Gavi- The Wilderness Beacons

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Travelling could be the best experience when it is with your loved ones; the best destination would double your joy. We go tripping in search of different elements; some would travel for joy while others as a part of their profession, and some would travel to spend some quality time with their loved ones while some travel to run away from their busy schedules. Both the ways travelling is always fun. Most travellers are people who love nature; they mostly visit areas and destinations with natural beauty like forest, lake, river, waterfalls, mountains, and hill stations, or monumental destinations with forts, monuments and other natural wonders. Gods own country, Kerala would be a perfect destination for travellers in search of tradition, culture, nature, monuments, historical forts and adventures. Kerala is also a land with a beautiful climate which could be most enjoyable for couples and newly wedded life partners. Munnar would be a perfect destination for couples; your journey would be easier and adventurous with Romantic Munnar honeymoon packages arranged by organisers like Gogeo Holidays. Planning your tour with tour operators and organisers make your journey, stay and visits easier and more comfortable. You are free to choose the destinations you wish to visit and places you like to stay, tour operators help you to organise your travel without you being bothered about the schedules and stay.


Kerala is said to be a perfect holiday destination because of its landscapes and natural beauty. Kerala is a land with numerous numbers of hill stations, pilgrimage, museum, beaches, backwaters, wildlife sanctuary, waterfalls, palace, ecotourism destinations, dams, art gallery, forts, amusement parks, shopping malls, and zoo. Kerala is a land with everything a tourist or a traveller would be looking for.  Different Kerala tour packages  for family are arranged to attract travellers to the land of culture and tradition. Kerala is a land with many unknown or infamous tourist destinations; it is a land yet to be explored as a tourist destination.


 Gavi is one such unexplored destination in Kerala; the place was not much famous until the release of the famous Malayalam movie “Ordinary”. The movie showed up the natural beauty the place holds and the possibility of the place being a tourist destination. Gavi is a land to the eastern extreme of the Pathanamthitta district; it is scattered across the Periyar tiger reserves and forests. These evergreen forests are abundant with magnificent wildlife including tiger, elephant, leopards, bears, Indian gaur, sambar, barking and mouse deer, lion tailed macaque other varieties of monkey, Nilgiri marten and a lot more.  The excellence of this place is worth a closer look, nature is at its unadulterated best. The place labours as a base camp for deep jungle trekkers, birdwatchers, nature lovers, researchers and much more. For the nature travellers, the land offers complete experience with the flora including Podocarpus wallichinia a highly endemic species of gymnosperm family seen only around Gavi in the whole Western Ghats. The forest around Gavi is home to over 350 different species of birds like the great Indian hornbills, sunbirds, woodpeckers, kingfishers and myriads of mynas, bongos, cuckoos, and bulbul, the destination could be a dream for any birder. Daily transportation like bus and jeep is available to Vendee Periyar from Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. Now Kerala tour packages from Bangalore are arranged to the place keeping in mind the importance of tourism and keeping Gavi as an important tourist destination with a lot to offer to the travellers. Gavi has the best climate at night the temperature would drop till 10degree. Some of the activities arranged in Gavi by tour operators like Gogeo Holidays include trekking, wildlife watching, birding, stay at top tree huts, outdoor camping in forest, safaris through jungle roads, visit paradise cove at Ninnum Ulli, boating in the Gavi and kochu pampa lakes, leisurely walks through spice gardens, visit cardamom factory, climb to Sabarimala temple. The active association of the tribes in Gavi makes it a novel venture, the legendary knowledge of the forest and its way of life help Gavi to control its enclosing in its original state.  Some of the breathtaking aspects at Gavi like the valley view offer a great view of a deep canyon and the forest below; from Koch Pampa, one can track the foraging Nilgiri Tahr. Another bizarre feature of Gavi is camping in the forest. Travellers can pitch a tent in the camping site which is rare in many Indian forests. At night travellers can feel the presence of wildlife an experience that cannot be explained through words. There is also tree top stays where one can enjoy forest life to the fullest.


 To experience the natural beauty and the life in the wild, then Gavi is the place. In Kerala, there are many such destination and island that are less popular but rich in natural beauty and natural resources like forest wildlife, flora and fauna. Kerala is also a place with different cultural tradition and much more. A visit to Kerala the land of hill stations will always give you a different experience of the world and nature around. Hill stations covered with tea plantations, freshwater lakes, rivers, and backwater, all give a pleasant stay and fresh experience for the tourists. A Kerala Holiday Packages for Family tour is always arranged and organised well with tour operators like Gogeo holidays are worth spending your money for. People who wish to experience a fresh and clear nature along with a diversion in culture, tradition, language, and religion should definitely visit Kerala with its best tour packages under affordable rate with all available facilities. There are different shopping centres organised by Kerala government especially focusing on tourism and tourist. All the products in these stores are mostly natural products like khadi. All the products in these stores are priced by the government of Kerala. 

Holiday, trips, and tours are mostly the best remembered days in a person’s life, tripping with friends and family is the best experience one can ever have. One always gets the best experience from these trips. It is very important that you plan for a trip that is worth remembering than just travelling. Now experience the best days of your life with friends and family in Kerala enjoying the best destinations in Kerala.


