour packages In Kerala, then you can see wide varied forms. Always choose the best package that will help you to make your trip an unforgettable experience. The honeymoon days are the most wonderful days in the life of a couple. Make a Kerala trip and be it more colourful. Let us go through some hidden treasures in Kerala which you should include in your honeymoon trip.

Pakshipathalam, Wayanad

pakshipathalam tourism

It is a beautiful place in the Brahmagiri hills in Wayanad district of Kerala. As the name indicates, the place is a den for thousand species of birds. You have to take an adventurous trek to reach and you are not supposed to miss it, because the sites that you will see while trekking is mind blowing. If you consider the Excellent Tour Packages for Kerala, you will find this destination in some of the packages only because of the difficulty to reach there. But you have to take the adventure along with your spouse to make your honeymoon even better.

How to reach Pakshipathalam – Located about 7km from Thirunelli, trekking is the only option to reach Pakshipathalam. The Kerala-Karnataka border is just 2km away from the trek route. The route from Thirunelli takes you to Pakshipathalam via Pancharthodu. The spot is just 500m away from Pancharthodu.

Kakkayam, Kozhikode

Kakkayam tourism

Kakkayam is a soothing place in the Kozhikode district. It has got a mesmerising natural beauty with a dam, waterfall and hill chains. Even keralites are ignorant about this beautiful place, but it quite a superb location to hangout with your loved ones. High class roads make the travel easier. If you are from any south Indian states, then you can choose Affordable Kerala Tour packages from Chennai, to make your trip easier. Adventurous activities like trekking, mountain climbing etc are available here. You can stay there for hours, since the topography is quite safe.

How to reach Kakkayam – The place is located around 50km from Kozhikode and can be reached easily from Kozhikode. The two routes from Kozhikode are the Kozhikode-Balussery Road and SH38/SH54 Road.

Thekkekadu, Kasarkode

Kasragod tourism.jpg

It is an exotic region which is still in a virgin form which is untouched with many tourists. The backwater here is so cool and attractive. This land is a rare island in the backwater and if you make a visit to this place, then you will get the chance to make a swing with the wonderful nature. No one will come to you to make to disturbed and hence your honeymoon will be outstanding. The most necessary part in honeymoon is the privacy factor and you will get hat in plenty in the proposed location. Only few Wondrous Tour packages to Kerala will include this destination and you are supposed to say to your tour operator to incorporate this place.

tour packages

You can have a boat cruise here without any hesitation. If you want to sail by yourself, then you can have a canoe to make an unforgettable voyage. The beach close to this place is so beautiful and as a surprise you won’t be able to see any tourists there, because it is still unexplored. Make your Kerala Tour a blast there without any disturbance from the civilisation.

Thottada Village, Kannur

Kannur Beach house

Thottada is a miracle place which is a hamlet of a backwater beauty in one side and white sandy beach on the other side. The backwater side is quite interesting which is decorated with coconut trees and the Thottada beach is just like a page from any fable. You can see many typical Kerala birds there like otters, darters, terns & kingfishers. Try to include this place to your Perfect Kerala Tour packages because it is a rare piece of land which you won’t see anywhere. A narrow python road from the main town will take you to the proposed destination.

Kerala beach tour

The best time to visit this place is after the monsoon season, because at that time the backwater will be in a full swing along with the sea. It is at that time, that the festivals of north Kerala arise. So you will get chance to see the Theyyam, which is a temple festival in the traditional village homes.


idukky tourism.jpg

Kulamav is an offbeat destination in Idukki district. You all may be aware about the hill station like Munnar but you won’t be familiar with this destination. Usually all honeymoon packages in Kerala includes the Arch dam and other destinations in Munnar, but you have to take the oppurtunity to visit Kulamav. You have to trek along this place to make a different feeling. If you don’t want to the risk, then you can have a cool trip through the tea estates in Munnar and to the Tea Sanctuary Estate Bungalow. Useful Munnar tour packages will help you to reach these places and you have to mention it in prior, since major tour operators won’t incorporate it.

tour packages for idukky.jpg

Apart from that you can see Kolukkumalai tea estate, Rose garden, Blossom International garden, Echo point, Mattupetti dam, Top station etc. In order to the help the tourists, interesting Munnar honeymoon packages from Chennai are provided by the private tour operators.

Pythal Mala

pythal_mala tourism.jpg

Pythal Mala is located in Kannur and is 60 Kms from the town. It is a beautiful hill station which is quite unfamiliar to the tourists. It is also called as Vaithal Mala and the region is rich in wide variety of flora and fauna. The view from this place is quite mind blowing and you will never forget the ambience. Your Delightful Kerala Tour Packages For Family  will be worth, if you include these destinations. The hill range in this Pythal Mala spreads over 300 acres will give a heavenly experience to the tourists.

Kerala tour packages.jpg

It will take a 6 Km trek to reach there and if you are a adventure lover, then you will love this trip. If you choose the monsoon season for your trip, then you will be able to see the stunning waterfalls in Kappimala.

How to reach Pythal Mala – From Kannur town, one can either travel to Pythal Mala via Kudiyanmala or take Kannur-Alakode-Kappimala route to the place.

Dharmadom Island

Dharmadam-Island tour

Dharmadom Island is also located in the Kannur district and is a 5 acre land, which you should explore without any doubt. If you are interested in beach driving, you will love this place without any hesitation. Many spots in this place are inaccessible and you should take prior permission. If you use the Popular  honeymoon packages In Kerala, then they will take all those permissions in prior.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in-Beach tourism.JPG

Never miss the chance to visit the spice valley!! Anjarkandy Cinnamon Valley will treat you with an aromatic ambience.

All beach activities are available there and you can experience it with top most security. Bike riding through the sandy beach along with your loved one will be there in your heart forever.

Vazha Mala

hidden tour in kerala.jpg

It is an unexplored hill station in Kannur district and is quite unfamiliar to the natives also. The place will be a feast for your eyes. Always try to include many hill stations and beaches to your Fabulous Kerala Tour Packages , since the beauty of the place will hike your internal love and emotion. For the adventurous seekers, this Vazha Mala will be a treat in all sense. Now a days tour packages in Kerala are trying to include these modes of destinations to make Kerala more famous in the tourist map of India.

tourist packages.jpg

You can have the jeep safari there which will be quite a new feeling for you. If you are adventurous enough, then you choose the route from Kolayad, which is perfect for trekking.

How to reach Vazha Mala – The spot is around 50km from Kannur town. It can be reached via Panoor, a small town in Kannur.

Snehatheeram Beach

Snehatheeram beach.jpeg

It is located in Thrissur district and is an evening destination for the natives and the tourists. The beach is very calm and you will find all types of leisure activities there. Many Trustworthy tour packages for Kerala include this destination, yet it is unfamiliar to many tourists. An Ayurvedic resort is also there in this place and you can have a romantic time there.



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