The most amusing Amusements and Parks in Kerala

Kerala, God’s Own Country, is the land of plentiful and abundant greenery. It is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Kerala is bounded by the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on the east and the topography between these two regions offers the best of picturesque locations. Right from the highland areas in the Western Ghats to the midland regions between the two borders and then come the lowland areas which form the coastal regions. Kerala tour packages for family will include stay in these mesmerizing locations so that you can avail the best in your vacation and you and your family can create happy memories together. Amusement parks are the best part of a vacation especially when going with your family. Kids enjoy them the most and with the new development of rides, wave pools and all, these Water themed parks are a must visit. There are many amusements parks in Kerala of which few of them are Wonder La located at about 15km away from the city Kochi, this amusement park has 55 rides located over a sprawling campus of 30acres. Built to international standards this water park is a favorite spot for everyone. Next one is Dream World Athirapilly, which is located near to the picturesque Athirapilly waterfalls. There are totally 42 rides in which 24 are water rides. Kerala tour packages for couples will include stay in beautiful locations where you can enjoy the natural lush greenery around along with the amusement park that these places offer. Other amusement parks include Silver Storm, Fantasy Park, Sadhoo Merry Kingdom and more.

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Among the midland areas lies the hilly region of Munnar. Famous for its tea gardens, exotic flora and fauna, this hill station is a prime tourist location for all honeymooners. The all year pleasant and cool weather makes this place popular among tourist attractions. The Eravikulam National park and Salim Ali Bird sanctuary are some of the prime tourist destinations. Munnar honeymoon Packages will offer packages with the best price and will include picnic spots as well so that couples can have a memorable honeymoon. Munnar is a serene place with lush greenery and is an apt location for honeymooners to spend some idyllic time midst nature. A few places of interest in Munnar are the Mattupetty dam, Devikulam Hill station, Anaimudi peak, Echo point, Attukal waterfalls; Top station is the highest point in Munnar at 1700m above sea level and many others.


Similar to Munnar, which is famous for being a honeymooner’s paradise, there are other places in Kerala too which will be a delight to couples. They are the Alleppey boathouses, laying in the coastal areas this tourist spot is world famous for its picturesque locations and appealing Kettuvalams. Alleppey offers some amazing Honeymoon Packages for Kerala, because the tourism industry has really expanded here and the facilities offered here are of high quality and international standard. The house boats are built to perfection in terms of luxury and the activities revolving around this place will keep you enthralled. Floating on these Kettuvalams along the serene backwaters is what you need to relax yourself and feel rejuvenated. The rich culture of Kerala can be seen in the lifestyle of the people living along the coast line and while relaxing in the house boats you can enjoy the mundane activities of the local people and have a peak into their quaint and yet beautiful lifestyle. Kerala tourism Honeymoon packages have a lot of offers, as Kerala is a place of natural beauty and hence tourism has really developed in these areas. These packages are customized to your choice and you can relish the beauty of nature along with your spouse. Enjoying in the lap of nature for you honeymoon will leave you love-struck. Another honeymoon favorite destination is Kovalam. Famous for its beaches, this is one place where you can bask in the sun lying on the silky smooth sand of the beach.

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Kerala also offers some very spicy and tasty cuisines which is a must try when you come to this place. Kerala has a vast coastline of 595 kms, and the culture and lifestyle of the people revolve around this coastline. Fishing is one of the main economic means of the people. And due to this a variety of fish dishes keep flooding the market. Of all the dishes, Karimeen curry or pearl spot is an all-time favorite. Prawn-roast and crab curry are also quite popular. Other than these there are many other breakfast varieties which are served on the Kettuvalams, as well as in other tour packages.  Kerala travel packages can be pre-booked and customized according to your own desire. You can easily plan your trip to include the hill stations, beaches, backwaters and waterfalls even within a short period. The packages will include travelling from one tourist spot to the other and the tourism office will provide you with experienced guides or will plan out your itinerary such that you will not miss out any beautiful destinations on the way, and you can make full use of your travel package. Kerala is also a land rich is fine art and culture. When travelling within Kerala you will be able to experience the rich culture and heritage of that region. When visiting the northern Malabar of Kerala which includes Kasargod and Kannur districts, there is a very famous ritual worship called Theyyam which is performed in front of the local deity or an ancestral home.  Choosing a travel package which will offer you experiences like this will be very mesmerizing. Similar to Theyyam there are many other art forms that must be seen like Kathakali, Chakyar koothu, Panchavadyam and many more.

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Kerala is also a land of Handicrafts and Handlooms. The most abundant fruit that is seen in Kerala is Coconut. And the peculiarity of this fruit is that every single part of the tree that produces coconuts is used in making a large variety of products. These products will be completely eco-friendly. Ranging from food to beauty products the uses of coconuts is very versatile. The hard outer shell of the coconut is used to produce charcoal and the husk is used to make coir. From coir a wide range of products are produced. The inner kernel of the coconut is used for various cooking methods as well as oil is extracted from it. Coconut forms a base of many of the cuisine made in Kerala and is a very healthy form of lifestyle. When travelling in Kerala, you should try few of these coconut varieties of dishes.

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Kerala also has some beautiful highland areas where you can live within the lush green forests on tree houses. The tropical forests of Kerala have a lot to offer, from wild life sanctuaries to national parks and even jungles safaris and staying in tree houses, Kerala has all the beauty surrounded with nature. The tree houses in Wayanad are quaint huts with thatched roofs, built by the indigenous tribe of people by locally sourced materials. These huts are built nearly 30-50ft above the ground. And the only way to move in and out is by a single stair. These huts are perfect for honeymooners as it will provide privacy as well as comfort and are detached from the remaining part of the hotel. Kerala honeymoon packages will include such tree houses packages, where one can choose the number of days that you want to stay there.

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Kerala also offers many packages that will fit into your budget like pilgrimage packages. Kerala is a land of religious diversity and also for centuries back there have been various settlements from abroad. The Portuguese, Jews, Arabs and all have settled in Kerala and have played a key role in establishing their religious monuments in Kerala. The relics of the Portuguese architecture are still seen in Fort Kochi, and Jew synagogues are still present in Kerala. A visit to these religious places along with famous temples that are located in Kerala will fit into your budget. Cheap Kerala tour packages will include packages that will suit your needs and choices. Travelling to the coastal areas, along the backwaters or the beaches in Trivandrum will also be budget friendly and cheap. You can enjoy the smooth breeze that blows over the backwaters in the back drop of the setting sun and stay in home stays which will be quite affordable. Shopping in Kerala can also be budget friendly if you wish you can invest in the local handlooms and avail simple yet pretty looking clothe material called the traditional Mundu which is very comfortable to wear and available in simple colors. This same Mundu can be availed with a golden border to it called Kasavu Mundu which is traditional attire for the women and men in Kerala. Buying a part of Kerala to take back with you will remind you of the fun filled vacation that you had when you visited this beautiful state.



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