My experience of Kerala travels

bblog bamboo village wayanad
Bamboo village,Wayanad  PC: Nicolas (my hubby)

5 years seems like a long time since we have been travelling to Kerala every year in a row without fail. But every time we reach this place on exciting Kerala tour packages for couple, it looks fresh and new to me! There’s something here completely fresh every year we come. It is not about the concrete buildings that sprout every month in the cities and towns, it is more about some hidden treasure that is unearthed with every trip of ours. It might not be new to the people here, but then it’s new to us, it is new to me for sure. I am Linda and my husband Nikolas and I have been coming to Kerala every year since 2010.

My first click..PC: me and only me..

Our first ever visit was a day’s stopover during one of our luxury cruise around the world and that one day’s trip to the Kochi city and the suburbs were enough to make us fall in love with this beautiful place. By the end of the day, we collected enough information to pack our bags next year to come back here from Kentucky, where we actually live. We would love to call this our place now as we have been coming back every year without fail for the last 5 years. Our children tease us often telling we are on our Kerala tourism honeymoon packages every year and we both are in our 50s now! The place is so calm and pleasant that we truly wished we had come here during our young ages and we would have tried to get settled here itself. Kerala has such a charm and rich culture that we just love and respect the people here.

The Mysterious Mountains of Munnar

My happy place in Kerala, Munnar PC: Nicolas

Over the last 5 visits, we have been to many popular tourist destinations in Kerala and we know that there are so much more to visit even now. We usually take a 3-week tour here and once we just spent our days entirely at Ollur, enjoying the Ayurvedic wellness treatment. Once we even booked romantic Munnar honeymoon packages and the manager was stunned to see us ‘old’ couple booked on a honeymoon. He soon realized the matter and did not consider our age anymore as we are very much in love even now and enjoyed our ‘honeymoon’ days in the beautiful resort. We try to explore more of nearby places avoiding long travels unless necessary. When we were in Munnar, we had seen most of the Munnar like none of the other tourists would have! We spent 2 weeks in Munnar and have explored almost every nook and corner of the place including the forests and rivers.

A naughty monkey in Munnar PC : me 

Our pictures taken in Munnar prompted our 2 children in their 20’s to tag along with us once on tour packages in Kerala. They could hardly spend a week here as they wanted to make the most of their India tour and hence, went to Delhi to explore a Golden Triangle Tour there for another week. They even managed a week at the Andaman Islands and enjoyed every bit of India they saw. That’s when they realized the magical effect of Kerala’s forests and monsoons that attracted us every year here. We enjoyed trekking through Rajamala and tried our luck with some mountain climbing too while in Munnar. It was quite refreshing even for our children to spend some quality time and we were happy about the long lost days of family tours we got back in Kerala.

Alleppey’s Alluring Backwaters

blog7 canal in alleppey
A canal in Allepey PC: Ram (our guide)

It was so captivating that, our daughter who got married soon after decided on honeymoon packages for Kerala and they had a wonderful time exploring the backwaters of Alleppey and Kochi. We have not been to Alleppey but we have enjoyed Kumarakom, Kollam and Trivandrum through the backwaters. We had befriended one of the tour managers we met during our second trip to Kerala, a very enterprising young man in his 20’s who was helping out his father in the tourism business. He helped us book his friend’s houseboat on a customized trip through the backwaters and rivers for a week which was unlike any of the luxury cruises we have experienced during our 50 years in the US.

blog6 gas delivery in allepey.jpg
Gas delivery in Alleppey…that was really surprising  PC : Nicholas

This was life to the fullest and the best enjoying the basic elements of nature which gave us the kind of happiness, serenity and relaxation none of our luxury trips have ever given! Though the boat driver was telling us that this particular boat was more booked for Kerala honeymoon packages, he was very kind to help us with seeing the places around and also served as a guide when the boat was anchored for sightseeing in the land. He even helped us with a small canoe ride that took us through the narrow channels of water in the interiors where the houseboat could not enter. That was amazing! In fact, that was the most beautiful part of Kerala we had ever seen so far. We actually saw people live on the banks of these rivers and living quite happily with the limited resources which were quite humbling.

Romantic Rendezvous at the Beaches

bloog beach
Sunset at Kappad beach….Hatsoff Ram for this wonderful click…

One of our cheap Kerala family tour packages was theme-based as we wanted to enjoy the beaches of Kerala throughout the state. During our previous visits, we had visited the Kovalam beach, Fort Kochi beach and Trivandrum beach only. We read a lot on Kerala’s locations and came across an article that explored quite a lot of beaches some of which were world famous. Since we did not want to miss them, we booked on an exclusive beach holiday and landed in Trivandrum from where we took a car to take us to the various beaches and the resorts nearby during the trip. Even though we had visited Kovalam’s beaches, they have a special charm and we spent our first night of the trip in the Leela Kovalam beach resort to enjoy the sunset and the sunrise there.

bllog camel ride on kochi beach.jpg
Camel ride at fortkochi beach..that was thrilling PC: me

The next day we visited all the beaches nearby and went to Trivandrum. We had not visited the famous palace of Travancore which we visited on our way. It was unlike any other palace I have seen so far in my life! Apparently, this was a popular place for family tours and honeymoon packages as the place was quite crowded. Sankhumukham beach was particularly beautiful with the Mermaid statue were we took some pictures too. After spending some time at most of the beaches in Trivandrum, we went to Varkala Beach which was also called Papanasam beach! The cliffs and the warm springs from them converging into the ice-cold sea at Varkala were amazing. We visited the Allepey beach next and stayed over at the Marari beach resort. Though we had read that this was ranked among world’s top 5 beaches, we had never imagined it would be such a beautiful experience.

