Let the countdown to the Beach begin!


                     “The never ending sea,wild wind and the sparkling sun”.None of the combinations can make such a perfect sense.A day at the beach can restore your soul. The view of the red sun drowning in the grey sea gives your eyes a sense of peace and serenity.So pack your bags,put on your beach clothes and set your goggles because you are going to explore the wonder beaches of Kerala-the land of beauty.Kerala is always a favorite destination for all the beach lovers because of its outstanding beach life.It is full of many delightful beaches that can add on many adorable and memorable moments to your life.So here are some of the most exquisite beaches of Kerala.



Alappuzha which is known as ‘the Venice of East’ is rich with beaches,backwaters,marine products and so on. The never ending beauty of the Alleppey Beach is commendable. A pier is extending towards the sea and one can also walk towards the end of the pier to see the exotic view of the infinite sea.This pier is 137 years old and is considered as the trademark of Alleppey beach.The camel rides and horse rides along the sea shore will add on extra fun.There is also an old light house which will enhance the beauty of the beach. Incredible Kerala tour packages  are nowadays organizing trips to Alappuzha because of its evergreen beauty and peaceful atmosphere.


Varakala beach is located in Trivandrum – the capital of Kerala. Varkala Beach is a famous hub for tourist from different parts of the world because of its peaceful and calmful atmosphere. Papanashini beach is just 10kms away from Varkala beach and it is known as a divine place where people come to wash off their sins.Water beds are another attractions of Varkala beach.A 2000yr old Janardhanaswamy temple is there in the Varkala cliff which is an added on attraction .Since it is a place of many divine centres a lot of Kerala tour packages for family are nowadays organizing trips to Varkala beach.Many resorts and hotels are also present near this beach which will provide high standard accommodation facilities.


Kovalam Beach, Kerala(1).jpg
Kovalam beach is also located in Trivandrum-the capital of Kerala.It is a beautiful beach with blue water and massive rock pieces which is scattered in the sea shore.It is one of the important attractions of Europeans since they are the most passionate beach lovers. Kovalam is known for sun bathing,swimming,boat riding,herbal massages and so on.It is also considered as a hottest honeymoon spot .And so it is regarded as an important honeymoon destination by Romantic Munnar honeymoon Packages. Kovalam beach is known for many continental food cuisines and herbal medicines.Many high budget as well as low budget hotels are present in Kovalam which provides high standard accommodation facilities to their guests.



Beypore beach is a happening Beach situated at the heart of Kozhikode-the ethnic town of Kerala.It is located at the opening of the Chaliyar river. Beypore was one of the important ports during the British period. Beypore is now an important harbor of Kozhikode. The night view of beach filled with lights and crowd is mind-blowing. Beypore beach is full of food stalls selling authentic Kozhikode dishes like kallumekayas,ice orathy and so on.



Muzhappilanghadi Beach is located in Kannur and it is one of the most happening beaches of Kerala.It is the only beach in Kerala where vehicles can be driven through the sea shore.Hence it is named as the Drive-in beach. Muzhappilanghadi Beach is a common evening spot of many families because of its peaceful atmosphere.


                              Trip to Kerala will be definitely incomplete without visiting these happening beaches.Amazing Family holiday packages Kerala more honeymoon beach packages because of the increasing demand for beaches.So do visit the beaches in Kerala and have everlasting experiences in Kerala!


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