10 Important Historical Places in Kerala

Kerala has always been an important location in the history of India. It is here, in this God’s Own Country that Vasco da Gama landed in the 14th century and opened up a new sea route to the rest of the world. The first church and mosque in India were probably established in Kerala. Kerala has always been a favourite trade destination for the exotic spices and herbs. From there to now, Kerala has seen many invasions and local and regional rulers who have looted from and contributed to the culture and traditions of the state. The sum total of all those are still very rich and beautiful which you can explore during your Kerala Tour Packages. You will find this state adopting the technology and fashion as fast as any other metro city in India. At the same time, the state holds dear to the traditions and values without losing the essence of the Indian culture. If you want to experience India at its best, Kerala is the right place to visit. All of the modern conveniences well-balanced with the traditional values and culture will make you feel good while you are here. Kerala holidays will be a great way to explore nature and heritage in one trip.

 1.Padmanabhapuram Temple

Kerala Tour Packages

Sree Padmanabhapuram Temple is definitely one of the oldest temples in Kerala and it has been mentioned in many Vedas and Puranas too. The temple is vast with huge stone pillars and intricate wood and stone carvings. The age-old traditions and rituals are still very much followed here and the place is a popular tourist destination too. It is a must-visit during your Kerala Tourism Packages to learn a lot about Travancore and the kingdom. The recently discovered treasure vaults in the temple have made it the richest temple in India. There’s a lot of mystery involved in these treasure vaults and the origin of the temple. The humungous idol of Lord Vishnu as Ananthapadmanabhan lying on his side resting on the giant 5-headed serpent king Ananthan, with a lotus blooming from his belly cannot be seen in one glance. You need to see it through 3 windows in the temple. There’s a lot more to explore in the temple itself.

2. Padmanabhapuram Palace

Padmanabhapuram Palace

The palace used to be the headquarters of Travancore Kingdom that ruled Kerala for a long time, even while the British ruled most parts of India. Even though, the vicinity now belongs to Tamil Nadu, the palace and its land belong to Kerala government. It is unlike any other palace you may have seen across India. The Padmanabhapuram palace is a popular visit during the Kerala Holiday Packages. It is a showcase of the traditional Kerala architecture along with the royal taste. A lot of wood, terracotta tiles and stones have been used to construct this palace. The interiors remain cool and pleasant any time of the year, without any artificial cooling techniques. What we know today as cross-ventilation has been well-implemented in these age-old palaces of Kerala centuries back. The intricate wood and stone carvings make the ceilings and furniture look exquisite. The architecture is beautiful as well as strong.

3. Horse Mansion

Horse mansion

The horse mansion or the Kuthiramalika, as it is locally known, is located next to the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Part of the royal bungalow has been converted into a museum which is visited by the tourists on Kerala Packages. There are a lot of artefacts, paintings, royal gifts, weaponry etc. on display here. The palace gets its name from the horse-shaped motifs that adorn the ceiling. The intricately carved and elegant ivory Throne and the Ravi Varma paintings gifted to the Royal kingdom are the main attractions here. One part of the mansion still belongs to the royal family settled nearby.

4. Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort

Bekal fort is a place to visit not just for historical significance, also for the colossal beauty of its surroundings. Here is a fort caressed by the Arabian Sea, you must visit while you are in Kerala. Remember the soulful song ‘Uyire..’ from the movie Bombay? It was shot here. From on top of the fort, the view will be splendid, with the sea on one side and the lush coconut groves lining the sea, with some grassy lawn and golden sand! Kannur is the place and there are many more beautiful beaches in the area to explore. Do not miss it in your Kerala tour packages for family that’s quite affordable. But then if you want to indulge in sheer luxury, there are quite a few options for that too!

 5. Krishnapuram Palace

Krishnapuram Palace

The palace is now a museum located in Allepey. Here you can see many paintings, handicrafts, weaponry and a lot of idols and statues made for the king or gifted to him during the olden days. It is located near the Allepey beach. While in Allepey do not miss the houseboat cruise through Vembanad Lake which is a beautiful experience you will surely cherish.

6. Dutch Palace

Dutch Palace

The Dutch Palace of Mattancherry was actually built by the Portuguese. It was invaded and destroyed by many successors and then renovated and gifted to the King of Cochin by the Dutch. That’s why it got the name Dutch Palace. The palace has a combined architecture of the Dutch, British and Kerala. It is a popular tourist place on Kerala Travel Packages in Kochi now. You can visit the Paradesi Synagogue and the Jain Temple located nearby too. There’s also a Gurudwara, Mosques, Churches and other temples in the area which talks about the cultural harmony prevailing here.

7. Muziris Port

Muziris Port

The Muziris Port once used to be the richest and busiest port in India. That was many hundreds of years ago before an earthquake and flood destroyed the port and Cochin then became the popular port nearby. Muziris port was located near North Paravoor, which is around 30 kms from Kochi city. The place has been excavated by the Archaeological department for over 2 decades now and many interesting findings are showcased at the Muziris museums and Paliam palace nearby. You can enjoy the Muziris Heritage tour during your Kerala holiday packages in Kochi. It is a one-day tour of the area that includes visiting the museums, Jewish synagogue, Paliam Palace and a backwater cruise.

8. Palakkad Fort

Palakkad Fort

This fort is located in the centre of the city of Palakkad. Tippu Sultan was about to build a fort around this area to shift his headquarters from Mysore to Palakkad. Due to many reasons it did not work out well and the fort was made his weapon wear-house instead. It is a popular destination for Kerala Tour in Palakkad. The fort will look similar to Tippu’s fort in Srirangapattana, Mysore.

9. Anjelo Fort

Anjelo Port

Kannur has quite a few beautiful beaches to visit during your holidays. There’s also this huge Anjelo fort which has played an important role in the history of India. Built by the Portuguese, the Anjelo Fort was then captured by the Dutch who invaded the area later. It was then taken over by the British who made it their weaponry warehouse in the Malabar area. If you are visiting the fort during your Munnar tour packages from Delhi, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Mopila Bay and Arabian Sea from on top of the fort.

10. Gundert Bungalow

Kerala Holiday Packages

Dr. Hermann Gundert was a German who came to Kerala and offered many valuable contributions to the Malayalam language. He published the first Malayalam – English dictionary, translated the Bible into Malayalam and also published a book on Malayalam Grammar which forms the basis of today’s Malayalam language widely used. Dr. Hermann Gundert visited Thalassery along with his wife while he was teaching in Kolkata. He fell in love with the place and decided to get settled here. Because of his valuable contributions to the language and literature, his Bungalow was turned into a museum later on. It is a popular tourist destination for travellers on Munnar tour packages from Bangalore.

These are only some of the important historical places you would see in Kerala. In fact, every place in Kerala has an interesting story to tell and showcases the goodness of nature’s blessings. While you are exploring the historical places in Kerala, do not miss out on the other tourist attractions around the area and explore them too. The cuisine of Kerala and the art and architecture are other interesting factors not to miss while in Kerala. The ancient churches, temples and mosques have many interesting stories to tell the tourists. There are very few palaces in Kerala since the kings used to get the local landlords and wealthy people to manage their local governance while they managed the overall governance. The temple and palaces may look similar as the same architects and Vaastu were used to build both. In fact, in the earlier days, the Ashaari or the carpenters were the ones who managed the architecture, Vaastu and the interiors of the buildings here! It was only later, when the British came, that Engineers were given that task.


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