First stint with Ayurveda

blog ayurvedaa

For those from the Western countries, Kerala’s beaches may not make sense in the first place. There won’t be coast guards, beach benches, bikini-clad women or kids playing with a beach ball! But I can promise you, your mind will go all blank for a good reason. All your worries and tensions will fly away, the moment you step out in these amazing beaches. It is plain nature in its raw elements that relaxes you rather than the beach chairs and a host of other facilities at the beach. Believe me, Mararikkulam turned is where we tried out our first stint with Ayurveda and it was an awesome experience. This is something you must try out while on exclusive Kerala tour packages for family. We were so awestruck by the place and the Ayurvedic massage that we enjoyed there that we enquired more about it later in our tour and decided to indulge in 3 weeks of Ayurvedic rejuvenation on our next tour of Kerala.

blog ayurveda

We booked in advance as advised and were booked in a cottage at the center. It had no air conditioner or swimming pool! The food was plain and mostly bland. They gave you medicines from time to time which tasted extremely bitter. But all that endured, we felt at least a few years younger and stronger inside and outside after the treatment. It was a 15-days treatment and a week’s rest after that and we were back to the US where our friends and our children kept wondering what magic potion we had in Kerala! The staff seemed initially detached but we realized it had more to do with the language than the attitude. Over the years, we also understood the basic words in Malayalam and soon befriended most of the staff at the center. We even learned Yoga which was practiced there and continue it over the year and a half now since we learned it.

And miles to go…

blogg a young vedic student,thrissur
Meet my friend..a young vedic student, Thrissur PC: me 

We have planned our next trip and this time, it is going to be a longer one as we want to travel first and then undergo the rejuvenating treatment before we come back to Kentucky. This time, we have planned a trip to the North of Kerala to explore Kozhikode, Kannur and Palakkad and then visit the plantations in Thekkadi. We are thinking of investing there but need to find out if there are any legal restrictions as we are American citizens. Once we are done with the travels, we will enjoy our days of Ayurveda at Ollur where we went during our last visit. And we realize, there’s so much more we have to explore in this God’s Own Country for which we will keep coming back!!!

Traditional artforms of Kerala…




Kerala attracts a lot of tourist every year with its physical and natural beauty. It’s rich culture fascinates the tourist . Exciting Kerala tour packages for family helps the tourists to relax and the stonewalls start narrating tales from the pages of history.Budget Kerala honeymoon packages  offers a fresh and cool ambience for the travellers. Huge cantilever arms of the Chinese fishing nets, streets  with  aroma of spices, winding lanes dotted by old colonial mansions…all this, under one roof that is Kerala honeymoon packages. Kerala is rich with a variety of artforms. Kathakali is one of the famous dance drama  of kerala. It speaks about the traditional culture of Kerala. The themes of this artforms are from the mythology of indian culture.

“The Kathakali man is the most beautiful of men.Because his body is his soul”…kathakali-in-


Kerala is a land of paradise gifted with a variety of artforms. One of the artform which speaks about the traditional culture of Kerala is kathakali. Kathakai is a artform which uses hand gestures, body movement, facial expressions especially through eyes to enact the story. The themes of this artforms are from the mythology of Indian culturte. Lot of tourist explore Kerala to experience the  traditional artforms of Kerala. . Kerala offers a variety of fabulous Kerala tour packages from long term  kerala honeymoon packages to short term  honeymoon packages. Top ten honeymoon destinations included in budget honeymoon packages in Kerala  include Kumarakom backwaters, Munnar hill station, Thekkady wildlife sanctuary, Alleppey houseboat and many more.

Thullal.. traditional artform of KeralaTHU


Thullal is another artform which is famous for its simplicity in presentation and humour. The performer will have the freedom to tease the audience during his performance. Thullal is based on the classical principles of natya sastra.The songs are in simple Malayalam so that everyone could easily understand the performance. The techniques used in thullal  are not rigid.This artform is easily understandable so the tourist are very much passionate about this artform.  Excellent Munnar honeymoon packages provide both luxury honeymoon packages and  short honeymoon tours. . You will cherish the impeccable hospitality and personalized attention offered by best honeymoon packages for Kerala because our guests don’t actually leave, they keep coming  back.

Kalaripayattu….martial artform of Keralatre

Kalaripayattu is the martial artform of Kerala. This involves extremely energetic techniques of defense and  attack. Kalari is the place were boys and girls are trained under gurukkal. . Kerala honeymoon packages is the pioneers in specialized honeymoon packages for Kerala. Tour package sin Kerala helps us to explore the land of paradise. They are taught a set of body exercises and use of weapons. Marmams which is the vulnerable part of the body is taught and the skilled people can disable or kill their opponent by a mere touch. Thrilling honeymoon packages in Kerala give a chance to the tourist to experience the ancient artforms of Kerala.

