Need a break? Need to enjoy in nature’s basket? Idukki’s the perfect escapade!

Kerala Tour Packages for couple

It was almost a year since we had a holiday. After the romantic honeymoon we had in Kerala a year ago, it was time for the next honeymoon; yes a second honeymoon to compensate a Best Kerala tour packages for a family year with no holiday break! We took the  to unwind ourselves in the beauty of nature. Unlike the last time, we chose to visit Kerala in monsoon time. Rains always double the beauty of the place. Kerala was always a favorite destination to enjoy holidays. I remember the last time we enjoyed our stay with a family who were so friendly and helped us through the city tour and even I learned some special cuisines that they served us. This time, we choose to visit Idukki, the largest district in Kerala. Out of all the destinations, Idukki was something that attracted us in the list provided by the tour manager. Going on a holiday requires a lot of preparation. Since it was the monsoon going to welcome us there, we packed enough clothes to suit the climate and my beautiful floral umbrella to play in the rain.

Munnar Honeymoon Packages

On the way from Cochin to Idukki, we spotted many mini waterfalls and many another villages. As we had arrived on a perfect rainy day, the beauty of Kerala was never missed. The places looked magical, covered in the rain drops. Even though the city traffic just got a little messed up with rain, the beauty never faded. As we were passing by places, we noticed people in small thattukada (street shops) enjoying a cup of steaming hot tea in that perfect cold weather. Many kids were on the way to home holding umbrellas. Some people were standing in the shade to escape the rain. The places were impeccably beautiful and we both kept looking at the eye-catching beauty. After some time, I dozed off a little bit with the soft touch of the breeze on my face. As I woke up, there were droplets on my window. Idukki was so beautiful.

Thattukada idukki

On our fantastic Kerala holiday packages, we had a booked a treehouse in Vandanmedu, the perfect place to stay on a holiday. The treehouse was a perfect relaxation spot. Our tree house was looking splendid from the bottom. As I reached up, I was excited exploring the balcony of our tree house. The view was spectacular. Even though I couldn’t take my eyes off the beauty of nature, I took to enjoy that little later and took a look into the rooms and the services they provided us in the rooms. The rooms were equipped with all facilities and the wooden cabins had a romantic ambiance. The bed was so cozy and the dinner was precisely the best Kerala dishes, which made us even lazier. We slept early in the comfy of the bed and with the sound of cicadas in the nearby trees and the sound of breeze knocking on our windows.

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In the morning, we decided to visit the Kulamavu Dam, one of the popular dams in Idukki. The dam is on the way to Idukki. We took a jeep safari from the resort and it took almost two hours to visit the Dam and the nearby places. The view was fantastic and with rain, the water level was rising too. After the jeep safari, we went on to visit the gigantic Cheruthoni Dam. To visit the Idukki Dam, the tickets were available from the Cheruthoni dam only. We opted to walk uphill to reach the Idukki dam. The climb was not very difficult and we enjoyed chit-chatting all the way up. As we were half way, we saw the Vaishali cave. The cave was a located at a beautiful place and we walked into the cave till the end. The view from the cave was mind-blowing. After a visit to the picturesque spot, we returned to continue the journey to the Idukki Dam.  The site of the dam was very picturesque. The dam was built between the two mountains Kuravan and Kurathi. The arch dam gallery was an awesome view. Since cameras were not allowed, we enjoyed the beauty of the place and captured the moments in our heart. There were many couples who were on Munnar honeymoon packages visiting Idukki Dam. The umbrellas became useful as it was raining cats and dogs all along the trip.

Keezharkuthu waterfalls

After lunch, we decided to go on visiting Keezharkuthu waterfall. What fun in holiday in Idukki without a waterfall visit? The waterfall is cascading from a greater height amidst the verdant vegetation.  The best part of the waterfall was that we need to trek a long way to reach this beauty. We had packed some snacks and water and wore the raincoats that will make the journey up easier. To begin the trek, we reached Malayinchi, from the where the trekking starts. Our guide and tribesmen accompanied us on the trek. The tribesman was very vivacious. He was explaining us about his tribes and the place all along the journey.  The tribesman even showed us his village which was on the way to the trekking place. As we were visiting the village, there were some foreign Couples on their Romantic Munnar honeymoon packages for Kerala planning a stay in the huts of these tribes. They seemed so excited about it! Since it was drizzling at times only, we could cover up a major distance. As we were nearing the waterfall, I could hear the sound of the gushing water. On the way, there were many pigs and porcupine spotted at a distance, unlucky that we couldn’t spot any elephants. The waterfall was majestic. We stood enjoying the sight of it for a long time. Since the rain was over by the time we reached the waterfall, we spotted a rainbow, and I jumped happily like a child seeing the rainbow.

farms of Idukki

After the tiring trekking, up and down, we headed back to our treehouse for a cozy sleep. The next morning, the bird nested on the branches of the tree neighboring ours woke us up with little chirping. The fragrance of the air around us was a mixture of spices. The dew drops on the leaves were looking so pure and magnificent. The sunrise which can be spotted far in the hills was a spectacular sight.  After a yummy breakfast we had on the balcony of our treehouse overlooking the greenery and sipping a cup of tea, we decided to pay a visit to the farms. Luckily, as we had taken up exclusive Kerala honeymoon packages, we didn’t have much difficulty in changing the itinerary. The guide picked us up promptly. As we were reaching the farms, we spotted the gigantic Western Ghats that were bordering these farms at a distance. The farms with the scenery of these majestic hills behind and the lush green vegetation were making it all look dazzling beauty. The spice garden had many plants like that of cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and much more. We even brought in a fresh bunch of all these to take back home. The fresh aroma of the spices in the air was heavenly.

Kerala Tourism honeymoon packages

After the spice garden, we were taken to Kuttikanam, a small hamlet in Idukki. The village was looking ravishing with the touch of rain. The smell of the soil soaked in the rain was something I missed being outside Kerala. Luckily, we arrived at the right time of a food festival happening in the nearby area, where we got the opportunity to taste the delicacies of Idukki. Tapioca with fish curry was the best we had there. Kuttikanam had sprawling tea plantations in the majority of its area. The roads were winding up the hill with tea plantation on one side. The place had a spellbound beauty. After visiting the Idukki wildlife sanctuary and having a wonderful safari inside the park spotting many deer, elephants, and tigers, we set out to see another beautiful waterfall in Elapally. The waterfall is near Moolamattom. The waterfall originated from the Western Ghats and falls down the hill. The water pool formed at the bottom was the best place to take a dip and enjoy the cool waters. After all these trips, we took up the couple massages offered for tourists in our resort. The relaxing and revitalizing Ayurveda massages were truly refreshing.

Kerala Tour packages

It was time to pack our bags back to home. I wished the holiday never ended! The holidays brought us closer, thanks to the wonderful hospitality of the people of Kerala. As we were heading back to Cochin, we passed through the enchanting Munnar tea plantations and the clear streams of water flowing on the rocky terrains in Thodupuzha. The rain never stopped, making the holiday memorable for us. We promised that we would be back again to this land of Coconuts for yet another holiday. Kerala is surely the best place to feel relaxed and stay away from all the hustles and bustles of the city.


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