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Kerala has Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats towering 500-2700 m in the east, Kerala has diverse geographical features. Kerala has three geographical regions: Highlands, Midlands, coastline with many backwaters, interconnected with canals and rivers. With a pleasant and moderate climate throughout the year Kerala has a relaxing ambiance, therefore Kerala tour packages are very popular. Kerala is a tropical region with the coast throughout the entire length and the Western Ghats protects Kerala from the dry winds from up north. The monsoons lasts June-September & October-November. Kerala is among the top of India’s most progressive states in conditions of social welfare and quality of life. And Kerala has one of India’s highest literacy rates, highest life expectancy and lowest child mortality rates. In the case of literacy rate for women Kerala is one of the highest in all of Asia. The culture of Kerala is a mixture of Aryan and Dravidian cultures, developed and mixed for centuries, under influences from other parts of India and abroad. It is defined by its antiquity and the organic continuity sustained by the Malayali people. Modern Kerala society took shape owing to migrations from different parts of India and abroad throughout Classical Antiquity.


                Kerala is celebrated as the Spice Coast of India; ancient Kerala was visited by many travelers and traders from across the world as well as the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, French and the British. All of them have left their imprint on Kerala in some way or the other like architecture, cuisine, literature. Many tourist select Kerala tour packages for family and explore these beautiful Gods own country with their loved ones. Major cities of the Gods own country is Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kochi, Thrissur and Kozhikode. Each region of Kerala has its own variance in the cuisines. A Kerala cuisine offers a whole host of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Kerala is popular for its traditional dishes and its tingling taste. Mostly Kerala non vegetarian dishes are prepared using fish, poultry, red meat along with rice. Kerala cuisine include chilies, curry leaves, mustard seeds, turmeric, tamarind and asafetida used frequently. There is no other cuisine that can match traditional food of Kerala. And Kerala cuisine is really spicy compared to other cuisines


                Ayurveda existed in the land of India some 5000 years ago, Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the earth and it unites the thoughts of medicine and philosophy. Ayurveda stood for the good physical, mental and spiritual growth of humanity. It can be defined as ‘Ayur’ is life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge. So Ayurveda means the ‘knowledge of the science of life’. It is a unique and vital branch of medicine. There are a number of resorts and spa’s dedicated especially for the Ayurvedic treatments. It is one of the major attractions of Kerala. And so there are many Kerala tour packages for family that include Ayurvedic Spa. Ayurveda is well-known medication around the world because it doesn’t have any kind of side-effects and it will help to rejuvenate the body and mind. Some Kerala Tour packages include Ayurvedic treatments and medicinal massages at their well-being center and certified Ayurveda hospital in Kerala. A team of doctors and therapists ensure the highest levels in the excellence of treatment and medicinal arrangements. These packages are specifically planned to treat modern day problems like stress, respiratory problems, eyes and skin diseases. Munnar tour packages are renowned for the Ayurvedic treatments and spa.

Amazing Kerala kathakali Dance Form Photos 3

                The Indian state, Kerala is well known for its miscellaneous forms of performing arts. The various communities in Kerala donate to its rich and colorful culture. Kerala is a land of arts and festivals. It has everything to entertain the people all over the world. In the dome of arts and festivals Kathakali is the best disclosure of visual treat is an art with mudras. The people who know the meaning of mudras can enjoy kathakali.Chakkiar Koothu is a spoof form of art and it has everything to entertain everyone. It creates lot of amusement and the story represents the contemporary events. The Chakkiar is a joker and he makes the stories to entertain the audience. It id special art form in Kerala.  The Kerala temples are a good venue for many art forms. The temple festival season of Kerala enlarges many opportunities for presenting art and cultural forms. . Theyyam is one of the very popular art form of north Kerala. Theyyam is very colorful and it attractive. Kerala, Thrissur pooram, Panchavadhyam etc. are fame all over the world. Without Panchavadhyam and Thrissur Pooram, there is no soul to Kerala. Panchavadhyam is a very classic and interesting orchestra of Kerala.There is lot of tour packages for Kerala. Also there is special Kerala honeymoon packages for the couple.


