The beautiful waterfalls in Kerala by Gogeo Holidays

Kerala is the land of abundant natural beauty. Kerala is bound by the Arabian Sea on the west. With a long coastal line of nearly 580km in length and ranging from 35-120km in width, the state itself divides into roughly three distinct climatic regions. These will include the eastern Mountainous ranges with a very cold climate the hilly plains in the midland regions and the lowland coastal areas near the coasts. Kerala lies near the center of the Indian tectonic plate. Kerala’s climate is wet and tropical with the rains brought in during the monsoon. Forty one of Kerala’s forty four rivers originate from the Western Ghats. Forty one of these rivers flow westward and only three flow eastward. The rivers of Kerala are small in terms of length and breadth and water discharge. All these rivers are monsoon fed and nearly dry up during summer. The rivers flow with great speed owing to the hilly terrains of this region and form the basis of all the waterfalls of Kerala. Many small and large streams join to form these waterfalls. The falls are more prominent during the rainy season. These waterfalls in Kerala attract hundreds of tourists. Kerala tour packages for family can be booked keeping in mind the different places that you would want to visit.

Some of the most beautiful waterfalls of Kerala include the following:

Athirapilly waterfalls


Located at about 78 kms away from the city of Cochin, at the entrance of Sholayar Forest ranges, these waterfalls are one of the best in India. Along with the Vazhachal waterfalls and the picturesque route towards the Western Ghats this waterfalls is a very popular tourist destination and the water falls at a height of 80ft before joining the Chalakudy River. Also known as the Niagara of India, this waterfall has been pictured in various movies. Tourists on Kerala tour packages can also enjoy a 5-km beautiful trek through the forest ranges to reach the Vazhachal waterfall upstream. Here they can enjoy a walk by the gurgling rivulets and also get drenched safely amidst the rocks and shallow stream. The Athirappilly waterfalls are very popular among the movie buffs as they have been featured in many popular movies in South Indian, Bollywood and even Hollywood movies. The very popular Raavan, Punakai Mannan and Life of Pi are some examples. The most stunning fact you notice as you reach here is that, except for a refreshment shop and some safety rails, there’s no other artificial or commercial element added to this natural beauty. This is something that will astonish you in most of the waterfalls in Kerala.

Thomankuttu waterfalls


Thomankuttu waterfall is an ideal destination for nature lovers. The waterfall is a seven step waterfall with beautiful surroundings and many caves around the area which makes this place ideal for a picnic. It is located at a distance of 20 km from the town Thodupuzha of Idukki district. This is a popular spot for tourists on Munnar holidays from Kochi as it falls on the way. An early morning stop here will be the most refreshing memory that you will all cherish forever. Thodupuzha is a beautiful place where you can enjoy many clear streams and rivulets and a lot of greenery.

Mulamkuzhi waterfalls


This is located in a small village called Mulamkuzhi in Malayatoor town of Ernakulam district. The river Mulamkuzhi cascades into a huge waterfall after flowing through the mountain ranges. There is also a confluence of the rivers Periyar and Perumthode in this place. It is close to the popular Malayattoor Church which is visited by many believers.

Thusharagiri waterfalls


These waterfalls lay 50kms east of Kozhikode. Two streams originating from the Western Ghats meet to form the river Chalipuzha which later diverges into three waterfalls creating a snowy spray. Hence the name Thusharagiri which means snowy peak! The highest of the three waterfalls in Thenpara that has a 75m drop. You can view them all during your Kerala tour packages from Bangalore in Kozhikode. In fact, there are many gorgeous waterfalls in Kozhikode that are hardly known to the regular tourists. The best option is to engage a local tour operator or to ask the locals.


Dhoni waterfalls


This is located 15kms from Palakkad. With a trek of nearly 3 hours from the base of the Dhoni Hills, this spot is popular among tourists and is a spectacular sight. The hilly terrains around the waterfall offer the trekkers a wonderful opportunity to explore the lush greenery. This place is also famous for the farmhouse that houses Swiss cattle. It is a beautiful escapade near the very hot and dry Palakkad city.

Soochipara waterfalls


Wayanad enchants the tourists with its wilderness, cool climate, evergreen forests, picturesque plantations, mountain ranges and many ravishing waterfalls. Soochippara is a beautiful waterfall that is located in Wayanad. The waterfall is visible from afar and offers a beautiful view. It is also known as the Sentinel Waterfall. This is a three-tier waterfall surrounded by forests. One has to trek nearly 2kms through the dense forests to reach the waterfalls. Over 656 ft in height, this waterfall also offers a picturesque view of the tea estates in Wayanad.

Nyayamakad waterfalls


These waterfalls are located 10 kms from Munnar. The fresh cool water descends from the hillock at a height of 1600m. This picturesque location is a popular tourist spot on Munnar honeymoon packages with the lush green tea gardens all around. Munnar as such is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala. The mountain ranges of Munnar with lush plantations and forests allure a lot of tourists looking for a refreshing holiday away from the chaotic urban life. There’s a lot of adventure too to explore in these areas. On your way to Munnar by road and if you travel around Munnar, you will find many small and strong waterfalls on the mountains. If you are travelling during the monsoons or just after the rains, you will find many temporary streams on the way which attracts a lot of tourists.

Cheeyapara and Valara waterfalls


These waterfalls are located between Neriamangalam and Adimali in Idukki district. This waterfalls cascades down seven steps giving it a spectacular appearance. This place is ideal for trekking as there are thick forests all around. Idukki is an amazing place to explore during the holidays. Forests and plantations offer ample adventure while the mountains offer some of Mother Nature’s best panoramic sceneries. Idukky is also blessed with nature’s best resources and there are many plantations located in Idukky. Tea, Coffee and spice plantations along with organic farms of vegetables and fruits flourish in this area.

You can visit all these waterfalls during your stunning Kerala travel packages when booked soon after the monsoons. You can customize the different places and the things that you would want to do when you come for a vacation to Kerala. Other than these waterfalls, Kerala has a lot to offer in terms of food, merchandise like gold, coir products, brass items etc. You can choose a travel package that will include all the fun filled activities on the trip. Kerala is also an ideal place for trekking and hence you can choose a destination which will give you the best offers and you can enjoy your trip on the whole. Along with trekking, Kerala is also the best location for enjoying the backwaters of this place. Either the highland areas or the low land areas, every single part of Kerala can be enjoyed thoroughly. The best time to visit Kerala would be during the month of October to March, being a humid climate the time after that would be very hot and the monsoon sets in the month of June. From then starts the wet climate making it difficult for trekking and other adventurous activities. Monsoon would be an ideal time to be spent in the coastal areas like in the backwaters, on house boats. Kerala house boats are unique all over the world and the tourism industry has really advanced in this field. You can enjoy Kerala holiday packages in every single aspect and create memories for a life time.



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