Eating away to glory in Kerala

Kerala is the known as the land of Spices as it traded spices with foreign countries and many ancient civilizations dating back to nearly 3000 BCE. Coconut being largely produced here forms a main ingredient in the cuisine of Kerala. From coconut Kernel either sliced or grated to coconut milk or coconut cream, all these are widely used as thickening agents or for flavoring dishes all over Kerala. Spicy as well as sweet puddings are made from coconut. Either a fish curry or payasam, coconut is an inseparable part of the diet. Kerala has a long coast line and the rivers combined with the backwaters and its estuaries contribute to fish being a part of the diet of the people here. Rice and Cassava (Tapioca) form the staple diet and all the main dishes (Kootan) are served with them. The side dishes will consist of fish, meat or vegetables in various forms are also served. The Kerala tour packages for family are the best tour options as you can make your whole family enjoy the tasty and lip-smacking varieties of Kerala cuisine. In Kerala the breakfast has rich varieties and nearly all dishes are by products of rice, like rice flour and cassava is also used in a fresh or dried form. The different breakfast varieties include idly and Dosa, Appams, Idiyappams, Puttu and Pathiri. The historic cultural diversity and the large population of Muslims and Christians have also contributed to the cuisine in Kerala especially the non-vegetarian style of cooking. Kerala tour Packages can be customized according to the number of days you plan to stay here or even the place that you would want to visit here.


The traditional Kerala food is vegetarian and is called a Sadya. This elaborate banquet serves rice with nearly 20 and more accompaniments and desserts forms a part of a ceremonial meal of Kerala that is usually eaten during temple festivals and other occasions like marriages etcetera. During the festivals of Onam and Vishu eating Sadya forms a part of the festivities of the day. Having being a major producer of spices, these are used in abundance here, especially the use of black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger and cinnamon. Food is very important when it comes to rituals and festivals. For any auspicious occasions food is first served for the Gods and a lamp is lit next to it. This offering of food is passed down for generations and also the type of food offered to each God varies. Food also plays a major role during Weddings where the number of side dishes and Payasam’s vary. When you pray is different temples, people also make offerings like food to everyone who comes to pray there especially during a festival. This is called Annadanam. Kerala tour packages from Bangalore can be booked in advance where you can avail a discount.


Cooking is also a sacred ritual, like the Attukal Pongala that occurs in the Attukal temple in Trivandrum. According to the Guinness Book of World records this is the single largest gathering of women all over the world. Women occupy most of the streets and lanes around the temple and throughout the city of Trivandrum and they set up hearths with materials like dried leaves, and twigs. They also carry along pots and carry ingredients like rice flour, palm sugar and condiments. Ceremoniously the temple distributes the fire from one hearth to the next. And this festival is strictly for women, however men pass on their support by organizing transportation and distributing beverages etcetera. Every temple in Kerala conducts an annual festival and a minimum of one day is contributed to distributing free food to the people.  It is considered a great blessing to be able to donate food.


The rich cuisine of Kerala can also be tasted along the road side simple and quaint hotels along the highway, especially along the coastal side where you will be able to eat fresh fish. Some of the must try dishes of Kerala include the Chicken stew- a typical Christian dish, is cooked chicken in a coconut milk stew with a few spices. The best combination for this is Appams and is a popular breakfast dish. When you select the Munnar Honeymoon Packages you can try out all these breakfast varieties. In the traditional Sadya one dish stands apart than the rest and is very much in demand is the Avial. Made with a combination of many vegetables and grated coconut, this dish is healthy and is eaten by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


The Kerala Biryani is a dish introduced into the cuisine mainly by Muslims, but is a very popular dish with many varieties in meat like, chicken, beef and even fish varieties are available. The rice is flavored with ghee and the roasted meat is finally steam cooked with the rice to give it a rich texture and flavor.


Among fish varieties, prawns, Kalumekaya and Karimeen polichattu are very famous. These three are a must try for all non-vegetarians. The Kerala travel packages can also be selected according to the type of food that you prefer. Either fish or meat or even if you are vegetarian you can select the kind of food that you want to have.


Among the desserts, Palada payasam is one all-time favorite and every wedding offers this dessert. Payasam’s are also made with coconut milk and either Ada (made from rice) or Wheat is used. Other sweet dishes include Unniappams and Kozhukatta (cooked rice flour is made into balls and stuffed with sweetened coconut fillings). These dishes are also made during the Krishna Jayanthi or the birth of Lord Krishna and are first offered to him. The Kerala holiday packages can be selected during any temple festival of your choice or you can even visit during Onam or Vishu. During temple festivals the kind of Prasad that is served there will be either Payasam in a dry form or Unniappams. You can visit Kerala and enjoy the wonderful cuisine in different forms.



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