Have your trip to Meghamalai, stunning destination flourished with cool and misty mountains


Cool and misty mountain ranges, Meghamalai is so stunning and popular tourist destination also called Highway Mountains. This is one of the gorgeous destinations to have various nature-friendly tour packages, you can enjoy your most memorable time with this stunning destination, and it will be one of the attractive one in your life. It is a mesmerizing place blessed with natural beauty cardamom plantation and tea estates. Meghamalai is situated as a part of western Ghat in Theni. The entire area of Meghamalai mostly cultivated greenish tea plantations, which include cloudland, highways and Manalaar estates the access to which is now probably rejected. Plan your memorable trip family tour packages to Meghamalai through Gogeo holidays, one of the leading tour operators in Kerala.


The large Tamilnadu wildlife sanctuary expanded around 600km of the forest in the division, Priority tasks in the sanctuary should be the control of poaching and the use of pesticides, the removal of ganja and the cultivation and scientific management of watersheds. The Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary can be an outstanding buffer to the Periyar Tiger Reserve and Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary and can enormously strengthen conservation in the southern Western Ghats, the range of monuments south of the Palakkad Gap.



The foothills include scrub forests, up to the stunning expanses of tea and coffee estates together with spices plantations of pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and finally to the dense evergreen forests at the peak.

Wildlife includes,

  • Oriental honey buzzard
  • Great pied hornbill
  • Indian brown mongoose
  • Jerdon’s palm civet
  • White-bellied short wing
  • Black-naped monarch
  • Pied thrush
  • Gaur
  • Tiger
  • Leopard
  • Asian elephant
  • Mouse deer
  • Ghatixalus asterops
  • Raorchestes beddomii
  • Raorchestes ponmud
  • Nyctibatrachus sp
  • Ramanella triangulari
  • Ramanella Montana
  • Calotes grandisquamis
  • Dravidogecko anamallensis
  • Salea anamallayana
  • Kaestlea travancorica
  • Kaestlea laterimaculata
  • Uropeltis madurensis
  • Uropeltis liura
  • Calliophis nigrescens
  • Large-scaled pit viper
  • Enigmatic Hutton’s pit viper.

Tea estates and dams

DSC_1712 - 2011-12-30 at 07-18-16.jpg

Highways are a view factor with a purpose to have the funds for a high-quality view of the whole peak variety of Varusanadu Hills. There hardly many big private teas, spices and espresso plantations all around, initial rate encompass The Highways Estates owned by using The wood briar institution, Ananda Plantations, Pensive Plantations and Fielded property have the biggest holdings of plantations in Meghamalai, a synthetic lake and lots of scope for creation leisurely walks. Six dams on the hill and originating area of Suruli Theertham are famous attractions for travelers. From Manalaar dam, you’ll be able to view the deep Cumbum Valley and the villages of Theni district. The branch of Tourism has intentionally introduced boat or ferry carrier to permit travelers to revel in the pristine beauty of the hill.

Other tourist attractions near to the serene beauty Theni include,

  • Suruli waterfalls
  • Thekkady
  • Top station
  • Vaiga dam
  • Kurangani hills
  • Fun park
  • Mangala Devi, Kannaki temple
  • Mannamalai peak
  • China Suruli
  • kailasanathar


Plan your stunning trip and experience the beauty of Theni largely. You can reach Meghamalai easily from Kochi and there are regular bus and other vehicle services are available. This will definitely an amazing experience in your Kerala tour packages. So do visit Theni.

Holiday Destinations in Pathanamthitta

Summer call is upon us, and when it comes to choosing the holiday spots, most of us look for spots in outside Kerala or India. On this vacation, while selecting the places to visit, first consider the sites in your neighboring districts before venturing outside, and Kerala tour packages for family will help you plan the perfect getaway for your family, which is offered by the renowned tour operators in Kerala, Gogeo Holidays.


