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Idukki is one of the abundantly resourceful districts in Kerala state. The place was announced as a district on 26th January 1972. It is located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. This is second largest district according to the area, but lowest in population density. Most of the area is covered with forest in Idukki. The Urban area is densely populated but villages are thinly populated. 97% of the area is rugged mountains and forest making it the right place for adventurous Kerala Tour Packages. This district shares the border with Tamil Nadu state also. So you can see some people speaking Tamil also.

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Idukki is a much preferred tourist spot in Kerala. Idukki has many beautiful places to explore. It has a very different feel when we compare with other places in Kerala. The best time to travel to Idukki is from August to May. Travellers should stay there for 2 to 3 days to enjoy more than 25 locations in Idukki Kerala Holiday Packages. The local sightseeing is possible within a half day. You should explore Idukki more to see the natural beauty of God’s Own Country.


Idukki Arch Dam

Idukki Arch dam

Idukki Arch Dam has a hydroelectric project in Periyar River. This project has an underground power generator. This Dam includes 20 small and big dams, five rivers and underground tunnels. This Dam is situated between 2 hills called Kuravan and Kurathi hills. This dam is considered as world’s second and Asia’s first Arch dam. Dam height is about 550 ft and width is 650 ft. It is actually very close to the Cheruthonny barrage. Tourists can go to the wildlife sanctuary and Kulamavu dam also. This Arch dam will be interesting for those who love to know more technicalities of electricity and how it is being distributed to other parts of the state and the country.




This is one of the famous places in Idukki which is perfect for Munnar Honeymoon  Packages. It is a hill station. It is situated 15 km from Nedumkandam. The location stands very tall in the Western Ghats, at about 3500 ft from sea level. Even at late afternoons, you can feel the fog and cold wind in that place. You need to really careful with your gadgets and caps since the wind blows at more than 35 km per hour. The Kuravan and the Kurathi statues are the main attractions in this place. Near to this place itself you can enjoy trekking also. It is around 2 to 2.5 km hill which you can climb. Idukki is actually an unexplored place in Kerala. From the top of the hill at Ramakkalmedu, you can see some parts of Tamil Nadu also. The green grasslands here are quite refreshing and the bamboo forests offer a unique and enchanting experience to those visiting.

Thommankuthu falls

kerala Tour

This waterfall is named after one tribal leader called Thomman. He died while crossing the river. The waterfall has pools that cascade after each step. It is located around 17 km away from Thodupuzha which is a great place to explore during your Kerala tour packages for family that’s affordable. The authorities have put handrails to protect the travellers from falling in as the place is quite crowded, especially during the peak seasons. They have also kept the danger signs wherever it’s required. It is a bit risky but still the waterfalls are classic and you can trek through the forest which gives memorable experience. There are many caves and thick forest here which are considered as best for trekking, rock climbing, camping, boating and horse riding.


Kalvari Mount

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Kalvari mount is also called as Calvary mount. This mountain lies in the locality of Thekkady on your way to Mattapana. This mountain gives a very good view of the reservoir and the two tribal villages called Kamakshi and Mariyapuram. You can see lots of beautiful elephants. Those who are interested in farming and love pets can have a great time in the privately owned plantations where you can enjoy. This mountain is very calm and beautiful and a perfect destination for Kerala Tour. Idukki hydro electric project, Nadukani, and Malankara dams are very near to this place.


Malankara Reservoir


The Malankara Reservoir is situated around 6 km from Thodupuzha. This is an artificially made a lake which is a beautiful destinations for Kerala Travel Packages. This lake is ideal for fishing and boating. This place is backed by Moolamattom powerhouse. This place is spread around 11 km and it includes some part of Muvattupuzha valley. Tourists who visit this place can go to Kudayathoor Hills, Ilaveezhapoonjira Waterfalls, Nadukani, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary and Cheruthoni Dam also. This place is very loving for all those people who love nature and calmness. This place also known for its irrigation projects. These are places hardly crowded as they are far away from the typical tourist destinations. You may not find a 5 star property nearby to stay, but you will surely be bowled over by the friendliness and hospitality extended by the people who live in the nearby areas.


Thattekkad Bird sanctuary


Thattekkad Bird sanctuary was made by the renowned Ornithologist of India, Dr. Salim Ali in 1983. This is situated near to Kothamangalam. The sanctuary has more than 500 species of rare birds. This place is spread across 25 kms. The bird sanctuary is covered with thick tropical deciduous and evergreen forest. Periyar river supplies water for the greenery and the birds.  A variety of birds like bee-eater, jungle fowl, black-winged kite, falcon-grey, shrike, crimson-throated barbet, Ceylon frog mouth and sunbird all you can see there. This region is habitat to night heron, white-breasted water hen, blue-winged parakeet, rose-billed roller, and hornbill. This sanctuary is an abode for around 28 species of flora and fauna and many genuses of reptiles. That is the reason the nature lovers and birdwatchers love this place on their Kerala Tours. Leopard, bear, and porcupine are usually seen near the Periyar river banks. You can elephants also are seen in the forest sometimes. Cobra and Python are commonly seen on trees holes and trunks around this area. The sanctuary includes a range of plants like trees of teak, mahogany and rosewood.


Hill view park


It is a natural garden located near to Idukki Arch dam and Cheruthoni dam. The whole garden is spread over 8 kms. You can have clear view of entire Idukki from that garden. This garden is very famous in Idukki among the tourists on Kerala Travel. This park is above 350 ft from the dam level. You can enjoy pedal boating in the garden. This park is constructed on a small hill and it is operated and managed by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC).  Elephant, deer and bison are common in the park. Herbal garden with children’s play area are newly added additions to it. You can enjoy pathway there in the garden.



Kerala Tour Pacakges

Peermede is located in the southern part of the Idukki district. It is a hill station which is famous among tourists on Kerala tour packages . This name come from one Sufi saint called Peer Muhammad. This place has tea, cardamom, rubber and coffee plantations. It is near to waterfalls, sculpture rocks and meadows. The summer residence of royal family located here is now converted into the government guest house. You can see many monuments here.  Kuttikkanam, Thrissanku hills, Peeru hills and Grampi are popular tourist spots of this place. Tourists frequent this place for rocky plains, lush green hillsides, thick and deep evergreen forests, and various trekking trails. Pattumala is one of the towering peaks in the area that has a variety of little streams and tea plantations. You can see Vellankani Matha church built in granite stone. You can see different types of flowers in the garden near to the church.  Vagamon hills are fully covered with grass and it forms a chain of three hills called the Thangal hills, Murugan hills and Kurisumala hills. The Kurisumala hills have an amazing dairy farm, which is operated by the Kurisumala monks.  Tourists can also visit the Plakkathadam popular tribal communities like Coral, Malappandaram and Malayarayan. This place is best for trekking with a superb climate and excellent eco system.


Most of the tourists only visit the most popular tourist destination in Idukki such as Munnar and Thekkady. But the true beauty of the place lies in the inner villages where very few tourists on Kerala tour packages from Bangalore and other states visit. These are places where you still find tribal settlements and traditional villages, where people still love each other and co-exist with nature. For them the nature around them decides on what they do. Whether its entertainment, exercise, food, education, livelihood or medicine, nature gives them all they need and in turn, they give back nature


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