Mohiniyattom…danceform of   Keralamoh

Mohiniyattom is a famous danceform of Kerala. This artform is mainly meant for girls. The costume for the dance is the white mundu and melmundu and the hairs gathered up at one side and jasmine flowers is kept in a traditional style. This artform has a blend of the grace of bharathanatyam. Chilling  Kerala tour packages from Chennai  provides a overwhelming experience to the tourists. Fantastic  honeymoon packages in Kerala provides a great opportunity to the romantic couples to experience their special moments in the land of paradise.  Exclusive Kerala tour packages from Chennai  helps the tourists to explore different artforms like thullal, kathakali, mohiniyatom, bharathanatyam, kalarippayattu, chakyarkuthu, koodiyattom, theyyam, thiruvathira, thira, krishnanattom,bhagavathipattu etc .Kerala tour packages for family helps the tourist to escape from their daliy routine and to experience the traditional artforms of Kerala.



Being the lifelines and the resourceful waterways of Kerala…!

“I am the life saver, ‘Water’. I am abundant in Kerala, the God’s Own Country!

periyar tourism

But people tend to misuse and pollute me even though they are very literate and learnt people. Littering and literacy have no connection I have to presume!” – If Water ever got a chance to speak up in Kerala, this would be the reaction! Kerala is rich in water sources and marine resources. It is one of the main lifelines of the state and even for Ultimate Kerala Tour packages. For ages, water used to be the major travel route to travel through the length and breadth of Kerala. That was the time roads were not yet developed here. With the infrastructural development and technological advancements, Kerala has almost stopped utilizing its waterways for trade and transportation. But tourism has made use of many of these waterways that amuse the travellers from water-scarce locations like Chennai who come on Kerala tour packages. During the summer season, the state is flocked by tourists from all over India for family holidays. Though Kerala is a tropical state and you cannot expect anything other than a hot and humid climate here, these tourists find solace in the beaches and backwaters here during summer. It is a great way to beat the heat is what the frequent tourists exclaim! Of course, during the summer season, the hill stations of Kerala are crowded with local and outstation tourists. Those from Chennai and the neighbouring cities even come on weekend Munnar tour packages to beat the heat in summer. All said and done, water still remains the major source of life and livelihood for the people in Kerala. If only we are able to use it wisely, we will have this source sustained over generations to come.

A tour of Kerala’s serene and beautiful beaches in summer

Kerala’s long coastal line has gifted the state a long stretch of beautiful yet unique beaches along the shores of the Arabian Sea. These beaches are a rich source of marine species which we use for our daily food as well as export to other countries across the world. These beaches are a rich source of the economy by way of tourism too. Our tourism development authority has realized the worth of the beaches in the state that keep the industry shining even during the leanest time and has introduced beach tourism development programs that help improve the beaches here. Refreshment stalls and restrooms are installed and tourism information centre and security guards appointed in the main beaches in the state which attract maximum tourists. These changes have made a huge difference to the less popular beaches which are now being frequented by tourists on their Optimum tour packages in Kerala.

family vacation in Kerala

Some of the interesting and amusing beaches in Kerala are the Kovalam Hawa Beach, Trivandrum Sankhumugham Beach, Varkkala Papanasam Beach, Allepey Beach, Marari Beach, Vizhinjam Beach, Bekkal Beach, Kappad Beach, Beypore Beach, Chavakkad Beach, Azhikode Beach, Cherai Beach, Fort Kochi beach, Kappil Beach, Meenkunnu Beach, Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach, Nattika Beach, Neendakara beach, Poovar Beach, Thaikkadappuram beach etc. Some of these are very popular destinations in popular tour packages for Kerala. While some of these beaches like Kovalam and Cherai are popular for their sunset views, some others like Marai and Bekkal have a beautiful landscape nearby. Some other beaches here have unusual peculiarities like the Papanasam beach in Varkkala which has some hot springs of water coming out of the cliffs nearby the beach. The Muzhappilangad beach is the only drive-in beach in Kerala. While the Mid to South Kerala beaches are very popular among travellers on Kerala tourism packages, the beaches in the Malabar region are not so popular. As a matter of fact, the beaches in Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasargode are extremely beautiful, much more than their Southern counterparts and some even have rare specialities. In fact, the list of good beaches in Kerala is boundless as there’s a long stretch of around 700 kilometres to cover.

Sailing through the lakes and backwaters of Kerala

trip to kerala
You won’t believe when I say some tourists visit Kerala every year from far-fetched places just to enjoy a few days of houseboat cruise in Kerala. They find these backwaters soothing and exciting at the same time, keeping their minds far from the tensions of their jobs. No wonder the houseboat cruises are so much in demand among the honeymoon couples on invigorating tour packages in Kerala. With the increasing demand for better waterways for tourism, the state government has plans to revive some of the ancient waterways which were discontinued due to human intervention. The first step has already been taken in Chendamangalam where the Muziris heritage tours are being conducted now along with houseboat cruise. Though the waterways here were never too wide, they were used earlier for transporting goods and rice from Allepey. With some renovation, these water channels are open now to take the tourists on a heritage tour across Chendamangalam, North Paravoor and the nearby islands where some beautiful resorts are functioning. This will gain popularity slowly within a couple of tourist seasons. The more popular waterways are in Kochi, Kollam, Kannur, Poovar, Kumarakom and Allepey. While Kannur is the only Northern district on this list, the southern counterparts are very popular destinations for honeymoon packages in Kerala.

