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Kerala Tour Packages

Kids love fun and when it comes to enjoyment, the happiness of children is the utmost priority of the family. A day out with kids anywhere has to be enjoyable for them so that the whole family gets a relaxation. Spots for kids’ amusement are plenty in Kerala and Kerala tour packages with family will be very interesting if charted out well. The moments spent with children are those inscribed in the minds of all those who have kids in the family. There are many who look for locations with facilities where children can enjoy to their maximum. Nowadays children enjoy not only at parks and shopping malls and fun centres but also in museums and heritage centres. Places like Durbar hall and Fine Arts hall which conduct exhibitions and film shows are major attractions for the kids of today’s genre.

Kochi, fun places galore

Kerala Tour Packages

Cochin, the queen of the Arabian Sea has a lot interesting places to cover. The heritage museums, islands, amusement parks and the beaches and natural beauty of the place are major attractions for the children. The various science parks and children’s parks are open in the evenings and find themselves visited by a large number of children of various ages. The museum of Hillpalace and Kerala history museum portray the history of Kerala in a very informative and attractive way that catches the imagination of children. It is a must visit for Kerala tour packages for family which has children of school going age. The amusement parks like Wonderla are places for pure fun as they include various types of fun rides and adventurous rides intended to relax the minds of children and elders alike. The wave pools give a feel of the sea in safe and secure surroundings that even schools find it safe to take their students to such places. These places offer heavy discount in the matter of entry fee to school students which make it affordable for them to visit such places. Nonetheless Kochi is a heaven for the young mind. It nourishes and nurtures the basic instincts and imagination of the mind of children.

Alappuzha and the backwaters

Kerala backwaters

Mesmerising is the word for the experience through the meandering backwaters of Alappuzha. A day spent in a houseboat is an experience in a lifetime itself.  The placid backwaters and the life of people in small villages amidst the vast expanse of waters are good reasons to be observative, teaching our children the vagaries and uncertainties of village life in contrast to the high tech lives they are used to. It also gives them time to enjoy the natural beauty and the modes of transport in the water filled areas of the region. These are very educative trips that can be affordable in your cheap Kerala tour packages. If you are adventurous enough, you can go around in a snake boat that is the common mode of transport of the local people. One remains awestruck as you watch even women going along these boats in the waters as a way of life. There is so much to learn from the lives of these local people that provide a good lesson for the youngsters of today who are used to a very easy and careless life. Fishing is another pastime you can enjoy and the varieties of fishes in the catch are a good learning time. The children along with the elders can enjoy the delicious seafood prepared freshly on board the houseboat by experienced chefs in local taste. The paddy fields of Kuttanad are a major attraction as the harvest time can be quite interesting. These along with the beaches provide a wholesome package of fun and entertainment for the children and the family alike.

Muziris and the bygone era

Kochi Muzaris

The new found tourist destination of Muziris is a fun and adventure filled area around Kochi. The heritage museums of Muziris portray the glory of the bygone areas of the Muziris port settlement or the older Jewish settlement of Kodungalloor. There are so many places to visit as part of the Muziris tour project. Museums, excavation sites, temples churches, mosques and you can tour the canals by the boat. The palaces, forts, market places, and synagogues stand testimony to the trading splendour of the old destroyed port city of Muziris. Before Kochi became the hub of all trade activity it was the Muziris port that was the major port city near Kodungalloor. The excavation sites have unearthed various artefacts that were used by the locals and the museums also showcase many items from the excavation sites. You can tour the nearby museums that were royal palaces once upon a time. The Gothuruthu cultural centre is a place you can see for the entertainment purpose. It is the homeland of the famous art form of Kerala called ‘Chavittu Nadakam’ A tour through Muziris by road and by boat is worthwhile in your Kerala tourism package as it brings to the fore the stories of the long lost civilisation of the city called Pattanam.

Trivandrum and its heritage sites

Kerala Heritage

If Kochi is the business centre of Kerala, Trivandrum as the state capital is a twin. It has many art galleries, museums and planetariums. Added to it is the zoo that houses many species of animals, birds and reptiles. The zoo is always a child’s fantasy. To see the animals of the wild up close and near to them is an experience that all love to enjoy. The science planetarium has a show of the space that takes the minds and imaginations of school going children to the vast expanse of the universe. Besides these is the Napier museum that tells the story of Kerala and the royal houses of Kerala through artefacts, paintings and murals. Your Kerala travel packages can be a religious one if you include the famous temples and shrines in this city that are sure to be engraved in the young minds as a spiritual reflection of the inner most realms of the mind. The splendour of the city is beyond words and the marvels are stupendous that you have a lot to spend your time here for.

These are few remnants in the big black list of entertainment zones in Kerala. More places wait to be explored as you venture out in your Kerala travel packages looking out for some fun and frolic with an extra dose of adventure. When you go on a family trip the places to visit are many and they can be visited with many different angles in mind. You can view them simply as a beautiful location of nature, or you can make it an educational experience for your high school kid. A lot to know about the major lifestyles of the locals and a dive into the traditions and customs of the local people will take you a long way to the enjoyment of a fulfilling tour. Many apparent would love a true experience for their kids when you take them out on a vacation, but very few think about the interesting underlying factors in various places. When added to the excitement of adventure, learning becomes a new feel. So enjoy with your kids a study tour through the heart of Kerala


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