Have you thought about the Pathanamthitta district, a small hilly land with its pristine beauty which is world renowned for its pilgrim spot Sabarimala, This pilgrim center of Kerala is blessed with picturesque landscapes, heritage villages, famous pilgrim spots, cultural and training centers etc,  With the promotion of tourism projects like Gavi, this district has now got on the top of the tourism map of India.  You can encounter with may be the densest forest regions of South India here.  This place is home to the unique Aranmula Kannadi and the Vaasthu Vidya Gurukulam, the school of architecture in its purest form.  If you think, there is nothing much to see and explore here in this small district, then you are wrong. Have a look at the following amazing destinations.

Chuttipara- A Must See Heritage Spot


Chuttipara, a cluster of rocks that tells the tales of the legendary lord Rama, will be a fascinating spot for those who like visiting heritage spots that speak mystery and old tales. This 200 ft. rock cluster is a main landmark of Pathanamthitta.  And the locals here have a lot of tales to tell regarding the Ramayana, and it seems like the entire story has played around those rocks.

Myth Behind

This rock cluster holds many tales regarding the epic tale of Ramayana. According to the locals here, the lord Rama and his escorts were supposed to rest here during their wild venture.


Harihara Mahadeva Temple– This temple holds the idol which is believed to been worshiped by lord Rama himself.

Chelavirichipara– The literal meaning is the rock which is used to hang the clothes of women. It is believed that Sita used to put her clothes here for drying on this rocks and hence the name.

Kattadipara- It Is the most popular attraction around here and the best view of Chelavirichipara can be viewed from here.  The story behind these rocks is that the lord Hanuman is used to rest here. And there is a well nearby and it is believed that lord Rama and Sita used the water of this well for their use.

Pulipara– The story tells that this was where Rama and Sita used to stay at night and the rock shelf here was their bed.

Konni- The Elephant Training Camp


Located around 10 km from Pathanamthitta, this place is famous for the elephant training camp, and if you are an animal lover, then a trip to this place would be an amazing experience for you with some enticing Kerala tour packages.  This well-renowned elephant training center has become a major tourist spot, with a number of tourists visiting here each year.

The history

This center was established in 1942. And In old times, the elephants were used to be trapped using pits or by using captive ones among them. And once an elephant is caught it would be tamed and trained by the experts’ trainers here in Konni, later these animals would be used for dragging timber or used for religious possessions. And the trapping and catching stopped in 1977 and the center has become a home to elephants who want to wander apart from their herds.

Major Attraction

Aanakkodu– This Is one of the main attractions around here. This huge cage that is built of wood is used to house elephants.  It can accommodate maximum three elephants at a time.

Elephant Museum–  You can find many fascinating exhibits here, making Konni one among the Eco-friendly tourist spot.  IN the museum, you can find skeletons and magnificent pictures of the elephants.The audio visual room here makes you feel like you are in a forest.

Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls


Located on the banks of the Pamba river, this waterfalls in known for its wide area.  The forest area nearby adds to the scenic beauty that attracts both domestic as well as the international tourists to visit here.  This stream that conjures up to Pamba river is both alluring and dangerous with its slippery rocks.  This place offers a perfect place for spending time with your family in a serene place.

Gavi- The Eco-Tourism Project


If you are a nature-lover and an adventure enthusiast, then this place will surely catch your attention.  The Alistair International listed it as one of the major Eco-tourism centers in India. It has become a most sought after destinations in Pathanamthitta because of its misty climate and filmy famous locations.  Gavi is full of dense forests where you can see wild animals such as Elephants, bison, sambar and Malabar giant squirrels etc.

One of the main attraction of his Eco-friendly tourist spot is that it is the locals who serve as the tourist guides and actives around here. You will have plenty of options for activities like trekking, mountain camping etc. This place is part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve and both the day and night stays are available here.

Basket Boating Options :

It is a part of the A Gavi Eco-tourism project in Pathanamthitta. And basket boating options available here has become a major attraction for the tourists from nearby districts to flock here. The location is near Peruvali Mundakanmuzhi bridge and the place offers a perfect picnic spot.