Cruising through the Venice of the East

kerala tour packages
Allepey has always been a traveller’s delight from the earlier days itself. Much before tourism was considered a way of life for the locals, people used to visit the resorts of Allepey and enjoy a ride on the majestic houseboats. In those times, the houseboats had very little facilities onboard. With an increasing demand, the locals recognized the opportunities they offered and revamped their traditional houseboats to accommodate the tourists with modern facilities like air conditioners and televisions. This has boosted the already increasing demand for houseboat cruise among the Indian and foreign tourists. Many tourists are now planning their Allepey or Kumarakom houseboat cruise along with their Excellent Munnar tour packages. What makes Allepey more desirable is that the smaller water channels are still in use for travel, trade and transportation of goods by the locals. So you can also enjoy a ride on a smaller boat or even a traditional snake-boat through these channels to get a closer look at everyday life of the blessed people here. Water will remain a way of their life as long as they live in such beautiful and blessed locales. Another speciality of the houseboat cruise is that you can either go for a 2 to 3-hour day cruise or opt for an overnight stay in the houseboats to enjoy the true essence of Kerala.

alappey tourist packages

As much as the honeymoon couples enjoy the houseboat cruises in Allepey, a family can also equally enjoy Exciting tour packages in Kerala  waterways. You can enjoy the lavish spread of traditional Kerala lunch and seafood served onboard during your cruise. You can also enjoy a live performance of Kathakali or Mohiniyattom along with the green pastures of Kerala. In fact, many organizations are arranging their team meetings and family get-togethers to make sure they are not disturbed by any external elements during their time together. That is another reason why houseboat cruises are desirable for private tour packages for a family in Kerala so that they can spend some quality time together far away from the pollution and commotion of the city. The paddy fields, coconut groves and villages on both sides of the backwaters and lakes offer a soothing experience to the tourists.

The gorgeous waterfalls that have made their Hollywood entry

athirapally-waterfalls tourism
Yes, one of the stunning waterfalls in Kerala which is a popular part of honeymoon and Kerala tour packages for family in reasonable prices has already made its appearance in an Oscar-winning Hollywood movie. I am talking about the Athirappilly waterfalls which appeared in the celebrated movie Life of Pi. This place is so gorgeous that many Bollywood movies and song are shot here exclusively for the natural surroundings it offers. Along the forests and mountains of Kerala, there are many unexploited and unadulterated waterfalls that attract many locals during the summer holidays. You can also visit some of the three-stepped to seven-stepped waterfalls in Kerala that are completely natural to cool your body and mind. Some of these are used to generate electricity in the Hydro-Electric projects. That is another way Mother Nature has blessed the small state with water.

“Water sustains us before we are born,
Water sustains us during our lives,
For those who believe strongly in the rituals,
Water sustains their souls even after they die!”


Kerala , is known for its unique geographical diversity. It is also known as God’s Own Country . Kerala is also known as land of coconuts. The green and fertile land looks make us feel like a tropical heaven. Kerala is Known for its beaches, backwaters, hills, variety of vegetation , culture and festivals. Kerala got its name from its first ruler Keralian Thamboran. But it is also said that it is formed from “kera” which means coconut tree which is widely found in Kerala. Out of various states in India, Kerala is the most progressive as well as literate and highly educated state. The climate of Kerala is very good all over the year because of its unique geographical location which make Kerala one of the best tour location in India. National Geographic Travel named Kerala as one among ten paradise of the World. Kerala Tourism Packages brings amazing and wonderful experience to you. Kerala tour not only provide greenery looks it also bring forward the hidden wonders. The Best Kerala Tour Packages for family to hill station provide you best photographs you have ever taken. Munnar Tour Package provides excellent greenery view from tea plantation and mist that comes along the mountain , which provide amazing photography. Kerala Tour Packages provide opportunity to meet local keralite people and explore the culture. You will get the opportunity to taste the homemade food and take along with you the traditional recipes. Kerala Family Tour Packages allow you to travel through greenery as well as water bodies of Kerala.

While travelling through water bodies you can experience fishing which is another kind of wonderful experience. You can also experience the beauty of wildlife by staying in tree house which helps you to listen,smell and learn the nature.This will help you to come in close touch with the nature. Kerala Tour Packages provide you with good collection of resorts which are tree houses, which will be an wonderful experience for newly wedded couples. Tree houses are made up of wood which are built on top of the trees and this are emerging as a new symbol in Tour Packages in Kerala. This tree houses are made of eco-friendly materials like mats made from coir, bamboo , hay- straws etc. Kerala hill station are known for Honeymoon Packages for Kerala because of the comfort , cold climate and cool breeze that the hill stations provide. Romance can be felt even in each breeze. Affordable Tour Packages in Kerala helps to know the culture and tradition of Kerala. Kerala Tour Packages will be great for nature lovers, adventurers, and everyone who loves nature. Tour Packages in Kerala provide you best opportunity to spent hours in wonderful waterfalls , take a good and healthy bath .


