9 famous entrepreneurs from Kerala

Kerala is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, not only in terms of its abundant natural beauty but also in terms of its hospitality and cultural background. Kerala has always produced individuals who stand apart in society for their contribution to society in terms of entrepreneurship and development skills.  These people have nurtured in their hearts the simple yet powerful principals that they have imbibed from their upbringing in this beautiful state. In the Indian Power List that has been published by a leading business magazine called Arabian Business, six Keralites among the top 20 were chosen. Of Which Yusuf Ali retains the topmost position for the 5th consecutive year.

Yusuffali MA.jpg

Yusuf Ali M.A is businessman from Thrissur and is the Managing Director of Lulu Group of companies. According to Forbes magazine, Yusuf Ali is the 24th richest Indian and the 270th richest in the world with an annual turnover of 5.5 billion dollars globally. Taking Kerala tour packages with family to the native place of this rich entrepreneur will show you his humble beginning and how this place has prospered due to Kerala tourism. The home town of Yusuf Ali is Nattika which is famous for the beach Nattika beach and its white sands and the national highway 17 runs along one side of this beach. A big celebration called Oruma is held by the government of Kerala to promote tourism in this place and a large number of artists come and cultural performances are held for a week. Other famous places in Nattika are the Sree Rama temple which is the biggest in south India. Amazing Kerala packages will take you to beautiful places like Nattika and you can customize your tour package so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


The person ranked second for establishing a global business network is Ravi Pillai, Chairman of RP Group of Companies and he is ranked by the Forbes magazine in 2014 as 30th in India and 988th as the World’s Billionaires. Mr. Pillai hails from Chavara in Kollam. The famous Ashtamudi Lake flows through here. The lake is eight coned as the term indicates and also known as an octopus shaped water body. The name indicates the Lake and its topography and multiple branches. The lake is famous for houseboat tourist destination and Kerala tour packages can be booked in advance to avail a package in these houseboats. Along the banks of the lake, there are coconut palms and there are also boat services which connect Kollam with other places like Alappuzha etcetera and hence access to many towns and villages along the route.


The next one on the list is PNC Menon who also hails from Thrissur and is the chairman of Sobha group of companies. He developed a profitable interior design company in Oman and later started the Sobha group of Companies in Bangalore. He has started the Shri Kurumba Educational and Charitable trust and has adopted two Panchayats consisting of two villages and the trust provides education and income to the people. Kerala tour packages from Bangalore will include the tourist spots in Kerala and you can book them in advance and plan your itinerary so that you can visit all the places of your choice.


Sunny Varkey has a net worth of 11,200 crore who came to Dubai with his banker father and later on his parents started a formal school called Our Own English High School. His family lay a foundation to a big enterprise and Varkey took over the reins of the organization by expanding it and opening a global network of schools under the name of Gems Education.


Similarly is Kalyanaraman who is a third generation businessman who upon helping his father in the family textile business ventured into gold jewelry retail and his business turned into billions making him sixth in the list with a  net worth of 6600 crore.


Next comes M C George Muthoot, with a net worth of 5550 crore and the largest gold loan company in India. Muthoot is a third generation businessman from Kozhenchery in Kerala. The business is spread into education, IT, healthcare, plantations, and travel and tourism. The Munnar honeymoon packages are best suited for those honeymooners who would want to spend some leisure time in the lap of nature and with lots of privacy. You can not only visit the humble places where these business tycoons emerged but also enjoy the picturesque locations of other tourists places in Kerala too.


Senapathy Kris Gopala Krishnan is the co-founder and one time CEO of Infosys and is the fifth richest Malayalee. Kerala travel packages will include visits to various museums and heritage centers which show the rich culture and tradition of Kerala. You can customize your travel package according to the number of days you plan to visit Kerala.


Azad Moopen who is the chairman of Dubai-Headquartered Aster DM Healthcare LLC is in the eighth position.


 In tenth position is Arun Kumar, CEO of Strides Arcolab, a pharma company. His present net worth is 4800 crores. He has estimated to have sold 2.2 billion dollars of his business in the past three years. Kerala Holiday packages will include packages ranging from a single day stay to up to seven day stay in your favorite holiday spots. The holiday packages will include travel within the state as well as pickup from the airport to your destination. The packages will include the taxi services that are being provided. You need only to pay for the travel tariff and no other expenses will be included in the journey. You can plan your itinerary in advance so that you can fix the budget of your vacation package. The tour package can also include ayurvedic massages, and spas if necessary. Kerala is the land of abundance and hence there is a lot to experience and explore when you visit this state. Kerala is the best place to visit in the month from October to February.




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