So try out these amazing places on your next vacation with some exciting Kerala tour packages.  If you plan accordingly, your holiday trips can be a new learning experience for both children and the elderly ones. By exploring these culturally important and heritage place you will get to know how deep is the cultural roots of Gods own Kingdom lies and it is always good to feel close to the nature for getting away from all the stress and tensions of your city life.



Unexplored attractions in Kottayam

Beauty, the thing which everyone likes during the Kerala trip. There are lots and lots of attractions are located in Kerala and most of them are related to historic attractions. These attractions are really fabulous to watch, and experience too. The popular Gogeo holidays one of the leading tour operators in Kerala, they are highly efficient in the field of tourism and they promote attractions of Kerala largely.


The well known Kottayam “Akshara Nagari or Land of letters” has much more attractions in which an enthusiastic traveler can explore perfectly, and the majority of them are not highly popular into the external world. For an awesome Kerala tour packages for family, Kottayam is perfect. The list of attractions include,

  • Dhakshina Mookambika or panachikkadu temple
  • Illikkal Kallu
  • Vennimala
  • India’s first plantation estates- Enthayar
  • 1000 years old mosque – Thzhathangady
  • Palaikari aqua tourism center

Dhakshina Mookambika


Dhakshina Mookambika is also called Panachikkadu temple, one of the leading pilgrim centers located in the district of Kottayam. It’s a popular Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Saraswathi. It is located in the southern area of Indian Peninsula, the most prominent Saraswathi temple in Kerala. Vishnu is the major deity, who the devotees worship prior to Saraswathi. Ganapati, Shiva, Sasthavu, and Yakshi are sub-deities who are also worshiped in this temple.

Illikkal kavu


The major tourist attraction Illikkal kavu is located in the district of Kottayam, and it situated about 3400 above from the sea level. This is also one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats. The Rock Illikkal kavu is situated in the high feet Illikkal mala, The craze that makes this rock unique is that half of the rock has fallen off, and only the other half leftovers. This enhancement beautiful mountains which surround the rock. Its nearest city is in the Teekoy.

The popular Illikkal mala located in the Kottayam district, and plentiful mountain streams in this peak, flow down to form the Meenachil River. The visitors must trek 3 km to reach the summit of the peak. Each of the hills has posse’s peculiar shapes, and one of them resembles a mushroom, which is why it is recognized as Kuda Kallu (umbrella shaped rock). It is said that the medicinal herb Neela Koduveli nurture here. This blue flower is also supposed to possess supernatural powers, which could increase wealth and guarantee a rich harvest.

The second hill has a little hunch on the sides and is therefore referred to as Koonu Kallu (hunch back rock). Crossways this rock is a 1/2 ft and a wide bridge called Narakapalam (bridge to hell). From the hilltops, the Arabian Sea can be seen in the above horizon as a thin blue stroke. The view of the sunset from above the peak on the sundown of a full moon day can be sensational: the moon can be seen mounting up like another sun, as the orange sun goes down.

India’s first plantation estates- Enthayar


Yendayar is a community in Kottayam district, Kerala, India that is completely surrounded by hills. According to local custom, Mr. J.J. Murphy named the place, which was to be his home in anticipation of death in 1957, after his mother and the neighborhood river. Yendayar is a grouping of ‘yen’ (my) ‘thai’ (mother) and ‘ar’ (river). Murphy had come 103 years ago to the position which was a broad forest and had no name or people then. He had traveled an extended way to reach there. There he recognized India’s primary successful rubber plantation. He brought workers from close to and far – Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. One Famous Temple is located in Yendayar Town; The Goddess Chelliyammal is the main goddess in this temple. Temple is considered as ordinary to the Hindu devotees. Chelliyammal devaswom is in organized of covil’s administration.

