Taste the Delicious Food of Kerala!

kerala tour packages for family

Food can definitely be a great driving force for many. But how about planning Kerala tour packages for family with the flavorsome food as the driving factor? Food tourism is getting popular in Kerala increasingly because of the variety of seasonal fruits, spices and other food ingredients abundantly available in the farms of Kerala. Moreover, the people here are quite interesting foodies that prompt them to source rare to find ingredients in the state from far-flung cities across the world without any worries. If it is available on earth, it is edible; you are quite likely to find it available at some place in Kerala. Thus is the love for variety and lip-smacking food the people here have. Take a look at the sumptuous spread of a typical Kerala lunch and you will be stumped thinking where to start and where to end! The simplest feast will have at least 28 dishes including 3 desserts, all vegetarian and each dish entertaining a different area of your taste buds! When you are on Kerala tour packages for couple don’t miss the variety of breakfast dishes that are quite healthy and yet very tasty. The lunch can be a typical feast and at places you can enjoy some seafood and other non-vegetarian dishes too. Kerala is well-known for the marine resources and the exclusive flavors served with coconuts, cashews and the flavorsome native spices. The non-vegetarians will love the variety dishes served at the various resorts made of chicken, mutton, beef and seafood. A unique blend of coconuts and spices give these dishes a different touch which sometimes resembles the coastal Goan food, even though the spices used are different.

 Kerala Kanji

Rice is the staple food for the locals even though many people have turned to eating rotis and oats because of health issues. But the traditional food of Kerala was apt for the hardworking farmers and the fishermen who lived here. In one way or the other, a steamed rice dish would be an ideal dish for breakfast along with boiled plantain and a spicy curry to accompany the main dish. Seafood and non-vegetarian items are typically not served for breakfast, even though some people cannot do without a fish or chicken dish. For lunch, it is rice, a variety of side dishes each having a different flavor along with fish or a non-veg curry is served. Traditionally, dinner used to be salted rice porridge, called Kanji, with spicy coconut chutney, lentils, and pickle. Now it has given way to chapathi or roti with dal or paneer for the vegetarians and some non-veg curry for the non-vegetarians. You can relish these lip-smacking dishes while you are on your exclusive Kerala tourism honeymoon packages.


During festivities, special food with seasonal produce are made and served. Seasonal fruits and vegetables and sometimes even beef and seafood are pickled when they are abundantly available to be used later. The eating habits have changed considerably, but rice still remains the main ingredient for sweets and savories. Chips made of plantain, yam, tapioca, potato and raw jackfruit are popular among the tourists. You get them in salty and spicy flavors. Kozhikode halwa, Neyyappam, Unniyappam, Ada, Unnakka etc. are popular sweets you will get in the bakeries of Kerala. Banana, mango, and jackfruit are abundantly used during the seasons to flavor the sweets and savories. Check out these special dishes while you are in the state on honeymoon packages for Kerala.

Palada Pradhaman

palada pradhaman

It is always good to start with a sweet! Palada Pradhaman is definitely one of the most popular dishes served during special occasions. It is basically a dessert made of milk and rice which is called Kheer in North India. The only ingredients used are Rice, Milk and Sugar but just tastes heavenly! You must not miss this sweet delicacy while in Kochi. This is the most popular dish served particularly during special occasions. And I can bet you wouldn’t have tasted anything of this sort earlier.



This is made from a variety of vegetables cooked to the right consistency with ground coconut, cumins and green chilly. You can think that it is the simplest of the dishes when it comes to the ingredients. Just a few vegetables like ash gourd, pumpkin, yam, carrots, beans, drumstick, eggplant, and plantain all cut into long pieces, cooked on steam or with just a little water and seasoned with salt. If you are making it during the mango season, a few slits of raw mango is added or else some tamarind or sour curd for the tanginess. The ground coconuts with cumins and green chillies are added and that’s it! Yummy aviyal, usually served for the feasts as a side dish is ready. Just add some fresh coconut oil and curry leaves to garnish and the dish tastes completely out of this world.

Puttu & Kadala

Puttu Kadala

Puttu is typically made of rice flour but these days you get ragi puttu, corn puttu, wheat puttu and even multi-grain puttu. Mix the flour with a little water, salt, sugar and grated coconut to make it wet and grainy. Fill it in the puttu steamer or a bamboo stick and steam it till it is cooked. Grated coconuts are added in between to get more flavor. It is usually eaten with steamed banana or raw Robusta banana and pappadam or with Kadala curry which is brown Channa in spicy coconut gravy. Have this before you set out on an adventure tour during your Munnar honeymoon packages.

Fish Molly

Fish Molly

This is a popular fish delicacy people love to have while in Kerala. It is a simple recipe usually made with pearl spot fish which is known as Karimeen in Kerala. The gravy is enriched with coconut milk and special spice mixes. It is served as a side dish with rice.

Kozhikode Halwa

Kozhikode Halwa

Halwa can be made with fruit pulp, wheat, tapioca extract, dry fruits, coconut or rice. But typically, what you get in most of the bakeries will be made of Maida or plain flour and flavored with essence and food color. It is sweetened with sugar or jaggery and uses a lot of coconut oil which gives it a unique flavor and acts as a natural preservative. Cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves are added to give it a unique flavor. You can buy them during your Kerala travel packages to share it with your friends and family. The halwa stays unspoiled for a few weeks without losing the flavor.


Bannana Chips

Though Plantain chips are the most popular variety tourists buy from Kerala, yam, jackfruit and tapioca chips are also awesome delicacies you can buy from here. These chips are made in coconut oil which gives it a unique flavor. The usual flavor available is salty but you can get spicy flavored chips too which are also quite popular among the locals and tourists. Plantain, yam, tapioca and potato chips are available all through the year but jackfruit chips are available only during the season.

Kallummakkaya or Mussels


Being a coastal area, mussels are abundantly available here. Though the dishes are quite popular in the northern Malabar region, it remains a rare delicacy in other regions of Kerala. Coconuts, ginger, fennels and coriander are generously used for preparing dishes with Mussels.

Kurumulaku Kanji or Pepper Porridge

Pepper Poridge

This is actually a medicinal porridge prepared by the tribals settled in the forest area. It is simple to make with rice, powdered black pepper, fennel, ajwain, cumin, garlic, coconut milk and salt. Having this while you have a cold or flu will improve your health faster. It is easy to digest too.

Popular snacks

Pazham Pori

Just like the Punjabis celebrate Samosa, Kerala has some typical snacks made with native produce. Pazham pori is a popular snack which is basically ripe banana fritters. While the new generation loves veg, egg and non-veg puffs and rolls, the older generation would prefer eating aval or rice flakes with coconut, jaggery, milk, and banana which is a much healthier option. Lentil vada is another popular item easily available in snack houses. Undan pori is made of ripe bananas, grated coconut, jaggery and cardamom mashed and rolled in wheat and rice batter to fry. It is a popular snack sometimes flavored with fennel, pepper or cumins. Neyyappam is made of whole wheat or rice with coconut, banana, and cardamom made into a smooth batter and deep fried in ghee. It is considered Lord Ganesa’s favorite and hence given as an offering at Ganesa temples here. Another variation is to add sesame and deep fry in coconut oil which is called Unniyappam. During your Kerala holiday tour packages, you can eat them at specialty restaurants or bakeries that serve traditional food as most of the modern food counters rarely serve such tasty and flavorful dishes typical to Kerala. If you travel to the Malabar region during the tea time, you will be surprised to find a totally different variety of typical Kerala snacks which are still very popular among the tourists as well as the locals.


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