The Call of The Forest…!


The forest calls each and everyone of us..! only a certain few hear the call…!                   Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department is a law enforcement agency for the state of Kerala, India. One of the main beautiful attraction of Kerala is forest.Over 75% of the land-area of Kerala was covered by forests uptill even the 18th century. It conserves 10,336 km of forests forming 29.101% of the total geographic area of the state. Kerala forest is blessed with  timber,sandal wood and other spices trees and natural minerals. Kerala forest is one of the main tourist attraction spot of kerala tourism package.  There are so many attraction kerala forest such as climate,adventure ride,stay and so on…


Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Muthanga Wild life sanctuary is one the main wild life sanctuary in kerala. It established in 1973. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is a rainforest which protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the northeast and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu on the southeast. Rich in bio-diversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Elephants roam freely here and tigers are sighted occasionally. Various species of deer, monkeys, birds etc also live here. The Reserve is also home to a small population of tigers, a profusion of birds, butterflies and insects. There are so many visitors are visit muthanga forest it is one main tourist destination in kerala tour packages for family. There are two timings for entry, from 7 am to 9 am or 3 pm to 5 pm. At this sanctuary you may spot a number of animals such as Gaur, Dholes, Cheetal and Jackals, to name a few. If you are lucky, you may also spot the Bengal Tiger.


Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary

The Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary is located in the northern side of Wayanad, beckons you to explore its vast dense regions and enjoy the feel of wildlife safari.The wildlife jeep safari at the sanctuary offers splendid opportunities to spot various animal and bird in their natural behaviour.The safari usually lasts between 2-4 hours and takes place twice a day from Morning to night and other is afternoon 1 pm  to evening 5 pm till and experienced guides from the forest department will be by your side at all times.The other fantastic attractions of the region include a lake, where animals usually come up their thirst during the summer, there are lots of couples  visit and enjoy  Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary it is one of the main kerala tour packages for couple.The prime season for this sanctuary starts from the November and till the next year month of May, so book soon to get the best deals.


Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary or the Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourism hot spots in Kerala and also cheapest kerala tour packages, its Spread over an area of 675 sq km, this wildlife sanctuary is a reservoir of several endemic, rare and endangered species of animals. Named after the Periyar Lake, which is located within the sanctuary, this wildlife reservoir is home to 1800 flowering plants, 171 grass species, 143 species of orchids, 35 species of mammals and 265 species of birds.

parambikulam hut.jpg

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Palakkad district of Kerala and it is one of the main forest tourism destination and also main Kerala Holiday Packages  and it is blessed with rich fauna and flora, The Parambikulam sanctuary offers wonderful opportunities to experience Kerala wildlife in their natural behavior, the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is now includes of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee to be declared as a World Heritage Site. Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary contain 39 species of mammals, 16 species of amphibians, 268 varieties of birds, 61 species of reptiles and a 124 different species of butterflies, the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to four indigenous tribes that have build their colonies . If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the Parambikulam Sanctuary is the best place to sight animals and to feel the forest life.


Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Neyyar wildlife sanctuary is located in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary spreads across 10.06 sq km. It is situated near the Agasthyakoodam hill which gets its name from the Sage Agastya. Neyyar is one of main tourist destination of a kerala travel packages. Compare to other wildlife sanctuary Neyyar wildlife sanctuary is small, but its blessed with verity of animals and natural resources,it’s a home to a large variety of wild animals including leopards, tigers, bears, elephants, etc, and the sanctuary offers opportunities for tiger and lion safaris.The Neyyar wildlife sanctuary includes an Elephant Rehabilitation Center and a Deer Rehabilitation Center and also contain crocodile farm within the sanctuary,Neyyar wild life sanctuary is of a great experience of forest lovers.


Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Mangalavanam is  situated at the center of the Indian city of Kochi. Covering about 2.74 hectares,  it connected with Kochi backwaters by a canal. Mangalavanam is primarily a bird refuge. In Mangalavanam bird survey conducted in May 2006 found that there were 200 birds belonging to 40 species. The total number of bird species recorded so far from the area is 72 The Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is a bird watcher’s paradise, this bird sanctuary is thick population of communally breeding birds. The most commonly viwed birds at the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary are the Little Cormorant and the Black Crowned Night Heron. It is home to as many as 500 species of exotic birds and the most commonly sighted avian in the sanctuary are the Falcon Grey, Ceylon Frog moth etc. And also include verity species of bats. Mangalavanam bird sanctuary is one of other tourist attraction of kerala tour package.  


Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over 92 sq km from Idukki district in kerala .This sanctuary receives rain fall only 48 days in the year and hence this peculiar vegetation. The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary too is under consideration for being declared as a World Heritage Site.The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on either side of the Marayoor-Udumalpet Road and is famous for sandalwood forests, timber tree and waterfalls. Many tourist visit munnar and chinnar wild sanctuary and it’s a one of the best of munnar honeymoon packages.


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