1000 years old mosque – Thzhathangady


Thzhathangady Juma Masjid is a mosque positioned in Thzhathangady, one of the Heritage regions of Kerala, India, near the town of Kottayam. It’s the oldest mosque in India and is more than 1000 years old. It is prominent for its richness of structural design, wood carvings, and the beauty. The Southern half of it is demolished and comprehensive with iron pillars, aluminum piece, and minars in 2012. This mosque is placed on the banks of the Meenachil River.

Thzhathangady Juma Masjid is also identifying as the “Taj Juma Masjid”. The intimates of this Masjid came and settled in Kottayam, from diverse parts of Kerala. The Muslims who lived here take part in an active role in Freedom move violently and other National Movements. This mosque is recognized for its intricate wooden carvings and architecture.

All these are an exotic destination to spend your holidays with Kerala and make to access any suitable packages, from the list of Kerala Tour Packages provided by the Gogeo holidays. Plan your trip and happy to enjoy the fun, young Kerala along with these mesmerizing destinations.


My Trivandrum my travel

Trivandrum is not a big destination and not that much of attractive too, but I choose this precious land for sweet Kerala trip. Because the destination has a set of things which fascinate me a lot and there have some magnetizing power to attract backpackers into there. My long journey one of the memorable experience in my life, I start it from the central railway station of Trivandrum then I went to check in. I don’t like to disclose the name of the resort which I stayed, because I think I convey all those good memories which I got from Trivandrum, and I never make this blog as a publicity of the hotel and others. The trip was so stunning and enthusiastic too. Before I start my journey I kept lot of attractions in my mind which include Napier museum, zoo, Kovalam, veli, ISRO, Attukal temple, Padmanabhaswamy temple, Agasthyarkoodam, Ponmudi and the entire Trivandrum city too. Thank you god to create such an awesome land and allow us to be a part of it.


During my journey or my fantastic Kerala tour packages I suffer a lot, because I can’t understand the communication slang between the Trivandrum peoples. Because I lived so long in Banglore and I possess little more difficult to understand the slang. The entire city was so stunning and I happy to watch various attractions like secretariat and other notable things. I feel so much happy and fun to travel like this. Then I went to the popular Napier museum and zoo, the exotic attractions situated in the heart of the city, was really awful and stunning too. Napier museum was established in 1855, and the name remembers the madras governor Lord Napier during the British era. The construction was thoroughly based on indo-Saracen style and it boasts a natural air condition system. And the museum contains rare collections of archeological and historic artifact, temple chariots, traditional ornaments and bronze idols. Sri Chitra art gallery is another attraction in which I visited, which contains precious collections of Raja Ravi Varma and Nicholas Roerich. Along with museum the zoo is so much impressive, which contains various wild animals, rare species of birds and other organisms too. I like each and every small funs, which I got from my happy journey.


Then I move to ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), the centre had its beginnings as the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS) in 1962. It was renamed in respect of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, often consider as the father of the Indian space program. The center which located in a large space and there is something which we want to watch and understanding. Then the same day I made my visit to Priyadarshini, the stunning planetarium. Oh my goodness I really wonder, because this was my first experience to watch out a planetarium. The awesome view of space from the studio inside the planetarium really stunning and make me fabulous. I really feel glad to select this was my destination and feel proud too. Then I add little more sacredness to my trip through Attukal temple and Padmanabhaswamy temple and etc. Attukal Devi temple is so much precious for its Pongala festival, and it figured on the Guinness book of world record for being single festival gathering women largely. During the Pongala day, Women’s were coming to this temple from all over Kerala. The temple is also celebrate other festivals include Mandala vratham, Pooja vaypu, sivarathri, Aishwarya pooja, Ayilya pooja and vinayaka chathurthi. Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple is a popular temple complex; the temple has well and elaborated history and cultural background. The temple has great history from the 8th century and its construction is a blending of Kerala and Dravidian architectural styles. The temple offers two major festivals over a year include Alpashy festival and Panguni festival. The Alpashy festival is occurred during the month of October or November and the Panguni is a 10 days festival occurred in March or April. The temples together with its surrounding buildings are visual treat for visitors, its raw materials uses stone and bronze also the walls are decorated with paintings and murals. St. Joseph’s Cathedral is also known as Palayam Palli, a well known archdiocese in Trivandrum. The cathedral is a structural beauty of white building decorated with three different bells and is brought from Belgium during the early stages. The bell has named after well known priests Joseph, Xavier and Aloysius. It’s a popular pilgrim center of Christian community.