Best Kerala Honeymoon Packages provide you a lovely and exciting honeymoon trip with your partner. Houseboats are excellent choice for newly wedded couples , families and friends. which are slow moving.The house boats are made up of wood, palm leaves ,bamboo poles. These house boats are equipped with all modern equipment as well as safety measures. They provide you an excellent ambiance. While traveling you will get the opportunity for fishing. Every boat contain an captain and cook. Kerala Tour Packages from Chennai helps you travel across kerala and enjoy you holiday. The Kerala Tour Packages for Family provide you wonderful and lovely experience with your family. You will get Tour packages at affordable rate with best service. Tour Kerala and explore the beauty and culture of God’s Own country. Tour Packages in Kerala provides you the best way to spent the holiday with your family and friends. Kerala Travel Packages provide you with the best home stay and hotels. According to your budget best travel packages can be selected.

Rare and exotic destinations in Kerala which you have to explore before you get into your job!!!!

kerala tour for friends

Did you see this caption as an awkward?? But never see this as a comedy, why you know?? It is because there are some places in Kerala that you are supposed to spend months to explore every detail. Then only you will get a correct sketch about the geography and climate. If you enter into job, then you won’t get that much free time and hence the headline, just a matter of fun. Kerala being one of the most attractive places in world is blessed with its amazing nature and soothing ambiance. If you are planning to make a vacation trip, then Kerala will be the most suitable destination without any doubt. Tourists can use  Incredible Kerala Tour Packages to make the trip easier, because you will get all support from the tour operator. Even if you are a stranger to Kerala, you won’t get any trouble in any ways. The hospitality is very great here and hence you will find the top most peace. While thinking about the tour packages in Kerala, you will understand that each package is unique in its own characteristics and one thing in common is the top most customer care.

vacation in kerala

No matter if you are planning for a family trip or honeymoon trip, Kerala will entertain you with all her charm and beauty. If you are looking for a best destination for an adventurous trip, then no place other that Kerala will fulfil your dreams. Paragliding, trekking, mountain climbing etc are possible in many regions in Kerala. Some of those destinations are really heaven and you are supposed to spend several days to see all her magic. If you visit there for a single day, then you won’t get the real soul. Some of such destinations are Munnar, Wayanad, and Thekkady etc. For the newly wedded couples there are packages like Prodigious Kerala honeymoon tour packages with special honeymoon arrangements like candle light dinner, sweet dishes and top most privacy. Never miss a chance to explore Kerala in a deep manner in order to get the real taste of the God’s own country.

Munnar- a perfect blend of strong Aroma, unimaginable sites along with heart touching hospitality

Munnar hills with friends


You may be familiar with the place called Munnar, which is famous for its breathtaking sceneries and soothing climate. It is located in the lap of Western Ghats and you will find a wonderful time in that hill station. Being a tourist destination, you can see several resorts and restaurants there and you will get the top most luxuries without any hesitation. Many Exclusive Munnar tour packages are available and you can take a full length one so as to make your vacation awesome. Many spots are there in Munnar and you are supposed to stay there for a week to make detailed view of everything. Some of such destinations are Echo point, photo point, tea gardens, tea museum, Kolukkumalai Tea estate, Blossom International Garden, Rose garden, Eravikulam National park, Mattupetti Dam etc. You can see the honeymoon couples in plenty here in Munnar, being a superb hill station in south India. For the convenience you can use Munnar honeymoon packages and book the resort with most privacy. Almost all honeymoon packages in Kerala provide facilities like ethnic Kerala food and accommodation. You can customize it with your own wish.

kerala tourism

While talking about the Eravikulam National Park, you can see the endangered mountain goat Nilgiri tar and trekking is possible there. If you are really interested then you can carry on. On the way you can see the Lakkam waterfalls, and it will make you extra happy. Those who are from any south Indian states can use Munnar tour packages from Chennai to reach there, because making a trip by your won may be not much effective if you don’t know the real way. You can see this Munnar in many films like Chennai Express, Life of Pi etc. Each destination is close enough and you will be able to reach without much time lag. Even in the midst of summer, you will find a cool atmosphere there and hence it becomes the paradise for honeymoon couples. Economical and romantic Munnar honeymoon packages from Chennai are available and hence the people from the south India gets a real boon. The population is very less in Munnar and the tourist population is very high. You can expect the friendly approach from them and you can have a nice time of shopping with homemade chocolates and spices. Never miss to buy the tea powder, which is the best quality in the industry.

Along with wild life and Adventurous liveliness through the midst of woods- Hilarious Wayanad

 Adventure friends for Kerala

Wayanad is another hill station in Kerala which is famous for adventurous activities and picturesque destination. You need to take at least a week to explore it in detail and is recommended to use any tour packages for Kerala to make the trip with ease. For those who are quite unfamiliar with the destination will find these packages as a boon. It is located in the northern part and in order to get into some locations, you need to trek and for the adventure lovers; it will be a good experience. When you go through the images, you will find that it is really a feast for the eyes and you can’t ignore it without exploring it in detail. Almost all Wonderful Kerala honeymoon packages include this destination for the most romantic trip and you don’t need to specify it. Walking along the woods along with your spouse in the early morning will make something special feeling in you and you will never forget its ambiance.

