A Royal Family Traverse Through The Lush Green Kerala.


Walking through the roads less taken along with our own family is always a good memory. And it is to be a part of this that we always see to it that we find enough time every year to travel to someplace new. Life every other time, the very previous weekend, dad decided on few places we could be visiting and the final draft was decided the very same night where instead of us planning, we handled the job to Gogeo Holidays who did the rest of the planning for us. After all the planning was over we boarded the flight to Kerala where we were dropped at Cochin International airport. We had actually traveled one day ahead in order to avoid last minute hassle. Our family friends who resided at Cochin picked us up from the airport who hosted us for the whole day. After some rest at their residence, we spent the evening at Subash Park which is a very famous park of the city. Walking along the Marine drive we also got some beautiful pictures captured. And the very next day began our tour where we had asked the driver to pick us up from the residence instead of the airport. It made our whole day ahead by one hour. The actual Kerala tour package hence began the same day.


The driver said that we could be catching some major sights of Kochi and would be forwarding the journey to Munnar for our night stay. It was just 7:30 in the morning and we had been heading to Fort Cochin. The beach there with the Chinese fishing nets has always been a major attraction to the tourists which was what I had read from most of the travel sites. We got out and the first thing that we did was to grab a cup of chai from the shop that had been there. We walked along the walkway for the view had been tremendously beautiful and worth staring at. Sitting on one of the benches we watched few ships arriving while the others had been by the shore and when it was almost half an hour, we decided to get back into the car that took us to the front of the St Francis Church. We did not get down at the destination but saw it from outside and proceeded to the Jew Town. The people had been setting up their stalls and we were among the first visitors to the place. We walked through seeing the shopkeepers setting up the things for sale and we walked along the shops. As we reached the end we got to see the Jew Synagogue thereby, unfortunately, it would open only at 10 am and we could not wait until then.


The driver had told us that what we would be seeing in the synagogue and also gave us a slight outlook of its history. The driver finally dropped us at the Thattekad bird sanctuary. We took the entry tickets and got inside which is where dad got the best place to click the best pictures of few of the most colorful birds we had ever seen. We have been to a lot of places that have had bird sanctuaries and have also explored most of the places but never had been to a natural place like this which is being maintained in the best possible manner. We walked around quietly, not disturbing the birds there. And after some good time of bird watching, we got out and walked back to where the car was parked. The driver told us we could visit a place that was not on our itinerary. In fact, it was at Kothamangalam itself and on our way. After walking for a short distance we walked and got to find a stream of water which was probably from a river or something. The coconut trees around made it look extremely beautiful. People had tied their cows and goats for grazing on the grass in the region. This again was something that was naturally beautiful in the place.


The journey proceeded for longer hours which finally dropped us at Munnar. In the midway, we also gulped some good food as well. It was 8pm when we reached. The weather was colder and different from how it had been at Cochin. We freshened up and headed down for our buffet dinner. They also had offered us campfire night. The campfire was a common one for all the residents in the accommodation but the best thing was that my siblings made friends with the other kids who had been there and I got along with others. This was the best part of being on tours where we get to see and meet other people from various parts of the world. We met another bunch of happy families and had a good time there and thus went by the night. The next day we were to visit some of the most beautiful places in Munnar. Rising up to the sun, we got to see the beauty of the place where we had been reading through the balcony. We got ready, had some good breakfast and headed out to natures real magnificence that had been held in the arms of Munnar. The sightseeing began from Mattupetty Dam and then the driver dropped us at a beautiful place where the lake, the hills, and the sky made the place look exotic.


There were a number of freelance photographers there by whom we got some good family pictures printed into our hands. My siblings also got a horse ride for themselves after which we proceeded to the next place which was the Eravikulam National Park. The one thing that made this place famous was the Nilgiri Thars. But personally, I felt like the real beauty of the place was the nature itself. We walked and got to spot few birds and animals like deer and monkeys. The Nilgiri Thars were all around as well. In some time, we walked out and decided to visit the next place after hogging some egg rice for lunch. The next was the Lakkam waterfalls. Now this place was again one in a million destinations. It would lure anyone to spend some extra time inside. The falls were small and we held each other’s hand walking into the water. After some splendid hour, we decided to get back. And the last place we decided to visit was the trekking place at Lakkam itself. The best thing we got to enjoy at the end of the trek was the beautiful view of Munnar.


And that was our last sightseeing destination where we returned back to the car and it was already 7 pm. The drive took us to the hotel for our stay. We were pretty tired that after having the buffet dinner, we slept off. Mom called us all up as we had a flight to catch in the evening and had to reach back all the way to Cochin. We thanked the driver who had literally been a part of our Kerala tour package for family. Another 6 hours of traveling took us back to the airport from where we flew back home from a beautiful destination.


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