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Kerala adventure Tour

Include this destination in your Kerala trip. Indulge yourself in this misty hillocks, Vagamon is a well established hamlet that lies cozily in the Western Ghats.  The lush greenery around the hills calls out to the tourists from all over the world. The major attractions are the pine forests and the meadows spread as a blanket across the hillocks. There are lots of fun activities you can go for when you are visiting Vagamon as a part of your Kerala tour package and enjoy the surprises too. These days no one limits their trips to just sightseeing. They all love to go for some adventure activities too. The hills offer you much more than you expect. They invite you to see the magic of the pure earth, water and air. Say goodbye to the polluted air and traffic jams and enjoy a breath taking view from your room. Vagamon promises a lot of activities like trekking, rock climbing, Para gliding, off road jaunts, etc. The rugged terrain is ideal for trekking and off roading. Get set and ready for that fun and frolic you love to have.



Vagamon is famous for its trekking routes. The Illickal Mountains and the Teekoy -Cherippad – Ayyampara route are best known trekking trails. The route is covered by scenic mountains and pristine beauty of the virgin mountains. One can go in their Kerala tour package for family through the pine forests spread across thousands of acres of land. Hire a guide if you are not familiar with the place. The gentle slope and the rugged terrain make it an ideal trekking route. Go for that extra adrenaline rush that is sought after by all the adventure seekers. The little hillocks are sure to fire your imagination as the scenic locations are mesmerizing on the way. A trek up the kurishumala is both exciting and a sacred experience. The kurishumala ashramam offers a stay with the sanyasis.


Vagamon Boating

A number of placid lakes snake through the valley. When you are travelling in any Kerala tour packages and you are visiting Vagamon, the silent streams can be caught during your trekking trip. Boating facilities are provided by local resorts and hotels. The best option is to go for a quiet ride in clear waters of the lakes. Some times in the monsoons, the climate may be somewhat fiery. So do not venture out in the monsoons.



The soft sloping gentle peaks are great for paragliding stunts in the Kerala tour packages that you have opted for. The trainers help you to get off into the air and glide smoothly. You can glide with the professionals too. The summer is the season for the paragliders. The deep gorges are dry and safe in the summers. The yearly paragliding fest takes place here. It is a great experience where you float around in the sky like a bird. The small hillocks are ideal for takeoff and landing. The vast expanse of these hillocks is a dreamland for any glider. Be sure to be there with your guide. There are professional acrobatic stunt gliders who exhibit their skills in this section.  Also go for two or three days of training before you go in for that swoop down.

Off road driving:

Off Road in Vagamon

Off road driving is a must include in your Kerala holiday packages if you are a thrill seeker. Go for the rugged terrain of Vagamon hills for the experience. Slushy grounds and shallow river beds are a solution to your off road experience.  If you have a love for vehicles you should surely check out these off road experiences.  You can go off roading either on your bike or on your 4X4. These days everyone is into driving and the normal drives are too boring. This way you can unwind yourself with a tour to Vagamon. For that adrenaline rush you have been longing for, go on a simple off road driving in the misty hills.

Wildlife sanctuary and night safari:

Vagamon Night Safari

The lesser known Ulipooni wildlife sanctuary is just 10 kms away from Vagamon. It is really a great trip to be included in your Kerala tourism honeymoon package and to be enjoyed first hand. These days everyone is likely to visit one or the other wildlife sanctuary. You can catch glimpses of wildlife up close. It is sure to mystify you. So go for that really wonderful trip you have been planning and get close to nature. There are camping sites nearby and you can well use them as you wish. Besides these there are other activities like night safari where you can get a view of the night life of the wild beasts in a close counter.

Drive through the tea estates:

Tea Estates

The wonderful panoramic view of the tea estates is a feast for the eyes. One cannot but revel at nature’s bounty in these tea estates. The drive consists of hair pin curves which can be maneuvered only by an expert driver. You can check out your expertise in driving as the day draws to an end. In your Kerala tour package opt to rent a car and drive on your own for that wonderful experience. You can be sure to taste that freshly minted tea from any of the tea stalls nearby and refresh yourself for that drive down. There is many a tea factory around which provides fresh tea for the tea lovers. Grab a parcel of your favorite tea and head back for your journey back to the plains.

Vagamon Paths

Enjoy these and many more adventure activities in Vagamon as you venture out into the wilderness with your Kerala travel packages and these are a few options. But for a nominal adventure lover the drive to Vagamon in itself is enchanting. The hairpin curves and tea estates provide a mesmerizing view of the whole environment around them.  Enjoy a family vacation and instill in your children the spirit of adventure. There are more than hundreds of home stays and resorts that provide a great many lodging options. These may be a few opinions about the adventure for you there, but you are the person who has to find adventure in just a drive to the misty hills. You need not go for a base camp trekking in the Himalayas to encounter adventure. It’s all there in a nut shell around you in these most pristine surroundings of the Vagamon. Check out for more from the hillocks as you zigzag across the tea estates and catch a glimpse of that flying bird and wish to soar high like her in the misty hillocks of the Vagamon.


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