10 Destinations Perfect for Solo Women Traveler


Every once in a while we ladies love to paint the town red, so pack your bags and off you can go all solo to God’s Own Country and enjoy nature’s beauty at its best. Even though Kerala is a small state it has been blessed with many beautiful places like beaches, backwaters, hills and lakes.  The Kerala tour packages have many options to choose from. Checking out these destinations is one of the best things one can do when you visit Kerala. This place has the perfect blend of all elements of Nature, along with cuisines that match each location. The people of Kerala are also very friendly. With the highest literacy rate, the women of Kerala form a major part of the working force and enjoy equal rights along with men. The age old traditions of Matriarchal system are still followed by certain groups in Kerala. There are even traditions and customs only practiced by women and there are also temples with the head priest being a woman only. There are also very famous women figures from Kerala who have set an example of being able to cut across all barriers and bring about major changes in society. The Kerala tour packages for family include family tour visits to a number of places so that every member of you family will enjoy. Kerala is one of the most ideal locations for a women traveler. But there are also some don’ts that you must follow. While travelling alone the best option is to use the public transport system or to hire a reputed tourist taxi/ guide when travelling. The Kerala tour packages have a large variety of packages to choose from. Kerala is the best place for holidaying.  Some of the best destinations for a solo women traveler are:

Marine_Drive_Chinese_Net_DSW (1)kk.jpgKochi, being a major metro of India, has a lot of palaces that will help you to enjoy the beautiful city. The city has sprung up with many malls and shopping destination. For art lovers there are museums and many other art galleries that they can try out. Kochi is also the shopping hub of Gold which every girl loves. It’s easy to travel around the city as there are many women taxi as well as auto drivers. But preferably do not travel alone at night as the locals are not used to seeing a lady travel alone at wee hours.

Houseboat.jpgAlappuzha boat houses are another option for lady travelers. If you are not interested in staying overnight then you can choose only a half day or a full day package that starts at 9 and finishes off by 5.00pm.

munnar solo.jpgMunnar – even though the Munnar honeymoon packages are ideal for honeymooners, this place is also very good for solo women. You can go trekking as well as boating and enjoy some adventures along the way. For trekking the guide will pair you with fellow tourists and you will not have to go alone.

kovalam hny.jpgKovalam in the city of Thiruvananthapuram is one place which attracts a lot of tourists. The beach is famous for the Light house at the southern end of the beach. You have to be careful of fake tourists / guide, they might cheat you. Also all the hotels and resorts have private beaches and hence you can be safe even if you travel alone.

chembra-vayanadWayanad is one place rich with adventure. You can go trekking, jungle safari and mountain climbing. The cool tropical jungles will provide you with ample opportunities to take photos of the exotic creatures within it.

tvm tmpl.jpgKerala is also the best place for taking pilgrimages. There are many temples which can be visited by a solo woman traveler and you can receive the blessings of almighty God.

thekkady.jpgThekkady is also another trekking destination and you can enjoy the cool and pleasant climate of the place. The Kerala honeymoon packages offers the best honeymoon options to newlyweds. There are also a lot of activities that can be pursued by couples to make their honeymoon a memorable one.

trissur.jpgThrissur is filled with many temples and this religious district can be visited during festive seasons.

attukal.jpgThiruvananthapuram has the women only temple called Attukal Devi temple. Here thousands of ladies join together and make a rice pudding to offer it to the Goddess. This is one place where only ladies get together for everything.

knr fud.jpgKannur is also another temple destination and is also a place with a variety of food. You can try out Kannur if you want to eat some exotic Kerala cuisine.

Women Solo Travelers.jpg

Travelling alone is a very nice way to relax and to beat out the stress, but one must also be careful not to travel after sundown or use only a trusted driver along with you. The Kerala tour packages from Bangalore can be booked by solo lady travelers and they can even drive down from Bangalore. Travel light as you have to manage your entire luggage all by yourself. Also keep ready cash in hand so that you would not have to search for ATM’s in any remote places. In hilly places the network connection will be down and hence make sure you keep in touch with your loved ones once the network issue resolves. Try not to consume street food as this may be unhygienic and it will be difficult when you are alone to manage all this. Try not to carry many valuables as you have to take great care when travelling around. The Kerala travel packages will provide you options of the different types of travel, whether by bus or by train or by car, you can choose your mode of travel in this package. If you want to travel by bus then you have to check the route to your destination and find out about which bus and what time it passes by here. The Kerala holiday packages are an ideal tour package option for women travelers and you should definitely try this out.



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