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No matter if you are planning for a family trip, you can include Wayanad to your route map. From the kids to the elders, this place will be a brand new feeling. In this hectic life going somewhere with your loved ones will be refreshment in every sense. It will be convenient if you choose Kerala family tour packages for your trip, because they will care about the kids and elders. Zero risk factor is offered by the tour companies. In the case of food also there will be special care for them. A guide will be accompanying you and hence you will get the details of the visiting places. Children who are studying will get an extra piece of knowledge which will be there in their memory forever. From the ancient time onward Wayanad is noted for its rich resources. You will get the best coffee and tea from there. Major attractions in Wayanad are Chempra Peak, Edakkal caves, Neelimala View point, Meenamutty waterfalls, Pookode Lake, Phantom Rock, Bamboo forest, Soochipara waterfalls, Cahin tree, Jain Temple, Wayanad Wild life sanctuary, Lakkidi View point, Kuruva island, Pakshipathalam Bird sanctuary, Bamboo factory etc. You need to take at least a complete week to explore these spots and try to Kerala tour packages from Chennai to make your trip beautiful if you are from any south India states. For the newly wedded couples, you can use honeymoon packages to Kerala to visit Wayanad and be conscious about your holidays and make the route map to explore the maximum.

So much Fun with Bamboo Rafting and wild life with little Romance; Thekkady is waiting for you!!

 rafting in kerala

Thekkady is a famous wild life sanctuary in the southern part of Kerala which is just 257 Kms from Trivandrum. It is the location of Periyar wild life sanctuary and for those who are fond of these wild animals will love this place for sure. If you are planning for a family trip, then this will be the best destination and you can choose the Useful Kerala tour packages for family to make the trip more comfy, since you will get a tension less package. Along with the package you will be getting a guide who will explain you in detail about the visiting places. If you want to experience the bamboo rafting then you can have it. It is little dangerous and is not recommended for the kids. You are supposed to wear the life jackets and follow the instructions given by the trainers.

periyar tourism

If you are lucky enough, then you will see the wild animals coming to the river for drinking water. Boating is also possible and if you make a glimpse through the honeymoon packages in Kerala, then you will find these activities. From the economical to the luxurious packages are available and you can customize it with your own wish.

Major destinations in Thekkady which you should include in your honeymoon package to Kerala are Periyar wild life sanctuary, Periyar Lake, Kadathanadan Kalari Centre, Elephant Junction, Deepa World spice and Ayurvedic Garden, Kumily, Ramakalmedu etc. For those who are from any south India states can use Kerala honeymoon packages from Chennai to make the trip amazing. These are the destinations that you should include in your Kerala tour without any doubt. Please do share your suggestions.

Explore The Unexplored Tourist Destinations of Kerala!!

Hidden Destinations In Kerala to Make Your Tour an Awesome Experience

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Kerala the God’s own country is famous for its natural beauty and soothing ambience. One who made a visit to Kerala will never forget its aroma and the hospitality of the keralites. Many noted destinations in Kerala are well known for the tourists and at the same time some hidden spots are there which is still unexplored. That places are picturesque enough but may be lacking of some luck factors. As a surprise many tour operators are providing Brilliant Kerala honeymoon packages which focuses on these modes of gems. If you are interested you can customize your package with the desired locations.

chera rocks - beach cottage

Some of the spots in Kerala are very difficult to approach and hence tourists sometimes miss those places. Only adventurous lovers will take risk to reach there. Many tour operators to discourage that trip, because it may be little costly and will take more effort. These hidden destinations can be included in such category. If you make a list of the Best Tour packages In Kerala, then you can see wide varied forms. Always choose the best package that will help you to make your trip an unforgettable experience. The honeymoon days are the most wonderful days in the life of a couple. Make a Kerala trip and be it more colourful. Let us go through some hidden treasures in Kerala which you should include in your honeymoon trip.

Pakshipathalam, Wayanad

pakshipathalam tourism

It is a beautiful place in the Brahmagiri hills in Wayanad district of Kerala. As the name indicates, the place is a den for thousand species of birds. You have to take an adventurous trek to reach and you are not supposed to miss it, because the sites that you will see while trekking is mind blowing. If you consider the Excellent Tour Packages for Kerala, you will find this destination in some of the packages only because of the difficulty to reach there. But you have to take the adventure along with your spouse to make your honeymoon even better.

How to reach Pakshipathalam – Located about 7km from Thirunelli, trekking is the only option to reach Pakshipathalam. The Kerala-Karnataka border is just 2km away from the trek route. The route from Thirunelli takes you to Pakshipathalam via Pancharthodu. The spot is just 500m away from Pancharthodu.

Kakkayam, Kozhikode

Kakkayam tourism

Kakkayam is a soothing place in the Kozhikode district. It has got a mesmerising natural beauty with a dam, waterfall and hill chains. Even keralites are ignorant about this beautiful place, but it quite a superb location to hangout with your loved ones. High class roads make the travel easier. If you are from any south Indian states, then you can choose Affordable Kerala Tour packages from Chennai, to make your trip easier. Adventurous activities like trekking, mountain climbing etc are available here. You can stay there for hours, since the topography is quite safe.