Then I move to the highly popular beach in Kerala, which is none other than Kovalam and make it as really fun. Beautiful white sands are flourished in the shore of Kovalam, and the beach is also popular for delicious sea foods. Prawns, shrimps crabs and squids are the easily available sea foods in this region. Kovalam is a celebrated beach, its bluish water and white sands makes a stunning color combination. The light house beach is another dramatic location, its green palm trees and golden sands are stunning attraction. The visitors can climb up to the tower through the spiral staircase and feel the extravagant view of the ambiance. Kovalam is just more than its beauty, it’s up to date amenities support the tourism very well. Ayurvedic health resorts, convention facilities, shopping zones, yoga and Ayurvedic massage centers, swimming pools and different budget cottages are all make Kovalam one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in India. Kovalam beaches are also popular because of their capacity and style of the beach activities include sunbathing, kayaking, wind surfing, water skiing,  swimming, catamaran cruising, boat sailing and Para- sailing and stunning location.


Finally I visit Ponmudi the eye catching hill station and exotic too. Ponmudi often called ‘the golden peak’ and the climate is pleasant over the year so anyone can visit this place at any season. Ponmudi Mountain is too much beautiful during its morning view is awesome. The location is perfect for trekking and hiking also. and I miss my courageous friends at that time, because they are always ready to be with me for my crazy habits like trekking and all. This was one of my favorite spot in my Kerala Travel Packages. The precipice ranges support this amusement very well. Kallar and Meenmutty are the two major waterfalls located here and its milky and fresh water scenery is perfect for photography. Peppara wild life sanctuary is located on the outskirts of Ponmudi and it is home for various wild lives like Asian elephants, sambar, leopards, lion-tailed macaques and Malabar grey hornbills. Finally I return from my trip, to think that need to get another stunning trip mostly be a trekking, to the attractive Bonacaud, it is the base station of the incredible peak Agasthyarkoodam. And the location is filled with fresh air and frozen winds. On the way to Bonacaud, both sides of the roads are crammed with various species of plants and trees. The place is just a wonderland which consist long greenish tea plantations. The well known Bonacaud waterfall and Vazhuvanchola waterfalls are also here. The Bonacaud is one of the tremendous travel destinations and I wish hardly to get this.


10 Destinations Perfect for Solo Women Traveler


Every once in a while we ladies love to paint the town red, so pack your bags and off you can go all solo to God’s Own Country and enjoy nature’s beauty at its best. Even though Kerala is a small state it has been blessed with many beautiful places like beaches, backwaters, hills and lakes.  The Kerala tour packages have many options to choose from. Checking out these destinations is one of the best things one can do when you visit Kerala. This place has the perfect blend of all elements of Nature, along with cuisines that match each location. The people of Kerala are also very friendly. With the highest literacy rate, the women of Kerala form a major part of the working force and enjoy equal rights along with men. The age old traditions of Matriarchal system are still followed by certain groups in Kerala. There are even traditions and customs only practiced by women and there are also temples with the head priest being a woman only. There are also very famous women figures from Kerala who have set an example of being able to cut across all barriers and bring about major changes in society. The Kerala tour packages for family include family tour visits to a number of places so that every member of you family will enjoy. Kerala is one of the most ideal locations for a women traveler. But there are also some don’ts that you must follow. While travelling alone the best option is to use the public transport system or to hire a reputed tourist taxi/ guide when travelling. The Kerala tour packages have a large variety of packages to choose from. Kerala is the best place for holidaying.  Some of the best destinations for a solo women traveler are:

Marine_Drive_Chinese_Net_DSW (1)kk.jpgKochi, being a major metro of India, has a lot of palaces that will help you to enjoy the beautiful city. The city has sprung up with many malls and shopping destination. For art lovers there are museums and many other art galleries that they can try out. Kochi is also the shopping hub of Gold which every girl loves. It’s easy to travel around the city as there are many women taxi as well as auto drivers. But preferably do not travel alone at night as the locals are not used to seeing a lady travel alone at wee hours.

