Kerala one of the best travel destinations!


Newly married couples want to begin their life with a perfect honeymoon. They look forward to going to an exotic destination fulfilling all their expectations. Kerala is one such destination which will fulfill the desires of all couples. Kerala has many a number of beautiful locations which make ideal destinations for a honeymoon. The Best Kerala tour packages can be booked based on the different places that you want to visit. Kerala has been blessed with abundant natural beauty and hence for a nature lover, Kerala is an ideal vacation spot. The Kerala tour packages for family are the best for a family as a whole as there are many things for a family together to pursue when you visit Kerala. Places like Thekkady are good for trekking and enjoying the lush greenery all around. The Periyar wild life sanctuary here is a nature lover’s delight. The picturesque plantations and exotic wild life in this area makes it an ideal vacation spot. The hilly plains of Thekkady and Munnar make ideal honeymoon destinations too. Munnar is one of the most popular honeymoon spots with the verdant tea gardens cool climates. The Eravikulam National Park is one location with the largest surviving population of Nilgiri Tahr. Other ungulates like Sambar deer, gaur, Indian muntjac, jungle cat, wild dog, Golden Jackal are also seen. Little animals like the striped necked mongoose, Indian porcupine, small clawed otter, Nilgiri marten and many others are seen here. Elephants make occasional visits.

This place is ideal for families as well as couples who want to spend some idle hours away from the hustle and bustle of life. If you want to visit this place on your honeymoon, then book  Munnar honeymoon packages, which will include a day in this national park. Similar to Munnar is the place Thekkady which is ideal for honeymooners. The flora and fauna in this place is eye catching. And also boat rides in the Periyar River will be quite interesting. A dinner under the starlit sky along with a romantic evening with your spouse makes your Kerala honeymoon packages picture perfect.


Other honeymoon destinations in Kerala would include Wayanad which is evergreen and the jungles of this place consist of moist deciduous forests, would be alluring for all nature loves.  The density of populations is much lower compared to the coastal areas. The Kabini River is one of the east flowing rivers, is an important tributary of the Kaveri River.  The entire district is covered by these rivers and its tributaries. The tree houses of Wayanad are the most popular honeymoon destinations of this place. These tree houses are located in the forests and about 30-40ft above the lush canopy of the rainforest. The quaint and thatched roofs with bamboo walls are built by the indigenous tribes of the area with locally sourced material. All the domestic comforts are provided within these homes and are an excellent location for newlyweds. There are also child friendly tree houses located at 15-20ft above the ground. So these kind of tree houses can be booked for families. The Popular Kerala tour packages from Bangalore can be customized according to number of days you want to stay in Wayanad. Also if you are coming from Bangalore then you can drive down to this place by checking out the route map.


The floating cottages of Poovar make an excellent choice for a vacation. This island of paradise is 30 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram city. You can enjoy a boat cruise along the emerald green waters of this island and spend a wonderful vacation in these floating cottages. The best thing about this place is watching the sunset along the palm fringed shores. The Kerala travel packages offer the best tour spots for all those who want to enjoy the exotic beauty of Kerala. If you want to spend your holiday in the city, then the best option would be Kochi. This bustling city has a lot to offer. From the religious point of view, there are temples dedicated to all the major deities, and churches belonging to all the different castes. Kerala is the place where the first mosque in India was built. Also the city is rich in cultural heritage with Museums and other monuments built as a reminder of its past glory. Kerala has been a maritime trader with many foreign countries and ancient civilizations from 3000BC. Kerala has been trading spices with these places and till date is a rich producer of spices. Kochi being a major port of those times is still maintained as an important port and the entire city is built along the coastal line. The city is developed in to one of the major metros in India. With all the latest Malls and shopping centers that have sprung up in different parts of the city making this a shopping destination. From Gold to Coir products, Kochi has it all. All major gold showrooms have opened up here. Along with that the coir industry has majorly developed here and you could buy the coir products as souvenirs to take back home. The Best Kerala holiday packages for family are good option for all those who want to book a vacation in Kerala and enjoy its natural beauty along with the latest trends of the city. The brass items that you buy from this place are another good way for investing your money on something worthwhile. The brass lamps which when lit up represent God during auspicious occasions. Many other brass items also represent peace and prosperity and are bought to decorate homes and other places. Such brass stuff can be bought from Kochi and also from various other parts of Kerala too. Along with this another major thing that you should do when visiting Kerala is you should try out the spicy cuisine of Kerala. A lot of varieties in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes are available here. The traditional Sadya will be definite choice and will also be a part of the travel package.



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