Buy These from Kerala on Your Honeymoon Tour and Impress Your In-Laws!

Shopping places in Kerala

Are you planning your honeymoon trip to Kerala? There are some amazing places to visit and experience in this God’s Own Country that can be quite romantic and cherished all through your life. Don’t think that Kerala tour packages for family only are popular here. Munnar and Allepey are among the most booked honeymoon destinations in India. There are some amazing beaches, beautiful hillocks, and pristine backwaters to explore during your romantic days in Kerala. If you are more concentrating on the romance, you can avoid traveling and local sightseeing and just relax and explore each other in the beautiful locales of the remote hill stations and treehouse resorts. Tucked away from the maddening tourist crowd, some places exist here in the heavenly abode of nature that can carry you to another world full of romance and bliss. But how about another important and interesting factor, of impressing your in-laws! As a newly married, the husband and the wife can make the most of their honeymoon in knowing about each other and also impressing each other’s family with something exclusive from this land of exotic spices and coconuts. Here’s a list of 5 such exquisite items you can buy easily from Kerala during your honeymoon days here to create a lasting impression on your in-laws.

1. The Aranmula Mirror or Kannadi

Kerala shopping item

This is the most exclusive gift you can give to your beautiful mother in law for giving you your best partner! The Aranmula Mirror is very exotic due to various factors. It is considered a very auspicious possession that will make women more beautiful each time they see their reflection. It is a mirror which is made completely of metal and uses no glass at all. The secret mix of the metal alloy is known only to the family who has been making them since many centuries back. You can buy this from Aranmula directly from the family who make them or buy them from some authentic government emporiums who sell them. Aranmula is a small village around 115 kilometers from Trivandrum. You can enjoy you Kerala tour packages for couple in Kovalam and Trivandrum that are famous for honeymoon holidays and visit Aranmula and see for yourself how this beautiful mirror is made. Aranmula is also famous for the snake boat race held every year during the Onam festival.

2. The exotic spices

Kerala spices

Munnar, as you may know, is one of the most booked honeymoon destinations in India. The beautiful and green hillocks, the mist-covered mountains and the dew-covered tender tea leaves at the tea estates are definitely something that can make some cherished moments of your life. The tea estates are the highlight of Munnar honeymoon packages. A lazy walk through the narrow winding roads of the tea estate, hand-in-hand, watching the sunset can be the most amazing experience of your honeymoon days. You can get your photo clicked by someone or take a selfie against the setting sun to keep it framed as a memoir of your beautiful romantic honeymoon days. Apart from tea, Munnar has some amazing coffee and spice plantations too. The green mountains are rich in fertile soil and a beautiful and pleasant climate that are most suitable for such plantations. Kerala has always been exporting its exotic variety of spices such as black pepper, nutmeg, mace, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and star anise. You can buy assorted spices packed in ornate boxes to gift your in-laws. You can also buy spice flavored perfumes from the local shops which have very exotic fragrances. If you miss these in Munnar, you can always buy them directly from the retail outlets of the Spices Board of India which is the government organization in charge of the Indian spice market.

3. Kathakali Motif

Kerala kathakali motif

Kathakali is an ancient dance form of Kerala which is very unique. It has some amazing hand postures called Mudras and facial expressions that convey the story rather than swift leg movements as in the other dance forms. Typically, Kathakali is performed based on mythical stories from Mahabharatha and Ramayana. A single performance can continue overnight! Even though it is very difficult to understand the story and the lyrics which are mostly in Sanskrit, foreigners enjoy a short, 1 to 2-hour performance exclusively orchestrated for them. Kathakali is a symbol of Kerala and during your honeymoon packages for Kerala, you can buy some Kathakali motifs made of wood which is available in various sizes and patterns. Each character portrayed has a specific color combination of costumes and makeup which takes many hours to put on. The makeup is usually done using organic elements and colors only. You can either buy the wooden Kathakali face or the entire figure with makeup and costume and the rates will change according to the pattern selected.

4. Anappattom or the Elephant’s ornament

Kerala Anapattam

Like most of the south Indian states, Elephants are a part of Kerala’s temple rituals. On special occasions and festivals, the elephants are dressed up with a special gold plated ornament called Anappattom which covers their forehead. There’s a beautiful pattern followed for the Anappattom and miniature and cheap forms of this beautiful handicraft are a popular gift item bought by the tourists. You get these in plastic and metal and the rates depend on the materials used and the size of the Anappattom. These are available as key chains to actual sized one which is used as a wall decoration. Definitely buy a few Anappattoms made in metal during your Kerala tourism honeymoon packages to gift your in-laws. This is completely unique to Kerala and is a much sought-after gift. You will be amazed to know that an actual metal Anappattom with cost lakhs of rupees as they are handmade and use brass and copper that are gold plated. It is a tedious process that takes weeks to months to complete.

5. Brass lamps

Kerala Brass lamps

Indians consider oil-lit lamps as very auspicious. These are the perfect gift to your in-laws as you enter the house as the ever burning auspicious lamp of the house. Kerala’s brass and bronze lamps are classy and they are meticulously created in a few places like the Nadavarambu near Trissur. It is a place quite famous for beautifully made traditional lamps of all sizes. You can definitely buy one even if you do not believe in lighting it with oil and cotton wick. They look very beautiful as a showcase item too. Many hotels and resorts keep huge bronze lamps in front of their lobby as a part of their decor. You can buy them from many places other than Nadavarambu also during your Kerala tour packages.

Kerala chips

Other than these exotic Kerala specialties, do not forget to buy the variety of chips and halwa as you head back home.



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