Houseboat.jpgAlappuzha boat houses are another option for lady travelers. If you are not interested in staying overnight then you can choose only a half day or a full day package that starts at 9 and finishes off by 5.00pm.

munnar solo.jpgMunnar – even though the Munnar honeymoon packages are ideal for honeymooners, this place is also very good for solo women. You can go trekking as well as boating and enjoy some adventures along the way. For trekking the guide will pair you with fellow tourists and you will not have to go alone.

kovalam hny.jpgKovalam in the city of Thiruvananthapuram is one place which attracts a lot of tourists. The beach is famous for the Light house at the southern end of the beach. You have to be careful of fake tourists / guide, they might cheat you. Also all the hotels and resorts have private beaches and hence you can be safe even if you travel alone.

chembra-vayanadWayanad is one place rich with adventure. You can go trekking, jungle safari and mountain climbing. The cool tropical jungles will provide you with ample opportunities to take photos of the exotic creatures within it.

tvm tmpl.jpgKerala is also the best place for taking pilgrimages. There are many temples which can be visited by a solo woman traveler and you can receive the blessings of almighty God.

thekkady.jpgThekkady is also another trekking destination and you can enjoy the cool and pleasant climate of the place. The Kerala honeymoon packages offers the best honeymoon options to newlyweds. There are also a lot of activities that can be pursued by couples to make their honeymoon a memorable one.

trissur.jpgThrissur is filled with many temples and this religious district can be visited during festive seasons.

attukal.jpgThiruvananthapuram has the women only temple called Attukal Devi temple. Here thousands of ladies join together and make a rice pudding to offer it to the Goddess. This is one place where only ladies get together for everything.

knr fud.jpgKannur is also another temple destination and is also a place with a variety of food. You can try out Kannur if you want to eat some exotic Kerala cuisine.

Women Solo Travelers.jpg

Travelling alone is a very nice way to relax and to beat out the stress, but one must also be careful not to travel after sundown or use only a trusted driver along with you. The Kerala tour packages from Bangalore can be booked by solo lady travelers and they can even drive down from Bangalore. Travel light as you have to manage your entire luggage all by yourself. Also keep ready cash in hand so that you would not have to search for ATM’s in any remote places. In hilly places the network connection will be down and hence make sure you keep in touch with your loved ones once the network issue resolves. Try not to consume street food as this may be unhygienic and it will be difficult when you are alone to manage all this. Try not to carry many valuables as you have to take great care when travelling around. The Kerala travel packages will provide you options of the different types of travel, whether by bus or by train or by car, you can choose your mode of travel in this package. If you want to travel by bus then you have to check the route to your destination and find out about which bus and what time it passes by here. The Kerala holiday packages are an ideal tour package option for women travelers and you should definitely try this out.


Eating away to glory in Kerala

Kerala is the known as the land of Spices as it traded spices with foreign countries and many ancient civilizations dating back to nearly 3000 BCE. Coconut being largely produced here forms a main ingredient in the cuisine of Kerala. From coconut Kernel either sliced or grated to coconut milk or coconut cream, all these are widely used as thickening agents or for flavoring dishes all over Kerala. Spicy as well as sweet puddings are made from coconut. Either a fish curry or payasam, coconut is an inseparable part of the diet. Kerala has a long coast line and the rivers combined with the backwaters and its estuaries contribute to fish being a part of the diet of the people here. Rice and Cassava (Tapioca) form the staple diet and all the main dishes (Kootan) are served with them. The side dishes will consist of fish, meat or vegetables in various forms are also served. The Kerala tour packages for family are the best tour options as you can make your whole family enjoy the tasty and lip-smacking varieties of Kerala cuisine. In Kerala the breakfast has rich varieties and nearly all dishes are by products of rice, like rice flour and cassava is also used in a fresh or dried form. The different breakfast varieties include idly and Dosa, Appams, Idiyappams, Puttu and Pathiri. The historic cultural diversity and the large population of Muslims and Christians have also contributed to the cuisine in Kerala especially the non-vegetarian style of cooking. Kerala tour Packages can be customized according to the number of days you plan to stay here or even the place that you would want to visit here.