How to reach Kakkayam – The place is located around 50km from Kozhikode and can be reached easily from Kozhikode. The two routes from Kozhikode are the Kozhikode-Balussery Road and SH38/SH54 Road.

Thekkekadu, Kasarkode

Kasragod tourism.jpg

It is an exotic region which is still in a virgin form which is untouched with many tourists. The backwater here is so cool and attractive. This land is a rare island in the backwater and if you make a visit to this place, then you will get the chance to make a swing with the wonderful nature. No one will come to you to make to disturbed and hence your honeymoon will be outstanding. The most necessary part in honeymoon is the privacy factor and you will get hat in plenty in the proposed location. Only few Wondrous Tour packages to Kerala will include this destination and you are supposed to say to your tour operator to incorporate this place.

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You can have a boat cruise here without any hesitation. If you want to sail by yourself, then you can have a canoe to make an unforgettable voyage. The beach close to this place is so beautiful and as a surprise you won’t be able to see any tourists there, because it is still unexplored. Make your Kerala Tour a blast there without any disturbance from the civilisation.

Thottada Village, Kannur

Kannur Beach house

Thottada is a miracle place which is a hamlet of a backwater beauty in one side and white sandy beach on the other side. The backwater side is quite interesting which is decorated with coconut trees and the Thottada beach is just like a page from any fable. You can see many typical Kerala birds there like otters, darters, terns & kingfishers. Try to include this place to your Perfect Kerala Tour packages because it is a rare piece of land which you won’t see anywhere. A narrow python road from the main town will take you to the proposed destination.

Kerala beach tour

The best time to visit this place is after the monsoon season, because at that time the backwater will be in a full swing along with the sea. It is at that time, that the festivals of north Kerala arise. So you will get chance to see the Theyyam, which is a temple festival in the traditional village homes.


idukky tourism.jpg

Kulamav is an offbeat destination in Idukki district. You all may be aware about the hill station like Munnar but you won’t be familiar with this destination. Usually all honeymoon packages in Kerala includes the Arch dam and other destinations in Munnar, but you have to take the oppurtunity to visit Kulamav. You have to trek along this place to make a different feeling. If you don’t want to the risk, then you can have a cool trip through the tea estates in Munnar and to the Tea Sanctuary Estate Bungalow. Useful Munnar tour packages will help you to reach these places and you have to mention it in prior, since major tour operators won’t incorporate it.

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Apart from that you can see Kolukkumalai tea estate, Rose garden, Blossom International garden, Echo point, Mattupetti dam, Top station etc. In order to the help the tourists, interesting Munnar honeymoon packages from Chennai are provided by the private tour operators.

Pythal Mala

pythal_mala tourism.jpg

Pythal Mala is located in Kannur and is 60 Kms from the town. It is a beautiful hill station which is quite unfamiliar to the tourists. It is also called as Vaithal Mala and the region is rich in wide variety of flora and fauna. The view from this place is quite mind blowing and you will never forget the ambience. Your Delightful Kerala Tour Packages For Family  will be worth, if you include these destinations. The hill range in this Pythal Mala spreads over 300 acres will give a heavenly experience to the tourists.

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It will take a 6 Km trek to reach there and if you are a adventure lover, then you will love this trip. If you choose the monsoon season for your trip, then you will be able to see the stunning waterfalls in Kappimala.

How to reach Pythal Mala – From Kannur town, one can either travel to Pythal Mala via Kudiyanmala or take Kannur-Alakode-Kappimala route to the place.

Dharmadom Island

Dharmadam-Island tour

Dharmadom Island is also located in the Kannur district and is a 5 acre land, which you should explore without any doubt. If you are interested in beach driving, you will love this place without any hesitation. Many spots in this place are inaccessible and you should take prior permission. If you use the Popular  honeymoon packages In Kerala, then they will take all those permissions in prior.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in-Beach tourism.JPG

Never miss the chance to visit the spice valley!! Anjarkandy Cinnamon Valley will treat you with an aromatic ambience.

All beach activities are available there and you can experience it with top most security. Bike riding through the sandy beach along with your loved one will be there in your heart forever.

Vazha Mala

hidden tour in kerala.jpg

It is an unexplored hill station in Kannur district and is quite unfamiliar to the natives also. The place will be a feast for your eyes. Always try to include many hill stations and beaches to your Fabulous Kerala Tour Packages , since the beauty of the place will hike your internal love and emotion. For the adventurous seekers, this Vazha Mala will be a treat in all sense. Now a days tour packages in Kerala are trying to include these modes of destinations to make Kerala more famous in the tourist map of India.

tourist packages.jpg

You can have the jeep safari there which will be quite a new feeling for you. If you are adventurous enough, then you choose the route from Kolayad, which is perfect for trekking.

How to reach Vazha Mala – The spot is around 50km from Kannur town. It can be reached via Panoor, a small town in Kannur.

Snehatheeram Beach

Snehatheeram beach.jpeg

It is located in Thrissur district and is an evening destination for the natives and the tourists. The beach is very calm and you will find all types of leisure activities there. Many Trustworthy tour packages for Kerala include this destination, yet it is unfamiliar to many tourists. An Ayurvedic resort is also there in this place and you can have a romantic time there.