An enchanting tour to Ponmudi


Holidays become exciting when you are trekking along the mountain trails and enjoying the cool breeze touching the face as you climb up the hill, walking through the thick lush greenery and enjoying the sprawling grasslands. As you climb up, you can see the mist covering the mountain and that looks perfect! From South to North Kerala, the blessed landscape has attracted many tourists on Kerala tour packages. Kerala is blessed with many mountain ranges interlinking with the Western Ghats and the valleys beneath offers enchanting view of Mother Nature. The rivers and streams pouring down from this high level upon the rocks are a perfect white beauty to watch for. Ponmudi is one such enchanting location! Ponmudi is easily reachable from Trivandrum city and is perfect to escape from the chaos of the city on an ideal holiday. The drive from Trivandrum to Ponmudi is a wonderful treat for your eyes and releases all your tensions off your mind.  Travelling through the soothing towns and villages to reach the beautiful Ponmudi makes your day bright. The road towards is treacherous and with quick and sharp turns, yet the beauty that awaits you will surely tempt your nerves to take up the small risks to reach high up. Many small tea stalls can be spotted on the way to relax and enjoy a cup of tea to relax and soothe. Explore the vast stretch of farmlands and the giant trees on the roadside on your exclusive Kerala tour.


On the roadway up to Ponmudi, you can find the enchanting Meenmutty waterfall. The enchanting waterfall lies deep in the dense forest. The golden valley is an enchanting location just before the road to Ponmudi starts. The stream and the sound of the gush of water can be heard as one approaches the stream. The clear golden sand under the crystal clear water is a precious sight not to be missed. The small waterfalls with white foamy water falling on the strong rocks are indeed a picture perfect sight. The trek up the giant rock with the waterfall on by your side takes you to a perfect ambiance. Visiting this place on your Kerala tour packages from Bangalore would be an amazing experience in nature’s handcrafted environment. Enjoy splashing and playing in the cool water pool down the rocks and the chirping of the birds beneath the thickly grown trees, where you can, at some places, spot the sky above.


The road to Ponmudi from Kallar is full of hairpins and curves, wherein you can stop by at some points and enjoy the scenic beauty that stretches across. As the road ascends to the top, the climate changes completely! It gets chilly while ascending the road. The road amidst the tea plantations is a marvelous view. Ponmudi is absolutely a photographer’s paradise. The beauty of the cloud-kissing hills and the unlimited stretch of tea plantations all the way up to the hill, small rocks, and the grasslands everything is splendid from the top. Experience these amazing spots with a special Kerala package making a trip full of interesting memories.


The bluish mountains from the top point are a marvelous view, a sure visual treat. The ambiance on top was splendid. Many rocks can be seen on the top which seems to get placed rightly to enhance the beauty of the place. The view down the valley is spectacular and bewitching. The landscape offers an enchanting location for tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. Peppara wildlife sanctuary located in the catchment area of Peppara dam and the Karamana River is rich in exotic flora and fauna. One can find tigers, sloths, Nilgiri Tahr, elephants etc. here. From the sanctuary, one can get the view of the majestic Western Ghats. Even the sanctuary is home to many tribes that live in the interiors of these protected forests. One can spot many butterflies in varied sizes and colors. Agasthyamala biosphere also forms a part of the Peppara wildlife sanctuary. The mountain is believed to be the place where Agastya saint took salvation. On the top, there is a statue of him. Enjoy these places while visiting Trivandrum on your Kerala holiday packages.


Mankayyam waterfall is yet another enchanting place to visit in Ponmudi, amidst the lush green forests. The crystal clear water pool formed below flowing through the rocks is surely interesting for anyone to enjoy a dip in the cool water. The refreshing and enduring experience bring in many fond memories to your trip. The ambiance is rejuvenating and the sound of a waterfall is soothing to your ears. The pristine waterfall among the fascinating greenery is heavenly. The forest is well maintained by the forest department. The forest has many medicinal plants. The trekking along this waterfall is also a fun way to enjoy the trip. A part of the Shendurney wildlife sanctuary is maintained by the Agasthaykoodam biosphere. The unique beauty of the landscape is picturesque. Tourists on Kerala tourism packages can enjoy jungle camping, safari trips, bird watching and many more interesting things to do while on their trip. Various trekking trails are there in here, which leads to different beautiful places. A mini zoo is another attraction in Ponmudi. The zoo is mainly populated by deer and many varieties of birds and butterflies. The place is best for a nature walk.  Atop the Ponmudi is a beautiful hill cottage that gives you alluring views of the hillocks and valleys. The mountain contains an array of mountain flowers and butterflies playing among them.


Koyikkal Palace, in Nedumangad, is an ancient palace which is well maintained in the traditional architecture’s folklore museum treasures some musical instruments, household utensil, ornaments and much more that attracts many history enthusiasts. The coin collection is an incredible set to watch out for. The palace has a vast area covered architecture and is interesting to watch out for the painting of old kings and queens and ministers who ruled the state. With Kerala tourism taking special interests in this beautiful hill station blessed with the exotic beauty, the place is well maintaining and attracts many tourists all-round the year.




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