The traditional Kerala food is vegetarian and is called a Sadya. This elaborate banquet serves rice with nearly 20 and more accompaniments and desserts forms a part of a ceremonial meal of Kerala that is usually eaten during temple festivals and other occasions like marriages etcetera. During the festivals of Onam and Vishu eating Sadya forms a part of the festivities of the day. Having being a major producer of spices, these are used in abundance here, especially the use of black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger and cinnamon. Food is very important when it comes to rituals and festivals. For any auspicious occasions food is first served for the Gods and a lamp is lit next to it. This offering of food is passed down for generations and also the type of food offered to each God varies. Food also plays a major role during Weddings where the number of side dishes and Payasam’s vary. When you pray is different temples, people also make offerings like food to everyone who comes to pray there especially during a festival. This is called Annadanam. Kerala tour packages from Bangalore can be booked in advance where you can avail a discount.


Cooking is also a sacred ritual, like the Attukal Pongala that occurs in the Attukal temple in Trivandrum. According to the Guinness Book of World records this is the single largest gathering of women all over the world. Women occupy most of the streets and lanes around the temple and throughout the city of Trivandrum and they set up hearths with materials like dried leaves, and twigs. They also carry along pots and carry ingredients like rice flour, palm sugar and condiments. Ceremoniously the temple distributes the fire from one hearth to the next. And this festival is strictly for women, however men pass on their support by organizing transportation and distributing beverages etcetera. Every temple in Kerala conducts an annual festival and a minimum of one day is contributed to distributing free food to the people.  It is considered a great blessing to be able to donate food.


The rich cuisine of Kerala can also be tasted along the road side simple and quaint hotels along the highway, especially along the coastal side where you will be able to eat fresh fish. Some of the must try dishes of Kerala include the Chicken stew- a typical Christian dish, is cooked chicken in a coconut milk stew with a few spices. The best combination for this is Appams and is a popular breakfast dish. When you select the Munnar Honeymoon Packages you can try out all these breakfast varieties. In the traditional Sadya one dish stands apart than the rest and is very much in demand is the Avial. Made with a combination of many vegetables and grated coconut, this dish is healthy and is eaten by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


The Kerala Biryani is a dish introduced into the cuisine mainly by Muslims, but is a very popular dish with many varieties in meat like, chicken, beef and even fish varieties are available. The rice is flavored with ghee and the roasted meat is finally steam cooked with the rice to give it a rich texture and flavor.


Among fish varieties, prawns, Kalumekaya and Karimeen polichattu are very famous. These three are a must try for all non-vegetarians. The Kerala travel packages can also be selected according to the type of food that you prefer. Either fish or meat or even if you are vegetarian you can select the kind of food that you want to have.


Among the desserts, Palada payasam is one all-time favorite and every wedding offers this dessert. Payasam’s are also made with coconut milk and either Ada (made from rice) or Wheat is used. Other sweet dishes include Unniappams and Kozhukatta (cooked rice flour is made into balls and stuffed with sweetened coconut fillings). These dishes are also made during the Krishna Jayanthi or the birth of Lord Krishna and are first offered to him. The Kerala holiday packages can be selected during any temple festival of your choice or you can even visit during Onam or Vishu. During temple festivals the kind of Prasad that is served there will be either Payasam in a dry form or Unniappams. You can visit Kerala and enjoy the wonderful cuisine in different forms.