Ethnic Destinations you wouldn’t want to miss in Kerala!

historical places of Kerala

                           Kerala and culture have a strong and intimate bond since ages. Many of the foreign traders got settled here because they got attracted to the vivid culture and introduced their own culture that has blend over the centuries and has now become the culture of Kerala. We have accepted everything positive with open arms and that reflects in our cultural monuments and masterpieces that remain strong through the centuries. Kerala tour packages for family scanning the ethnic Kerala culture can be an amusing journey to start with. Most of the palaces and forts have been converted into museums now and a journey through the museums, palaces and forts can be a journey that takes you through the history of Kerala’s culture and traditions. The temples, mosques and churches have also equally contributed in shaping up the unique culture we follow. If you travel through every district of Kerala, you will find enough reasons to understand why the people here are still stuck in their culture and traditions even when they are highly educated. We believe that education opens our eyes to a higher level where we realize the value of our traditions and culture and make sure that we nurture them to present to our future generations.

Kozhikode & the Malabar Regions – The land of Zamorins

kerala historical places

Kozhikode is the right place to start about the culture of Kerala. Located in the north Malabar region, Kozhikode is the first place where the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed in India which opened a new sea route to the rich Indian subcontinent. Kerala’s aromatic spices were the major target for the traders who came here. The city is a busy place now with many beaches, shopping arcades, and other popular tourist destinations. Kappad beach still has a memorial of the place where Vasco Da Gama landed first. Pazhassiraja Museum is another important cultural destination for the tourists seeking information on the history and culture of Kerala. The beaches and the cuisine are quite popular among tourists on Kerala tour packages for couple. There are many cultural programs conducted regularly at the Manamchira Ground which is located in the heart of the city. Further, the districts surrounding Kozhikode till Kasargode are known as the Malabar region which is dominated by the Muslim community who migrated from various places and got settled here many centuries back. Now they are the backbones of the business and economy of these regions. Their exotic and rich cuisine has always been popular among the local foodies as well as those from far-flung places from India and abroad. The Muniyaras and Edakkal Caves of Wayanad have a long story to tell the visitors. Wayanad is a popular destination for the honeymoon as it has the dense tropical forests that offer a great climate and a lot of privacy to the romantic couples. Apart from the ethnic destinations, one must visit the Chembra peak and the love lake there during their honeymoon holidays in Kerala. Malappuram, Kozhikode and the areas have a lot of spectacular mosques, ancient temples and many churches also built by the missionaries who settled here. Most of the temples are many centuries old and have their own mythical stories to tell. The Jain temples of Sulthan Battery where used by Tippu Sultan as his weaponry for a while and hence, the place got the name Sulthan’s Battery which means Sultan’s weaponry!

Kochi – The money market of Kerala


Kochi belongs to central Kerala which was ruled by the Tripunithura royal family a few centuries back. The once-rich port of Muziris belonged to Kochi and the area is now preserved under the Muziris heritage department. Later, Cochin became the biggest port in South India and many Portuguese, French, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese came here to trade for spices, coconuts, cotton, and handicrafts. Some of them fell in love with the beautiful place which was full of greenery and got settled here itself. They built the churches and synagogues for establishing their society on this land and to pray. Many tourists on Munnar honeymoon packages tend to visit Kochi as a part of their tour program since Kochi is the nearest airport to Munnar and the way from Kochi to Munnar is really beautiful. While one part of the city is busy adapting to the changing requirements of technology, communication and travel, the suburbs have a totally different story to tell. A day tour of Muziris heritage tour will be an eye-opener to many things about this part of Kerala, you have never known. The Fort Kochi & Mattancherry tour will keep you busy for a day with visits to the churches, museums and palaces and on another day you can visit the Tripunithura Hill Palace Museum and the heritage clubs of Tripunithura. This part of the city can make you feel completely in a village with the narrow roads, small shops and a lot of greenery. The royal family members are still staying in some of the heritage houses here and most of the people are artistically inclined. It is believed that at least one member of every family that belongs to Tripunithura will be an artist – in music, painting or dance!

Trivandrum – The evergreen capital city

Historical places of kerala

Though Trivandrum is now more visited during the honeymoon packages for Kerala it has always been the capital of this land of coconuts. Travancore, as it was known earlier, was the capital of Kerala before Trivandrum was formed. Travancore was the collective name for the entire Kerala state for a long time till the states were formed after independence. Trivandrum has many museums and palaces to visit while you are there on your holidays. The Napier museum complex is a great place to hangout. You can visit the Raja Ravi Varma art gallery nearby and also the zoo which is a popular destination for the children. The Sri Padmanabha swami temple is believed to be at least 1000 years old and the sculptures and the architecture are simply amazing. The temple has a lot of mysterious stories attached to it including many hidden treasures and secret tunnels. The Kuthiramalika nearby the temple is a popular museum now. It used to be a palace with a lot of Horse motifs that gave it the name Horse Mansion or Kuthira Malika. Some parts of the palace are still kept private though most of the royal artefacts are showcased here. The Padmanabhapuram palace, though now located in Tamil Nadu is very much owned by the Kerala government and is another beautiful structure to see. The palace has been featured in many movies and documentaries and the architecture is completely amazing. Built in the traditional Kerala style of Nalukettu with a central open courtyard, the interiors are pretty cool even without any fans or artificial coolers. The natural stones and ingredients used for flooring and the ancient Kerala architecture that allows free passage of air through the palace along with the intricate wooden furniture, pillars and ceilings make the palace one of the most sought after places for the tourists. It depicts the true Kerala architecture and craftsmanship which is still intact even after a couple of centuries of being exposed to the elements of nature.

historical attractions of Kerala

There are many temples, churches, mosques, and palaces in the state that showcase the true culture and traditions of Kerala. Some of them also have been altered to overcome the age and accommodate the increasing population that visits them every year. Trissur has some very old temples that strictly follow the age-old traditions and rituals. Kottayam also has many Siva temples even though the place is supposedly dominated by Christians. The true beauty of Kerala lies in the fact that even though it was a Hindu-dominated society many centuries back, it has welcomed and accommodated every other religion known that include Jainism, Buddhism, and Jews other than the Christians and Muslims who came and settled here. The very first mosque was established in Kodungalloor and it has been renovated a couple of times to accommodate the increasing number of believers. Similarly many churches and temples that were established centuries ago have also undergone renovations to withstand the elements of time and nature. When you plan your Kerala tourism honeymoon packages, do not miss the chance for a rendezvous with the cultural and ethnic destinations of Kerala which can add a lot of charm to your beautiful and romantic holidays. You can also visit the ancient temples, churches and mosques here as per your belief and refresh your souls to begin a new journey of life. Sometimes you may come to know quite interesting facts and see some amazing places in Kerala which you never knew before. Not to miss at all are the flavourful cuisine, live performances of Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, and Kalarippayattu and getting dressed in the traditional attire of Kerala which is very simple and comfortable to wear. You can also try riding an elephant and the wooden snake-boat if you are adventurous enough as the snake-boats do not come with lifeguards!


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