Rare and exotic destinations in Kerala which you have to explore before you get into your job!!!!

kerala tour for friends

Did you see this caption as an awkward?? But never see this as a comedy, why you know?? It is because there are some places in Kerala that you are supposed to spend months to explore every detail. Then only you will get a correct sketch about the geography and climate. If you enter into job, then you won’t get that much free time and hence the headline, just a matter of fun. Kerala being one of the most attractive places in world is blessed with its amazing nature and soothing ambiance. If you are planning to make a vacation trip, then Kerala will be the most suitable destination without any doubt. Tourists can use  Incredible Kerala Tour Packages to make the trip easier, because you will get all support from the tour operator. Even if you are a stranger to Kerala, you won’t get any trouble in any ways. The hospitality is very great here and hence you will find the top most peace. While thinking about the tour packages in Kerala, you will understand that each package is unique in its own characteristics and one thing in common is the top most customer care.

vacation in kerala

No matter if you are planning for a family trip or honeymoon trip, Kerala will entertain you with all her charm and beauty. If you are looking for a best destination for an adventurous trip, then no place other that Kerala will fulfil your dreams. Paragliding, trekking, mountain climbing etc are possible in many regions in Kerala. Some of those destinations are really heaven and you are supposed to spend several days to see all her magic. If you visit there for a single day, then you won’t get the real soul. Some of such destinations are Munnar, Wayanad, and Thekkady etc. For the newly wedded couples there are packages like Prodigious Kerala honeymoon tour packages with special honeymoon arrangements like candle light dinner, sweet dishes and top most privacy. Never miss a chance to explore Kerala in a deep manner in order to get the real taste of the God’s own country.

Munnar- a perfect blend of strong Aroma, unimaginable sites along with heart touching hospitality

Munnar hills with friends


You may be familiar with the place called Munnar, which is famous for its breathtaking sceneries and soothing climate. It is located in the lap of Western Ghats and you will find a wonderful time in that hill station. Being a tourist destination, you can see several resorts and restaurants there and you will get the top most luxuries without any hesitation. Many Exclusive Munnar tour packages are available and you can take a full length one so as to make your vacation awesome. Many spots are there in Munnar and you are supposed to stay there for a week to make detailed view of everything. Some of such destinations are Echo point, photo point, tea gardens, tea museum, Kolukkumalai Tea estate, Blossom International Garden, Rose garden, Eravikulam National park, Mattupetti Dam etc. You can see the honeymoon couples in plenty here in Munnar, being a superb hill station in south India. For the convenience you can use Munnar honeymoon packages and book the resort with most privacy. Almost all honeymoon packages in Kerala provide facilities like ethnic Kerala food and accommodation. You can customize it with your own wish.

kerala tourism

While talking about the Eravikulam National Park, you can see the endangered mountain goat Nilgiri tar and trekking is possible there. If you are really interested then you can carry on. On the way you can see the Lakkam waterfalls, and it will make you extra happy. Those who are from any south Indian states can use Munnar tour packages from Chennai to reach there, because making a trip by your won may be not much effective if you don’t know the real way. You can see this Munnar in many films like Chennai Express, Life of Pi etc. Each destination is close enough and you will be able to reach without much time lag. Even in the midst of summer, you will find a cool atmosphere there and hence it becomes the paradise for honeymoon couples. Economical and romantic Munnar honeymoon packages from Chennai are available and hence the people from the south India gets a real boon. The population is very less in Munnar and the tourist population is very high. You can expect the friendly approach from them and you can have a nice time of shopping with homemade chocolates and spices. Never miss to buy the tea powder, which is the best quality in the industry.

Along with wild life and Adventurous liveliness through the midst of woods- Hilarious Wayanad

 Adventure friends for Kerala

Wayanad is another hill station in Kerala which is famous for adventurous activities and picturesque destination. You need to take at least a week to explore it in detail and is recommended to use any tour packages for Kerala to make the trip with ease. For those who are quite unfamiliar with the destination will find these packages as a boon. It is located in the northern part and in order to get into some locations, you need to trek and for the adventure lovers; it will be a good experience. When you go through the images, you will find that it is really a feast for the eyes and you can’t ignore it without exploring it in detail. Almost all Wonderful Kerala honeymoon packages include this destination for the most romantic trip and you don’t need to specify it. Walking along the woods along with your spouse in the early morning will make something special feeling in you and you will never forget its ambiance.

wayanad tourism

No matter if you are planning for a family trip, you can include Wayanad to your route map. From the kids to the elders, this place will be a brand new feeling. In this hectic life going somewhere with your loved ones will be refreshment in every sense. It will be convenient if you choose Kerala family tour packages for your trip, because they will care about the kids and elders. Zero risk factor is offered by the tour companies. In the case of food also there will be special care for them. A guide will be accompanying you and hence you will get the details of the visiting places. Children who are studying will get an extra piece of knowledge which will be there in their memory forever. From the ancient time onward Wayanad is noted for its rich resources. You will get the best coffee and tea from there. Major attractions in Wayanad are Chempra Peak, Edakkal caves, Neelimala View point, Meenamutty waterfalls, Pookode Lake, Phantom Rock, Bamboo forest, Soochipara waterfalls, Cahin tree, Jain Temple, Wayanad Wild life sanctuary, Lakkidi View point, Kuruva island, Pakshipathalam Bird sanctuary, Bamboo factory etc. You need to take at least a complete week to explore these spots and try to Kerala tour packages from Chennai to make your trip beautiful if you are from any south India states. For the newly wedded couples, you can use honeymoon packages to Kerala to visit Wayanad and be conscious about your holidays and make the route map to explore the maximum.

So much Fun with Bamboo Rafting and wild life with little Romance; Thekkady is waiting for you!!

 rafting in kerala

Thekkady is a famous wild life sanctuary in the southern part of Kerala which is just 257 Kms from Trivandrum. It is the location of Periyar wild life sanctuary and for those who are fond of these wild animals will love this place for sure. If you are planning for a family trip, then this will be the best destination and you can choose the Useful Kerala tour packages for family to make the trip more comfy, since you will get a tension less package. Along with the package you will be getting a guide who will explain you in detail about the visiting places. If you want to experience the bamboo rafting then you can have it. It is little dangerous and is not recommended for the kids. You are supposed to wear the life jackets and follow the instructions given by the trainers.

periyar tourism

If you are lucky enough, then you will see the wild animals coming to the river for drinking water. Boating is also possible and if you make a glimpse through the honeymoon packages in Kerala, then you will find these activities. From the economical to the luxurious packages are available and you can customize it with your own wish.

Major destinations in Thekkady which you should include in your honeymoon package to Kerala are Periyar wild life sanctuary, Periyar Lake, Kadathanadan Kalari Centre, Elephant Junction, Deepa World spice and Ayurvedic Garden, Kumily, Ramakalmedu etc. For those who are from any south India states can use Kerala honeymoon packages from Chennai to make the trip amazing. These are the destinations that you should include in your Kerala tour without any doubt. Please do share your suggestions.


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