The Paradise of Hills Unleashed at Munnar

Let's go on an adventure

Travelling has always been the spirit that has kept me awake where it has indeed been the key to my happiness. I have been my happy self after each journey which has indeed provoked me to move further with my life. No matter who accompanied me on the journey, I have always had the zest of enjoying the journey by myself. The different perspective of a journey is hence a factor that has put me on journeys, back to back. I made my way through the state of Kerala where I had been looking out to enjoy a nature hub and its beauty for few days. The journey had been booked through Go-Geo Holidays where there were a group of other people for the journey as well. On reaching Kerala in the train, I had been picked by the driver who had been sent to me by the travel planners where I was shifted in a room in the hotel. In the same place, The rest of the travelers in the bus had arrived where most of them had been families. The driver had told me that we would be heading out by 10 am due to which I decided to sleep for some time. The Kerala tour packages had one major destination which was Munnar.

Days spent at Munnar.


The first place of our visit was the finest hill station of Munnar where we reached on a 5-hour journey from Cochin. The long drive had been the best where I had been exposed to an entirely different place from my hometown. The place was serene and calm where the driver stopped at just one place before we headed for our night stay. The destination for our visit was the Echo point. we had crossed the Mattupetty Dam where we viewed the place through the scrolled down windows. On reaching the place, with all sort of excitement, we got down where we had been looking forward to walking up to the place. The place was a perfect mixture of the lake, the sky, and the hills.  All of us were in awe where I took some pictures of the place that had been beautified by nature. It was what one could refer to as being absolutely beautiful. After striding around the place for some time, I began taking some good pictures or the families on their request. We proceeded for the night stay and the second day we got up in the morning to head off to the Top station. On reaching the place I walked asap to the counter where I did not want to be with a flock of people. We had been told a particular time to return back and hence the planning had been made appropriately.


I walked down the stairs to reach the mighty viewpoint that made a place in my heart. It was serene, it was calm, it was just the place that the people had to reach up to, in order to enjoy the purest form of nature. I spend some time there and got back to the top when the rest of the people reached back. I had some food from the place as well before heading back to the bus. All the families reached back on the time where we headed to the next place which was the Eravikulam national park. It was more of a good place that had been sending all sort of forest vibes. It was indeed a good place where we were into sight the Nilgiri Thars. And on walking a small distance, we got to sight the animals that had been striding on the grasslands. The journey became way more exciting as we walked further to sight deer and other small animals. When it was late noon, we got out. We reached the next destination where we had been looking for a place to eat. There were small shops that had been selling food like Maggi and egg rice which indeed became our food for the lunch. And after it, along with some kids who belonged to the families, I got into the Lakkam waterfalls premises where we walked along the steps to a tiny waterfall that had been brimming with ice cold water.


The place was simply beautiful where we had been walking along the water streams. I held the hands of the kids and slowly we reached to the tiny falls. The kids were all super excited while the parents sat on the rocks surrounding the falls from where they kept a sight of us. The place was simply beautiful that I did not really want to move out of the place. But then it was time that we head back where in between the driver stopped at a street that had an array of shops. There was some sort of happiness as I had been spending it with the kids. The families walked along as well, but it was a newer experience for me. After having some good hot bhajjis we got back to the bus that dropped us at the resort for the stay. The best thing was the campfire and the buffet food that had been arranged there. The night got slightly musical after which I went to sleep.


The next day I vacated the room with the others as we were heading back today. There was just one activity that was on the list where we had been on our way to Mattupetty dam. The first day we had just seen the place through the windows but today we were in for a boat journey. On reaching the place, the families began heading out on the journey where everyone returned and the rest of the took the cruise. There was a couple who had been there who asked me to join them on the cruise. As a favor, I clicked them some good pictures. And that was about the journey where we had been more than happy in being at the place. The place had been instilled in my memory as the most beautiful place a person can ever visit, n case beauty in their terms is pure undestroyed nature. It was just another must visit the place. On reaching back to Kochi  I bod bye to those who had come on a Kerala tour package with family. A driver picked me up from there where we spoke as we drove to the airport. He said that Kerala still had a lot of other places with brimming nature which are all untouched by modernization. And those words of his have the power of getting m,e back to the land for umpteen visits.


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